How to Plan your Day by cmlang


									by: Tyler Benson

Sometimes you feel like you are ready to overcome everything, you can manage any strain and
solve the most difficult problems. But this state continues for a very short period of time. After a
while you get short of breath and feel exhausted, ready to drop from fatigue. This happens not
because you dont cope with everything you are given, but because you arent able to plan your
day efficiently. All the trouble comes from you not being disorganized, though you are full of
good intentions to change yourself. Without doubt, it is very difficult to get used to a stable
system when your life before was not properly organized and was a total mess of events and
things. Lets start from defining top priority. What do you consider the most important thing to do
during the day? When you pick a one, put it on your schedule in the most convenient way for
you and see how effective is the time youve schedule it on. The key is to choose the most
effective and suitable timing for everything, not to mix it up and create a mess we want to get rid

Once the core of your schedule is established, you put other events around it. You still have to
assess your possibilities and the result effectively. If you, for example, put washing at 2p.m. and
your date at 3p.m. it somehow creates misbalance, youll obviously be running out of time so
youll have to think like a chessman, three-four moves forward. You can watch TV and write
your college admission essay at the
same time, you can read a book and listen to the music, you can go for a walk and than apologize
for not washing the dishes for the hundredth time. If you are not Julius Caesar, you are to change
your lifestyle a bit. When you see that your deadline on your custom term pape r is past due, you begin to worry. Now thats a signal to refocus. To
schedule your day properly, you need to plan it the way, you get enough rest and dont exhaust
yourself to death. A normal grown up requires a 6-hour sleep, so be careful to apply this rule to
your schedule for you to stay healthy and fit.

If to get a closer look at ones daily routine, we can see that there are a lot of unnecessary things
that he/she does. Wasting time is a great expense that one cant afford. The re are only twenty four
hours in a day and you are not to waist them. Look over the whole system and decide what can
be dropped and what is more important for you. For example, if you have the habit to reread the
books youve once read, youd better start forgetting about it and using the time to do something
useful, like reading new ones. A planned day makes people organized and self- motivated. If their
day is carefully planned, so is every aspect of their lives. But if the system requires instant
change due to some extreme circumstances, we have to accept them and make our schedule
wider to put something in or to shorten it by dropping something out. According to the results of
the investigation, people who had their days practically packed with events were more successful
at work and in private than those, who had plenty of free time. The advice is not to rush like mad
everywhere but know what is a good time to relax and have fun and what is a good time to work.

This article was posted on January 20, 2006

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