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					by: Rose DesRochers

I find poetry workshops study more the theory and craft of writing poetry. I joined one in the
past and found it to be filled with snobs who pretty much write bad poetry. Half of what they say
can not even be understood. Their poetry consists of nothing more but verses of diarrhea
metaphors. Hearing the opinions and critiques of other writers is a vital component of every
creative writer's growth, however I find workshops don't take into count poetic licensing ;when
they critique the submissions of members. They seem to be harsh and focus too much on the
structure, style, and other elements of literature.

To be honest I dont even think the types of poets who think they are teachers in the theory even
look at the emotions put behind a poem. Many of these so called teachers have a toolkit for
criticism. They pick apart your poem and when they are finished, you are not even left with your
own thoughts. Workshops are just made of a bunch of writers who think they are expert
critiques. One might look at me because I cant spell to save my butt and my punctuation leaves
much to be desired, however that is what I have an editor for. I am passionate about writing and
spend hours putting my words on paper. To me that is what poetry is about.

Im not interested in joining no work shop that is going to focuses on the craft of poetry: line
breaks, stanza breaks, voice, persona, diction, syntax, and revision. Im very content with
administrating an online community that allows its writers a poetic license. I'm content writing
free verse and creating a community of authors of poetry and prose. I'm dedicated in giving my
members at Todays-Woman the freedom of art. My members are happy for they joined in a
pursuit of their passion to just write. I want to run a community where experienced and aspiring
poets may submit their poetry for critical commentary and discussion without being told how to
write and having their poem picked apart until it is no longer theirs.

I dont want to hand over control to a workshop and let them take it upon themselves to edit me or
stylize me. I dont want them to touch my style issues, I don't want someone editing my poetic
voice, tone, or how I deliver my thoughts. I wont do that to another person. Dont do it to me.
Feel free to just edit my spelling, mechanics, grammar and my bad typos. But leave my thoughts
my own. You can have your poetry workshops. I have a poetry community that supports art and
a style of writing that is my own. That is good enough for me.

This article was posted on April 05, 2005