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					by: Tamara Owen

Your literature professor has asked you to write a 7-page essay comparing Medieval and
Renaissance poetry; your economics professor wants 15 pages on how globalization is affecting
the economy in three different countries; and your mathematics professor has forgotten this is a
mathematics class, and wants 5 pages on the quadratic formula. And you have been staring at the
computer screen for over an hour wondering how on earth you are going to do all of this in the
next four days.

This is an all-too-familiar scene to many students. Many students learn of these large
assignments at the beginning of the semester when they receive their class syllabi, and
immediately forget about them because November seems like years away. Other students are
busy with extracurricular sports, trying to adjust to being away from home for the first time, and
other events and issues. Still other students are quite frankly terrified of the writing process,
believing the blank page to be worse than their worst nightmare, and so these assignments get
shoved aside to remain untouched until the last minute.

It is an interesting fact of college life that all students, regardless of major or discipline, are asked
to write about their subject matter -- often quite extensively. While it is certainly important that
all individuals be literate, and know how to read and write in a variety of capacities, styles, and
genres, it is also the case that not everyone has to be a professional academic writer
( Engineers need to know how to design bridges or better
towel racks; pilots need to be able to take off and land safely and smoothly; and physicians need
to be able to diagnose illnesses and injuries and to prescribe the correct medical interventions.
None of these people needs to know how to write a term paper.

What, then, are the options for the poor student struggling in the first paragraph? What will
happen to the student who is a prodigy on the piano but is facing failure because she cannot write
10 pages on Beethoven? What will happen to the next Frank Lloyd Wright who is stuck in his
psychology seminar, unable to write a series of vignettes portraying various mental illnesses?

There are a few options. Most college campuses have writing labs, where many students are
helped with researching and writing their papers. Many students form study groups, where they
help each other through the tough assignments. Some students write their custom essays and
term papers (see: and then pay an editor to polish
them. Still others turn to professional writing services for assistance with their assignments. This
is where services such as come in. We have a large staff of professional
writers who specialize in writing papers about a wide variety of disciplines ranging from
economics to ecology, marketing to Mozart, Hemingway to heart murmurs. We can also assist
students with related projects, such as PowerPoint Presentations. In the many years of our
existence, we have found tremendous success helping students with assignments of all sizes, all
levels of difficulty, and all subjects.

Regardless of what type of help you choose, the important thing is that you get through college
as quickly and effectively as possible. College is a step leading up to the rest of your life -- don't
let a term paper be the skateboard in your path.
This article was posted on November 28, 2005

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