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									by: Sylvie Brinton

Important Steps When Fighting Acne

Acne. The word strikes fear in heart of anyone who has had to deal with it. And the unfortunate
reality is that it isn't just an affliction that affects teenagers, many people suffer from acne well
into adulthood. And who hasn't heard the outrageous claims that are made by so many producers
of acne treatment.

The problem is that each person is different, so there isn't one blanket treatment. People are
willing to spend their hard earned money looking for the perfect solution to their acne problem.

If you are suffering from severe acne the best option may be to go and see a dermatologist. Acne
is considered severe when it is covering a good majority of the face. If this sounds like you, your
dermatologist should be able to prescribe medication to help with your acne. If you do not do
anything to combat this you could end up with scarring. For the rest of us, dealing with acne is
not quite so urgent, but something that we would like cleared up nonetheless.

Finding a good cleanser is one of the most important things we can do to help combat acne.
Almost every skin care and cosmetic company has a line of products that is purported to clear up
acne and reduce or eliminate the number of blemishes we get. And some of these products can be
extremely expensive.

The truth is some of these miracle treatments can actually make your acne worse. In reality,
some of the best cleansers for acne are relatively inexpensive and can be found in your local
drugstore. The best ones are gentle and non- foaming.

Drinking a lot of water can get clear complexion. The nourishing properties of water help acne.
The large intake of water helps us in taking out the toxins from our body. It is felt that taking
seven to twelve glasses of water in a day would be adequate, though it varies from person to
person. One must not drink too much of water as it will reduce the number of electrolytes in your

One of the good methods to fight acne and blemishes is facials, though it costs a lot of money.
Generally pimples and whiteheads erupt suddenly from tiny simple blackheads on the face. To
avoid any damage to the delicate skin of the face one must not attempt to extract them oneself.
The process of extraction during deep pore facials removes these blackheads completely.

While facials can be extremely expensive (upwards of $100), you only need one every one to
two months and you will typically see a massive improvement in your skin's condition. Your
aesthetician can recommend products to help you keep breakouts at bay in between your facials.

Most people have had to deal with acne at some time. Since it's been around for so long there are
a lot of solutions available. To find which is right for you may take time and a few failed
attempts, but stick with it. You will eventually find a product that won't bankrupt you.
If you feel that you have tried just about everything and you are not seeing an improvement in
your acne, do not hesitate to contact a dermatologist. There are many medications that they can
prescribe if they see fit, which you cannot get over the counter.

This article was posted on November 01, 2005

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