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Political Radio Advertising for 2006 by cmlang


									by: Scott Perreault

The challenge for the 2006 election season is to write radio scripts that touch the heart and not
deflect off the shield that surrounds the soul of most voters. The conditioning of the mind has
been evolving since the first political radio commercials. The challenge for the writer is obvious.
Be subtle in the approach. The days of overt name calling or shouting the candidates name in
hopes of making an impression with the voters is over. With so many listening options outside
the commercial radio market, candidates and special interest groups will demand much more
from the writers than before.

Scott Radio ( a radio political voice and script writing organization
conducted a survey of over five hundred radio listeners in a quest to understand the mindset or
comfort zone of the average radio listener. Some of the discoveries were as follows: First, the
tolerance level for commercials is eroding. Fifty percent of those surveyed stated that they have a
quick trigger to avoid commercials. Second, the survey revealed that for political radio
advertising specifically, the over saturation by candidates during the campaign is reason enough
to avoid commercial radio. Finally, the research shows that candidate bashing is what the cable
news shows do each day in such detail that for a candidate to spend time on the negative issue
radio advertising in pointless. The content of the commercial usually outdated. The American
public is now quick to find resolution to an issue. They no longer wait for someone else to assess
guilt or innocence. They frame their opinion and only when presented overwhelming evidence to
the contrary do they waiver. They take pride in being stubborn on political issues, because they
can be.

To spend money advertising issues or negative commentary about an opponent now runs the risk
of being old copy, as the voter has most likely formed an opinion before the commercial is
produced. By the time the political attack ads make the commercial rotation, a new issue will
have surfaced. There is a much better way. has discovered it.

This article was posted on October 03, 2005

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