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					by: Jennifer LB Leese

Did you know there are numerous authors that have published children's books in electronic
format? What is electronic format? Well, that is when a book is available from the computer as a
download or on CD or on diskette.

If a customer purchases a book as a download, then the publisher sends them the book through
email sometimes with a link where they can go to download it themselves, or as an attachment. If
the customer purchases the book on CD or diskette, then the book will arrive through the mail
with cover art, spine, author information, ISBN (International Standard Book Number, which is a
ten-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products that are published
internationally. It identifies one title or an edition of a title from one specific publisher), and
instructions on how to open your book.

Here are a few fabulous children's electronic book, many of which come with sounds and
animation. CAPTAIN ANGUS, THE LIGHTHOUSE GHOST by Wendy Laing, published by
Wendave,, is a book written using The Cape
Otway Lighthouse in Victoria, Australia. Laing's book, creditable as a teaching aid, educates
readers about pioneer history in Australia. Readers follow along with two children, exploring
through a magic time travel tunnel with an old Scottish sea captain.

BECAUSE I SAID SO by Dotti Enderle, published by Writers-Exchange EPublishing tells the
story of little Logan and his mother. Every time his mother asks him to complete a task such as
pick up his toys or to take a bath, Logan asks her why. His mother's response is clear and
simple"BECAUSE I SAID SO." In the end of this delightful illustrated book, Logan surprises his
mother with a reply to her why question.

Perhaps you are looking for a book that teaches your children about marriage. BICYCLE: A
STORY ABOUT MARRIAGE by Rod Lenfest is just the book you need. Published by Writers-
Exchange EPublishing, this book comes complete with comical illustrations. It is a story about
marriage written so children of all ages can understand. It is an amusing and easy-to-read book.
The helpful information in the back section enables readers to get the most from the story.
Lenfest uses a bicycle as a metaphor to teach readers the many parts a marriage needs to succeed.

Book number two in the Green Heart Series, BLUEGUM CHRISTMAS: A MIRACLE AT
SASSAFRAS CREEK by Marlies Bugmann, published by Zumaya Publications is a quick,
satisfying read. This book teaches children the importance of taking care of our ecosystem in a
fiction plot using a little eight-year-old boy named Ben Arthurson and a little ten-year-old girl
named Samantha Hogan. Together they learn the uniqueness of the rare and beautiful Christmas
birds; save the bluegum trees from destruction, and learn to appreciate nature and their

Remember, just because some books are electronic (e-book) books, doesnt mean they arent
fantastic! Open up an electronic book today and get to know some talented new authors.

Off the Top of my Headtalented childrens e-book authors to check out:
Tedd Arnold,

Haemi Balgassi,

Robert F. Baldwin,

This article was posted on April 08, 2004