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					by: Benered Fransisco

The Green Packers will try in week four to show that the game in week three was not a fluke.
Granted, Brett Farve played a game that would rival any he has played to day. He dominated in
that game with three touchdowns and no interceptions. That was a game that snapped a twelve
game run that had Favre throwing an interception in each game. Many had thought that this was
a sign that Favre was past his prime, almost on cue he dominated the game and proved the critics

The Packers will have a challenge in the form of the Philadelphia Eagles and the powerful
offense that they have. The Eagles team tore apart the 49er's and showed that the 2-1 record that
they have was one that was earned for good reason.

The Packers want to change the 1-2 record and get back to .500. This is a goal that they have and
they hope that they can make a difference as they seem to be coming together as a team. The key
is that the team has to pick up more of the load and help Favre not be the one carrying the full
payload like he did in week three.

Favre savored the week three victory, but even he has admitted that more needs to be done on
Monday night if they are to leave with a two in the win column. This is his hope, and it may be
something that he will have to face head on with this young core that is just starting to show real
signs of melding into the team that all cheese heads hope they will be.

This is just the beginning of the season, but these games may count the most as the team sees the
season winding down later at the end of the year. All the Packers fans hope that they odd trend
that the team has on the road will stay true in this game that can give a young team the boost it
needs in the weeks to come.

This article was posted on October 17, 2006

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