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					by: Greg Root

RC cars are one of the hottest hobbies going but to keep your vehicle in top condition you need
to have a stock of standard equipment to maintain your car. There are also great RC car
accessories that can add to the experience and get you up and running more easily.

You dont want to be left on the sidelines because you cant get your vehicle started or perform a
quick maintenance on the spot. Here are the top five accessories every RC enthusiast should
check out

Starter Boxes

Need help starting your engines? Starter boxes can give you the boost needed to break in your
new RC vehicle or just make the starting process easier.

The starter box will eliminate the need to pull-start your RC nitro car. Some car models are more
difficult than others to pull start and having a starter box removes the problem and gets your
vehicle going in no time.

RC Tools

Specialized tools help you keep your vehicle in top form. Some of the recommended additions to
your standard tool box are:

Magnetic Balancer: reduce wear and tear on your RC vehicle by ensuring that rotating parts are
properly balanced. Ideal for balancing new tires before hitting the road.

Gear Puller: avoid stripping the set screws by using a gear puller.

Temperature Gauge: test the temperature while tuning your engine without risking a burn.

Tool Pouch: keep all your tools handy and organized to make pit stops and tuning an easier task.

Glow Plug Wrench: makes the necessary task of changing glow plugs easier and quicker.

Glow Plugs

You will definitely need spare glow plugs on hand otherwise you may have to cut your driving
time short if your glow plugs fail. Even new plugs can be faulty so having a small kit that
includes a glow plug igniter, charger, spare glow plugs and a glow plug wrench is a good idea so
that you can make a change on the course instead of ending the fun.

If youre going to drive a nitro car youre going to need fuel. The fuel used for RC nitro cars is
specially designed for optimum performance. Using the fuel recommended in your owners
manual will provide your vehicle with exactly the right combination of synthetic and castor oils.

To make fueling easier you can select a fuel filler bottle that fits your needs. Several sizes are
available and they are equipped with long, angled tips to speed up the refueling process and
prevent spills.

Always keep your fuel tightly capped since moisture will quickly be absorbed from the air and
ruin the fuel. You might also consider including a fuel cleaner and rags in your stash to clean up
any spills and drips.

Air Filter Oil

Treating your nitro cars air filter with special air filter oil will improve the ability of the filter to
keep out dust and dirt while also extending the life of your cars engine. Over or under oiling the
filter will affect the performance and possibly damage the engine. Only use the oil specified for
your type of filter since using the wrong oil can disintegrate the filter.

Be sure to let your oiled air filter dry for up to half an hour before installing it to avoid the excess
oil from choking the system. Carry pre-oiled filters for changes rather than using a recently oiled
filter or dry filter.

These are a few of the recommend RC car accessories you should be sure to keep with you when
racing or just playing around with your RC vehicle. You will find many more products that are
designed to help you fix or add on to your vehicle by shopping online or at your local hobby

This article was posted on November 14, 2005

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