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- Insect Find Scrambled Puzzle ………………………………               02
- Beach Fun Words - Unscrambler + Kids Trivia…            03
- Jokes + Answers to Puzzles……………………………….                 04
- Tongue Twisters ……………………………………..              02, 05,   09
- Country and Sea Questions …………………………………                 14
- Game Search Scramble Puzzle ………………………..……               15
- How Smart + Mentally Flexible R U …………………….             19
- Figure of Speech Phrase Search…………………………..              20
- Answers to Figure of Speech………………………………..               22
- Animalistic Activity ……………………………………………..…               08
- To Do List for June.…………………………….………………….                11
- Growing Tomatoes in Containers……………………………               12
- Squash ……………………………………………………………………                       14
- Chilling/Freezing Seeds …………………………………………                15
- Coloured Noodles ……………… …………………..……………                  04
- Eat Your Garden + Balloon Dome………………………..               25
- Don‘t call those Cars Lemons…………………………………               02
- Use for Coffee Grounds …………………………………………                 05
- Flower Names……………………………………………………….                      06
- Mascot Story – Canada Games – Whitehorse 2007 …         06
- Big Daddy Longlegs …………………………………………….                   07
- The Truth About Organic Foods ……………………………               08
- Clock Flowers ………………………………………………………..                   09
- Native Vegetation + Our Heritage ……..…………………            15
- Silent Signals and Secret Codes ………………………….             17
- Plants Control Birds + Moths Jam Bats Code..……          17
- Corn Cries for Help + Tails tell Tales …….……………         17
- Lettuce …………………………………………………………………                       22
- PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN BEFORE MAY 2O!....              23
- Lost and Found…………………………………………………….                     20
- Eastern Hemlock………………………………………………….                     22
- The Night Hunter………………………………………………….                    23
- Frightened Fly……………………………………………………..…                   02
- Chic Sheep……………………………………………………………..                     03
- Garden ―Web‖ Site…………………………………………………                    04
- Fluffy Ladybug……………………………………………………….                    05
- To Mother with Love………………………………………………                   08
- Cup Cake Flower ……………………………………………………                    12
- CD Daisy Puppet ……………………………………………………                    13
- Coloured Sand and Cotton People crafts………….             16
- Going Downhill on a Bicycle ……………………………………              05
- Summer……………………………………………………………………                        21
 Gleanings ………………………………………………………………..                     18
- Ornamental Frosting ……………………………………………..                 19
- Tomato + Goat Cheese Brochette…………….…………..              13
- Mozzarella + Tomato Sauce …………………………….……                13
- Creamy Vegetable Lasagna …………………………….…….                18
- Vegetable Cranberry Float ………………………………..…..             17
- Dandelion Salad + Blossom Pancakes.……….……..….           19

FRIGHTENED FLY                                      Sculpting the creatures:
Source: www.                          Clay fuses during baking, but, the better
                                                    you press the pieces together the better
MATERIALS                                           they will stay together.
Polymer clay in yellow and orange, white,
and black                                           Using wire: The wire in these projects is
22-guage, permanent-coloured wire                   22-gauge, permanent-colored copper wire
Toothpicks                                          (we used Artistic Wire brand). It is oven-
                                                    safe, can be cut with scissors, and is
1. Roll and shape all the clay parts shown.         available at most craft supply stores.
2. Cut the end off a toothpick and use it to
fasten the head to the body.                        Safe handling: Follow all the precautions
3. Press the fly's wings onto its back.             on the clay packaging and be sure to
4. Bend 6 pieces of wire into leg shapes            always bake your creations according to
and insert 3 into each side of the fly's            package directions.
body. Insert the wire antennae into the
head and add the clay antennae balls to             Making repairs: If any parts fall off your
the other ends of the wire.                         clay critter after it's been baked, you can
5. Make eyes by pressing the small white            use a little piece of unbaked clay to "glue"
balls onto the head, adding the yellow balls        the pieces back together and bake it again
on top, and finally press the black balls on        according to package directions. Crafter's
for pupils.                                         Pick the Ultimate! Glue also works with
6. Shape the mouth with a toothpick.                clay.

                                                    INSECT FIND SCRAMBLED PUZZLE
                                                    Source: Ridgetown Independent News

                                                    There are 12 insect names hidden
                                                    throughout the scrambled puzzle below.
                                                    See how many you can find and circle. The
                                                    words go horizontally and vertically,
                                                    backward and forward.

