Rescued from a Demon Possessed Woman by cmlang


									by: Renae Patterson

A year after we moved into our house, the renters living next door moved out. The next month, a
man and his girlfriend moved in.

My two daughters (a 3 year old and a 2 year old at the time) kept me busy most of the time, so I
didnt get a chance to meet with the new neighbors.

After they had lived there for about a month, the new renter woman from next door (she said her
name was Rhonda) came over to use my phone. Immediately I welcomed her into my home and
showed her to the phone.

While she was in my house, I couldnt help but overhear her conversation; she was yelling at the
top of her lungs. Curse words rolled out of her mouth like there was nothing to it, and my little
girls were becoming scared. They werent used to being around someone who spoke loud, or
spewed out obscenities in my house, this was just not normal.

The next thing I knew, the woman was slamming my phone down and my kids were crying,
running to their bedrooms to hide under their beds. That was it. Rhonda had to get out of my

I announced, Look, youve used my phone, now its time for you to leave, youre scaring my kids.

Rhonda got in my face, and started screaming more obscenities, (spit was flying from her mouth
and hitting me in the face). I had to step back and move away from her, she was completely out
of control. For a minute, I thought she was going to hit me.

I pointed to a wooden cross hanging on my wall, and informed her- this is a peaceful house and
that she needed to go.

After listening to her ranting for a while, I was finally able to get her to the front door and
outside of my house.

Within ten minutes, I heard a commotion outside and looked out the window. Rhonda was on her
front porch waving a knife around (the blade was about a foot long) in the air yelling out You all
need to be saved or you will all go to hell.

There were people in their front yards looking at her, kids riding by on their bicycles and the
neighbor across the street had a look of fear on his face.

The neighbor across the street, (afraid the woman may stab someone) decided to call police.
Minutes later, she was wearing handcuffs and sitting in the backseat of a patrol car. We could see
her struggling in the backseat, as the officer drove away.

My first reaction- I needed to pray for Rhonda, she must have been having some problems.
About three weeks later, a knock at my door. It was Rhonda from next door again. I hesitantly
opened the door to find out what she wanted. She said she wanted a ride to the grocery store.

I told her the kids were asleep and I couldnt go anywhere right now, but maybe I could take her
later, after the kids were awake.

Offended by my rejection, she started telling me I wasnt a true Christian and then started
questioning me about my pastor. (My church was just down the street, and she had seen me
walking by her house to go to church on Sunday mornings.)

She informed me that my pastor had come to her house asking if she wanted to join our church.
Apparently, this angered her and she assumed I had sent my pastor to antagonize her.

After she grilled me about the pastor, she again demanded that I take her to the grocery store-

When I reminded her I could not do it right now, she threw up her hands, called me a few names
and walked away, saying she would be back in about an hour.

Worried about her inevitable return, I decided to call one of the church members to pray with me
about the situation. During the phone call, I explained how I was afraid of getting into the car
with my children and Rhonda.

My friend reminded me that God does not give us the spirit of fear and we prayed together over
the phone.

Once I hung up the phone, I looked out my window and saw a car pulling up to Rhondas house.
After a few minutes, I saw Rhonda getting into the car and then saw them drive away.

Whew! Thank God. I felt like the Lord had delivered me from the spirit of the evil one. My
friend was right, why was I afraid? God knows how to deliver us from our troubles.

This article was posted on November 12, 2005

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