The REAL JESUS Can't Return Until

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					by: David Ben-Ariel

Prophecy clearly reveals that the REAL JESUS CHRIST will not return to Earth from Heaven
(in full view of all mankind) until after Jerusalem has suffered under a Gentile EU occupation for
three and one half years, complete with Europe's wannabe divine emperor polluting the holy
Temple just like Antiochus Epiphanes.

The two witnesses, representing Judah and Levi (priest and king - God's system of government
as opposed to Rome's demonic system of Babylon), will testify against the counterfeit kingdom
of God, and will testify against the wannabe God who pollutes the Temple with his unclean
presence and fights against the biblical people who love and obey God and reject the idolatrous
traditions of men.

These same two witnesses will herald the coming of our King from Heaven to restore God's
government on Earth and establish the literal divine Kingdom-Family of God on Earth, liberating
Jerusalem and regathering the British-Israelite and Jewish holocaust survivors and destroying the
Beast and False Prophet.

Come Lord Yashua!

This article was posted on December 14, 2005

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