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Great Plains Accounting Migration to Microsoft Great Plains


									by: Andrew Karasev

This is short article, written in question/answer/FAQ style to give IT
Specialist/developer/programmer balanced top level information on Great Plains Accounting
migration to Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains. If you have Great Plains Accounting as
main accounting and ERP system you need to know some technical details on the migration to
Great Plains and what is going on behind the scenes. As of right now it is reasonable to upgrade
to Microsoft Great Plains 8.0

Is migration required? Not actually, but you have to consider these factors

      Great Plains Accounting is in phasing out -Great Plains Software began this process back
       in 1995, when it did introduce Great Plains Dynamics and then Great Plains
       Dynamics/CS .
      Old Btrieve platform - Microsoft Business Solutions is pulling out all it's products from
       Btrive/Pervasive SQL.2000/Ctree.
      Following the Technology and Microsoft rules - Microsoft wants you to be on the newest
       platform and provides you the best support when you follow this rule

What is migration in the language of technology?

Migration reads Btrieve tables of Great Plains Accounting and moves the data to Microsoft Great
Plains tables

Do I need consultant? As our experience indicates - you have to have a consultant to do GPA-
>Great Plains migration. There are two options to choose from

      You can call Microsoft Business Solutions - they can do migration for you - they will ask
       you to forward them your btrieve files and they'll send you back the backup of SQL
       database where your migrated data sits with instructions on how to install Great Plains
       and restore data from backup
      You can use Great Plains VAR/Partner - in this case your cost is usually lower - but you
       need to do due diligence - find the partner who has experience and has done at least
       couple of migrations

Good luck with migration and if you have issues or concerns we are here to help, we've done 200
migrations! If you want us to do the job - give us a call 1-866-528-0577!

This article was posted on August 18, 2004

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