MWC Executive Committee prefers U.S. for 2015 assembly by ProQuest


Before a decision on holding the next global assembly in the U.S. is made, general secretary Larry Miller said, "we need to discuss with the MWC member churches in the U.S.A. whether they desire to host the next assembly, and if they do, we need to do a feasibility study of the site they propose!' American churches had offered to host the 2009 assembly, which was ultimately held in Paraguay.

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									                                                                                 Canadian Mennonite September 6, 2010                     17

Engaging youths                                     The largest of these national churches is    1982, when the church went underground
MWC’s staff liaison for youth, Elina             Meserete Kristos Church of Ethiopia, which      because of persecution by the then-com-
Ciptadi-Perkins, and Ayub Omondi Awich           hosted the Executive Committee sessions.        munist government, it had 5,000 members.
of Kenya, African representative on the             “We now have 189,296 baptized mem-           MKC emerged in 1991 “from the dark
Youth Task Force, met with the Executive         bers in 518 local congregations,” MKC           time of persecution” with a membership
Committee to outline plans for a new             chair Tewodros Beyene reported. MKC             of 50,000. And it has been growing ever
Young Anabaptists Network to work with           also has 867 church-planting projects.          since.
young people in five areas: networking,             MKC executive secretary Kenna Dula              “God has been very good to us,” said
fellowship, capacity building, decision-         described how the church began 60               Beyene. “In spite of the challenges, MKC
making and Anabaptist identity.                  years ago out of missionary work by the         is now completely self-sustaining with no
  “Young people are interested in MWC and        Lancaster (Pa.) Mennonite Conference. In        assistance from outside sources.” l
want to be involved,” Ciptadi-Perkins said.
  The group comes with an $85,000 sur-
plus from the Global Youth Summit held
in Paraguay in connection with Assembly
                                                 Motorcyclists bond

Inter-church dialogue
                                                 through weekend ride
                                                 By Amy D ueckm an
After hearing positive and emotional reports
                                                 B.C. Correspondent
from the MWC representatives who had just
                                                 aBBotSford, B.C.
come from the Lutheran World Federation
event in Stuttgart, Germany—at which
Lutherans apologized for the legacy of the
persecution of Anabaptists in the 16th cen-
                                                 I  n what’s become a tradition in only three
                                                    years, 15 riders on 12 bikes came togeth-
                                                 er for the third annual Mennonite Church
                                                                                                 through the Fraser Canyon before heading
                                                                                                 home to the Lower Mainland.
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