; Rafter for ipad Goes Free Today
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Rafter for ipad Goes Free Today


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                          Rafter for iPad Goes Free Today

iPad Rafter from Emantras Inc. is a visually stunning game with a lot of awesome puzzles.
iPad Rafter has gone FREE just for today.

iPad Rafter Description:
So you think you're the best of the best of the best? Maybe you haven't played iPad Rafter yet!
This deceptively simple game needs a little bit of physics and a lot of timing to hit your target
– a miniscule red mine.

Put your problem solving skills and logic to the test by drawing blocks(square, rectangle, long,
short, thin, thick, well, you get the picture!), and launching them at the mines. And our
friendly timer will keep ticking away till you master the trick!

iPad Rafter has 101 progressive levels of challenges. There are multiple solutions to each
level, but its upto good ol' you to figure out which one is the best. Oh, and we upped the ante
by tying in your scores with the number of moves you make. The equation is simple: Each
level has a fixed number of moves and the score increases when you solve the game using the
least number of moves.

And while you're trying to do all this, make sure to watch out for swinging platforms, fans
and other not-so-friendly objects! Sounds fun doesn't it?

Even if you don't have time to play iPad Rafter right now, you will be happy you downloaded
it. If you have an iPhone, Rafter iPhone game has also gone FREE!

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