                                                    T   E   K   C   I   R   C   B   E   P    R     E
                                                    P   I   C   E   N   O   M   E   L   P    C     T
                                                    F   O   L   D   W   R   A   E   E   I    E     I
Polymer Clay Basics
Simple tips and techniques for creating             E   C   O   A   N   T   R   T   S   L    N     M
these clay creatures                                C   O   S   P   D   R   B   L   R   L    R     R
Selecting clay brands:                              U   P   O   T   E   Y   O   E   K   B    S     E
A number of varieties and brands of                 E   A   E   N   L   R   B   P   L   U    N     T
polymer clay are sold in craft stores. We           K   A   T   Y   D   I   D   U   A   G    H     N
find that Sculpey III and Fimo Soft are the         A   R   A   A   Y   P   L   B   G   L    C     E
softest and easiest for little hands to mold.       S   P   I   D   E   R   K   E   K   E    A     P
Choosing colors: If you can't find the color        B   E   E   A   E   C   R   U   C   M    O     K
you're looking for, just knead together             R   N   R   P   M   A   N   T   I   S    R     S
different clay colors to get the shade you
want. If you're using different colors that         BEETLE          BEE             SPIDER
you don't want to mix, however, be sure to          WASP            LADYBUG         MANTIS
use a damp cloth to wipe your hands when            ROACH           PILL BUG        ANT
you switch clays.                                   CRICKET         TERMITE         KATYDID

TONGUE TWISTER                                      TONGUE TWISTER
A tutor who tooted the flute, tried to tutor        Wishy-washy Wanda watched her watch
two tooters to toot. Said the two to the            get washed.
tutor, ―Is it harder to toot or to tutor two
tooters to toot?‖                                   Willie wilder went wild while we went
                                                    wading in the water.

CHIC SHEEP                                         DON'T CALL THESE CARS LEMONS, BUT
Source: family                             MAYBE THEY'RE VEGETABLES
                                                   Sources: 03/12/07
                                                   From: the Windsor Star - WINDSOR, Ont.

                                                   A University of Windsor research team is
                                                   part of a $5.9-billion initiative to turn cash
                                                   crops into car parts. The Ontario project
                                                   could grow into a $50-billion global market
                                                   for bioplastics by 2015.
You and your child can round up a flock of
these fuzzy heralds of spring: they come           Researchers at the universities of Guelph,
together in two shakes of a lamb's tail.           Waterloo and Toronto will work on making
                                                   the car parts from plant fibers by adding
MATERIALS                                          the fibers to plastic. Then the car parts will
4 black pony beads                                 be tested at the University of Windsor,
2 - 25 cm (10‖) lengths of yarn                    which will receive $750,000 over four
Masking tape or duct tape                          years in the new $5.9-million Ontario
New 8 cm (3‖) paint trim roller (from paint        BioCar Initiative.
and home stores)
Craft glue or hot glue                             University of Guelph plant agriculture Prof.
Black felt                                         Larry Erickson was cited as saying that for
2 googly eyes                                      automakers, it means lighter and less
A mini pink pom-pom                                expensive products from renewable
A 5 cm (2‖) white pom-pom                          sources which will reduce the reliance on
                                                   foreign oil, and for farmers it could mean
                                                   better prices for their crops and more uses
                                                   for plant parts left in the field such as
                                                   soybean stems, adding, "It's a whole new
                                                   way of looking at these crops. .. In five
                                                   years, you're going to see car parts made
                                                   in Ontario with wheat straw in them."

                                                   BEACH FUN WORDS – UNSCRAMBLER

1. Begin by threading 2 of the beads onto          1.   tkubce ……………………………………
one of the yarn pieces and tying knots at          2.   tlenascasd ……………………………..
both ends so they don't slip off.                  3.   shatbignuit …………………………….
                                                   4.   vlshoe ……………………………………
2. Tape the center of the yarn to the inside       5.   wregwitnas ………………………………
of the roller refill, draping the ends over        6.   smimgnwi …………………………………
the top to resemble front legs, as shown.
Repeat this step with the second piece of          KIDS TRIVIA
yarn to create the hind legs, taping them
in place at the other end of the roller.           1. Name the largest planet in the solar
3. Next, cut a 4 cm (1 ½‖) triangle and 2          2. Which is listed first in a dictionary:
small teardrop shapes (for ears) from the             tuck or train?
felt.                                              3. Turn the word ―thorn‖ into a direction
                                                      on a map.
4. Glue the googly eyes and the mini pom-          4. What do you put at the end of an
pom to the triangle to create a face, and             address?
then glue the face and the ears to the             5. Which animal hibernates in the winter:
white pom-pom. Finally, glue the pom-pom              a deer or a woodchuck?
atop the roller.                                   6. Cinderella‘s slippers were made of silk.
                                                      True or false?
                                                                         Answers on page 04

GARDEN “WEB” SITE                                 To level the strips across the overlapping
Source:                         wood of the corner, slide a 2 cm (3/4‖)
                                                  shim under each diagonal strip. Glue all
Attract a few arachnid artists to your            the strips in place and let dry.
garden with this easy web frame.
                                                  7. Using the wire cutters, cut two 60 cm
                                                  (24‖) lengths of copper wire.

