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Quick and Easy Ideas for Cool Groomsmen Gifts


									by: Dave Poon

Your groomsmen are your best friends. They have seen you fall on your face with girls when you
were younger. You have played football with them or gone fishing before the sun came up. All
of you nursed hangovers together. So you need to come up with some groovy groomsmen gifts
to show how much you appreciate them.

To thank your buddies for standing up for you on the biggest day of your life, you should choose
groomsmen gifts that express your feelings for them. We all know how guys do not usually
express themselves verbally. So, the best way may be to purchase individual groomsmen gifts.
After all, each of your buddies is unique and should be thanked in an original way.

Keep personalities in mind for the groomsmen gifts. If one of your buddies is a teetotaler, do not
buy groomsmen gifts that reflect alcohol related items like shot glasses or beer steins. Likewise,
if one of your buddies loves music and cultural activities like museums, you would not want to
buy groomsmen gifts that are sports related. You are shooting for a reaction like Wow man, this
is cool! I can use this! when shopping for your groomsmen gifts.

One idea for groomsmen gifts is the Swiss army knife. At some point during your day, you are
probably wishing you had a screwdriver handy or pocketknife to open a box or even a pair of
tweezers to pull out a paper clip out of your computer keyboard. A Swiss army knife makes for
great groomsmen gifts because first of all, they are cool. And secondly, there are useful and
practical. This idea for groomsmen gifts also has a universal appeal and could be given to all of
your groomsmen. Plus, you can make it extra special by having it personalized with some type of

If you do have some groomsmen that are social drinkers, the idea of shot glasses and beer steins
are good for groomsmen gifts. Personalize them with the wedding date or a thank-you from the
groom. Personal flasks are regaining popularity as well. If one of your buddies enjoys his beer,
great groomsmen gifts for that interest include his own beer brewing kit or even a six pack of the
month club where they get a unique beer to sample each month.

Do your buddies enjoy guy nights out playing poker? Maybe some great groomsmen gifts could
include game related items. How about personalized playing cards? Or special poker sets
complete with the poker chips and cards in a handsome carrying case? Then there is the fun,
useful novelty type of groomsmen gifts like shot glass checkers, where you have shot glasses
instead of checker pieces.

Perhaps, instead of tangible groomsmen gifts, you can plan the ultimate guy trip. An offshore
fishing trip or a camping trip might be fun and a great last hurrah for you, one last guy thing
before getting hitched. Commemorate that last hurrah with a personalized engraved compass for
each of your groomsmen.

Be sure to have a plan for your budget for the groomsmen gifts before heading to the store. They
should convey the feeling of Hey, youre my best buddy and I appreciate you. No matter what
you decide for the groomsmen gifts, your friends will appreciate the thoughtfulness.
This article was posted on September 02, 2005

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