How Not To Become The Victim Of Plagiarism

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					by: Tyler Benson

The idea is the most valuable intellectual property. And the interesting idea requires quality
protection from the plagiarism. Before we start discussing why it is not worth plagiarizing, lets
clear up what we mean by plagiarism. The word Plagiarism originated from the Latin word
Plagio which means steal. The encyclopedias define plagiarism as misappropriation of someone
elses works: publishing someone elses works without indicating the source or a usage of the
work without the authors permission. If the source is not indicated that is plagiarism.

The objects of plagiarism can be literature works, movies, translations as well as term papers
essay writings, etc. The law suggests severe
penalties for plagiarists. But despite it the unpleasant phenomenon is still flourishing in our
society. The present article warns you how not to become the victim of plagiarism. The problem
of the net plagiarism is very urgent nowadays. Any student searching an essay or term paper on-
line can fall into this trap. Of course you can find a ready made research paper you need.

But here you encounter RISK 1. No one can guarantee you that this paper is used for the first
time. Moreover, it could be downloaded by the student from your college and submitted to the
same tutor. RISK 2: Now all the tutors are aware of the existence of such free on line collections.
Your tutor could have seen this work on the net. In this case he would have the right to demand
your rewriting the paper. Risk 3: Now many universities have acquired the special anti
plagiarism software for detecting the plagiarised works. Such systems compare the text of your
term paper research with the Internet
resources base, with other students works and also printed issues and italicize the places with the
repetition of the texts from other sources. Then it counts up the percentage of such duplications
in the text. Risk 4. Downloading a paper from one of the on-line writing services is also a
guaranteed way to get a plagiarized writing. Such services offer the students works that had
already been submitted.

So, if you finally have made up your mind to download a ready work, at least paraphrase it, add
some chapters and change their order. If you have no time to reconstruct the completed version,
the best way out for you is to order a unique writing from a professional custom writing service.
This way you will get 100% original paper.

This article was posted on December 19, 2005

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