                                                  8. When the glue on the spider nook has
                                                  dried, wrap the edges with wire as shown
                                                  in the finished sign, trimming off any extra
                                                  with the cutters.

                                                  9. Hammer the nail into the top of the
                                                  stake until it protrudes about 6 cm (1/4‖).
Handsaw                                           10. Glue the stake to the back of the Web
One – 1 cm x 3 cm (1/4‖x1 ½‖) wood                Site at the center of the bottom slat,
furring strip, at least 180 cm (70‖) long         making sure to position it so that the top of
Sandpaper                                         the nail is just level with the inside edge of
Wood glue                                         the wooden frame. Let the glue dry.
Wire cutters
20-guage copper wire                              11. Cut a 90 cm (36‖) length of wire and
Hammer                                            use it to wrap the frame to the stake as
One – 3 cm (1 ½‖) nail                            shown, looping the wire tightly around the
One – 2 ½ cm x 5 cm (1‖x2‖) wooden                nail.
      stake at least 1 metre (3‘) long
Acrylic paint                                     12. Paint the words? ―Web Site‖ on the
Paintbrush                                        front of the frame or decorate the frame
                                                  with a suitably spidery motif. When the
Time needed: afternoon or evening                 paint is dry, you can take your Web Site
                                                  out into the garden. Choose a spot among
1. Saw the wood strip in four 32 cm (13‖)         the flowers or vegetables that you can get
pieces, two 15 cm (7‖) pieces, and two            too easily without trampling anything.
2 cm (3/4‖) pieces. Sand any rough edges.         Then insert the stake 8 cm – 20 cm
                                                  (3 – 6‖) into the soil until it‘s steady.
2. Lay the four 32 cm (13‖) pieces in a
square allowing the edges to overlap at           JOKES
each corner by about 12 mm (1/2‖).
                                                  A deer, a skunk, and a duck ate lunch at a
3. Secure the corners with wood glue.             restaurant. When they finished, the
                                                  discovered that the skunk didn‘t have a
4. Use the wire cutters to cut four 32 cm         cent and the deer didn‘t have a buck, so
(30‖) lengths of copper wire.                     they put the meal tab on the duck‘s bill.

5. When the glue has dried, wrap one              Q. Why do bees hum?
length of wire around each corner joint,          A. Because they don‘t know the words.
forming an X pattern on the front of the
wooden frame, as shown in the finished            ANSWERS TO PUZZLES: page 03
sign. Trim off any excess wire with wire
cutters.                                          Unscrambles:
                                                  1: bucket. 2: sandcastle. 3: bathing suit
6. Form a cozy nook for your spider to hide       4: shovel 5: water wings. 6: swimming
in, by placing the two 15 cm (7 ½‖) strips
diagonally across one corner of the square        Trivia: 1: Jupiter. 2: train. 3: north.
so that one strip is on the front of the          4: postal. 5: woodchuck. 6: false - glass
frame and the other on the back; the tips
should extend at least 6 mm (1/4‖)beyond
the edges of the frame.

FLUFFY LADYBUGS                                    GOING DOWNHILL ON A BICYCLE
Created by Susan Spatone                           With lifted feet, hands still,
                                                   I am poised, and down the hill
Materials                                          Dart, with heedful mind;
Pompoms:                                           The air goes by in a wind
- 1 medium red
- 1 smaller black                                  Swifter and yet more swift,
                                                   Till the heart with a mighty lift
- 5 teeny black                                    Makes the lungs laugh, and the throat cry,
Tacky glue – hot glue for kids                     ‗O bird see, see; bird I fly.
Black floral wire or heavy thread
Scissors                                           Is this your joy?
                                                   O bird, then I‘ a boy,
INSTRUCTIONS                                       For a golden moment share
These are so much fun and make fabulous            Your feathery life in air.
bulletin board pins and great pins to wear!
Begin by cutting one side of your red              Say, heart, is there aught like this
pompom flat. The ladybug has a flat                In a world that is full of bliss?
tummy, so you'll need to trim away one             T‘is more than skating bound
side.                                              Steel shod to the level ground

