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					by: Andrew Karasev

Siebel is traditional CRM market leader, however and mostly due to recession 200-2003, Siebel
lost sizable portion of CRM market to new tiger, such as Microsoft CRM. Microsoft CRM s
recent (2001) CRM answer from Microsoft and attempt top get market share from traditional
vendors: Siebel, Oracle, Onyx. Now it is targeted to the whole spectrum of horizontal and
vertical market clientele. It is tightly integrated with other Microsoft Business Solutions products
such as Microsoft Great Plains, Solomon, Navision (the last two in progress).

We would like to give you Microsoft CRM selection advise, based on our MS CRM consulting
practice, going back to its inception in 1999. This article is written in FAQ style for beginner

1. What is your industry how strange it may look close to 40% of our clients or so-called orphan
clients who needs help with Microsoft CRM customization are freight forwarding, transportation
companies, who needs either improvement in Exchange-CRM connector or MS CRM integration
with their freight forwarding system, where they would like to see on the fly resent shipment
info. And also to mention freight forwarding companies are usually large (more than 50 CRM

2. How comfortable you are with Microsoft technology in-house support The old-days idea of
Apple computer was to make computer absolutely intuitive and working for housewife. Now we
know that this is not realized so far. If you compare MS CRM with Siebel you will see that MS
CRM requires y0u to have Microsoft Certified people in staff. Everyone knows that Microsoft is
so innovative that each product requires daily service packs and patches

3. Do you have Great Plains, Solomon or Navision CRM is usually integrated with ERP system
and if you are looking at MS CRM you should benefit if you have ERP from Microsoft Business
Solutions (Great Plains, Solomon, Navision, Axapta or Small Business Manager - SBM)

4. Operating System Philosophy - Microsoft likes clients who have no
UNIX/LINUX/IBM/Apple etc inclination and staked on Microsoft Windows
2003/2000/XP/Longhorn, preferably staying on Intel platform (No AMD Athlon 64)

Have fun in selection and decision. We are here to help you: 1-866-528-0577

This article was posted on October 30, 2004