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									     How to import/convert/transfer MPG video to iMovie
     MPG or MPEG video is a common digital video format standardized by the
Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG) that typically incorporates MPEG-1 and
MPEG-2 video compression. MPEG-1 is the exclusive video and audio format used
on Video CD (VCD), the first digital consumer video, and MPEG-2 is mainly used on
DVD, digital television and set-top boxes etc.

     MPG is not a workable format with iMovie which is easy to use and can be used
from school kids, mom and dads to aspiring filmmakers alike, anyone, even without
knowing a thing about a video can operate smoothly. It is mainly used to turn to your
own movies into something your family and friends will want to use. So the point is
how to import your MPG video to iMovie. To make it clear, I just list some commonly
encountered problem when importing MPG movie to iMovie.

     Problems for importing MPG video to iMovie
     1. I am trying to make a video on imovie 09 but all of the clips I have from my
camera cant be imported because they end in mpg and imovie only accepts mov. Is
there any way for me to make my mpg video clips into mov clips?
     2. I have several iphoto videos that are .MPG files.. how can I get them to .MOV
files to work in imovie? I already tried clicking export in iphoto and import in imovie.
I also already tried dragging and dropping.
     3. The videos imported from my camera are in MPG format. I tried to import
them into iMovie, however iMovie would not allow me to do so because they were
not the right format. Is there any way to convert MPG's to a format compatible with
     4. A friend burned a bunch of .mpg quicktime clips onto a DVD so that i could
put them onto my iMovie and edit them. They are all MPEG 2 Muxed files and the
playback fine on my computer. However when I got to click and drag them onto the
project, it comes up as "processing" for like a second and then nothing happens.

     Solution of importing MPG video to iMovie
     From the aforementioned statements, we may not find it difficult to draw a
conclusion that the main obstacle is that iMovie doesn't like this kind of video files.
Then, how to overcome? There are two solutions available:
     Solution 1: Use MPEG Streamclip. This is a free and open source video
converter and editor and can convert MPG files to whatever file format iMovie likes
like MOV, DV, MPEG-4 etc. This is good users for users who ask for a free program,
but I also saw people complained that, the program quit completely when after doing
a single file in the batch, doesn't work with AC3 tracks, or the video and audio is out
of sync.

     Solution 2: Turn to MPG to iMovie Converter. It is a professional and 100%
clean program that specially designed for Mac users that can convert your favourite
MPG movie to iMovie compatible MOV, DV or MPEG-4 file with super fast
conversion speed and amazing output quality. You can have a try when the free
program mentioned above can not fully meet your requirements.

     Get to know MPG to iMovie Converter
     MPG to iMoive Converter can best convert MPG, MPEG, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2
video to iMovie readable MOV, DV, MPEG-4 files with fast conversion speed and
with no quality loss. Besides, it can also convert between common file formats like
AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, DV, HDV, FLV, 3GP, ASF, RM etc that can be used in
diversified ways.

     MPG to iMovie Converter is also an excellent video editor. For example, by Clip,
you can cut your video files into a certain length you want, by Crop, you can remove
unwanted parts from the video clips, and Effect allows you to apply special effect to
your videos. Besides, if you are interested in the pictures in the videos, never mind,
just keep them with the Snapshot function.

     How to import/convert your MPG movies into iMovie
     The following picture will show you how to do it in a simply yet clear-cut way:
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