Goods Movement in the Houston-Ga

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					    Southern California
Association of Governments
Goods Movement in the Houston-Galveston Region
                   Earl J. Washington
             Houston-Galveston Area Council
              Senior Transportation Planner

                      May 4, 2005
    Discussion Outline
•   Regional Overview
•   Trans-Texas Corridor
•   Interstate 69
•   Regional Challenges
•   Quick Response Team Projects
•   Rail Freight Proposals
  Regional Overview

• Seaports
• Airports
• Inter-modal Terminals
  Trans-Texas Corridor

• Separate Lanes for Passenger Vehicles
  and Trucks
• Freight Railways
• High Speed Commuter Railways
• Utility Infrastructure
Trans-Texas Corridor

 Purpose - To meet the State’s future needs
by providing faster, safer movement of people
 and goods, relieving congested roadways,
  providing alternate routes for hazardous
 materials, expanding economic growth and
     developing new markets and jobs.
Trans-Texas Corridor

     Financing- State DOT will use a
comprehensive agreement to hire a private
  firm to plan, design, construct, finance,
      maintain and operate the TTC.
                    I - 69

 “To improve international and interstate trade in
  accordance with national and state goals ;to
 facilitate economic development in accordance
with state, regional, and local policies and plans ;
and to improve surface transportation consistent
with national, state, regional and local needs, and
 with congressional designation of the corridor.”
 Quick Response Team

• Access at Inter-modal facilities
• Short Range / Low Cost
    Freight Rail Issues

•   Bottlenecks
•   Excess Capacity
•   Vehicular Congestion
•   Safety
•   Noise
     Policy Actions

• Memorandum of Understanding
• Creation of Rail District