Cut a "V" shape into the red pompom (this          Speed slackens now, I float
will be where the black and red meet at            Awhile in my airy boat;
the neck of the ladybug). Don't cut the "V"        Till, when the wheels scarce crawl,
too large. To test, before you cut away too        My feet the treadles fall.
much, insert your black pompom in the
opening to measure for a nice fit.                 Alas, that the longest hill
                                                   Must end in a vale; but still,
At the very point of your "V" and near the         Who climbs with toil, wheresoe‘er,
top, glue a teeny black pompom. This               Shall find wings waiting there.
helps to make the edge around the neck a
little smoother. Next, glue your black             Henry Charles Beeching (1859-1919)
pompom in place (this is the face).
Glue 4 teeny pompoms over the body of              USE FOR COFFEE GROUNDS
the lady bug (randomly), referring to photo        By: Jeff Blackader - Youth Leader
Glue 2 pieces of floral wire or heavy thread       Ottawa Horticultural Society
to centre of the face
If you would like to use these as push pins        In the spring you can find bags of used
for your bulletin board, glue a tack to the        coffee grounds near the doors of most
tummy area.                                        Starbuck's stores. I used to ask for the
Another idea (kids love these) is to make a        grounds at the counter when they weren't
pin to wear. Simply glue a pin (available          busy as well. I've used the coffee grounds
at craft shops) to tummy area.                     in my worm composter - the worms love
You can also decorate clay pots, kid‘s             coffee. I also add them to my outdoor
rooms and of course make giant ones for            composter and dig them into the soil if I'm
your cat to play with.                             planting something that prefers an acid soil
                                                   like Blueberries. I tried to use the coffee
                                                   grounds as a soil-less medium to grow
                                                   seeds once, but it didn't work and mold
                                                   grew over the top.

                                                   Tongue twister

                                                   - She sits and shines and shines and sits
                                                     and sits and shines.
                                                   - Silly Sally sells shine seas shells at the

FLOWER NAMES                                       One grew up in the Yukon, one in the
Source: Sudbury Horticultural Society              Northwest Territories and one in Nunavut.

The names of flowers have very interesting         Although they were sad to be separated,
origins. The following explanations come           the puppies took full advantage of their
from a book published in 1985 entitled             surroundings, knowing that one day they
―Why Do We Say It?‖                                would be together again. Day after day,
                                                   they learned about the different cultures of
Corn refers to so many different grains,           their respective territory.
―because originally it meant any small
particle – even salt or sand. That is why          Soon the huskies were the most athletic,
beef preserved by the use of salt is called        friendly and intelligent creatures ever
‗corn beef‘ When ‗corn‘ finally came to            having been sent from the sky. Almost a
mean a certain type of grain it was used to        year after they appeared to the Elder on
refer to the grain that was the leading crop       the frozen lake, they were ready to reunite
of the locality. Therefore in England ‗corn‘       in order to spread the word about the
is wheat; in Scotland and Ireland ‗corn‘ is        great events that will soon unravel north of
oats; and in the United States and Canada          the 60th parallel.
it‘s maize.‖
                                                   Today, the huskies wear traditionally
MASCOT STORY – CANADA GAMES –                      designed northern parkas and put a face to
WHITEHORSE 2007                                    the three northern Canadian territories
On the cool crisp evening of January 25,           hosting the 2007 Whitehorse Canada
2005, something different happened: an             Winter Games. Promoting courage,
Elder stood on a frozen lake checking              strength and kindness, the three Canada
traps. He looked up and saw three stars            Games dogs will begin the journeys they
shining brightly on the horizon. He was            were born to pursue.
fascinated by the Northern Lights dancing
joyfully across a clear blue winter sky.           The Northern Lights will guide them as
                                                   they use the skills taught to them by the
Although always stunning, the lights were          northern people. Over both tundra and
mysteriously distinct that night. Three very       land, climbing mountains and crossing
bright colors lit up the northern sky and a        frozen lakes, they will deliver their
slight noise could be heard in the distance.       message in person to communities
―I wonder what that could be?‖ said the            throughout the North.
Elder out loud as he searched the snowy
surface.                                           With their friendship for each other and for
                                                   all creations of nature, their sportsmanship
As he turned around, he found himself              and their incredible willpower, they will
gazing at three tiny whimpering husky              proudly represent the Whitehorse 2007
puppies. They sat illuminated by the three         Canada Winter Games.
shining colors of the Northern Lights. The
purple, green and blue glittering streams          *The story of the three 2007 Canada
of light had delivered the unique puppies          Winter Games mascots is an amalgamation
as a gift to the earth.                            of short stories composed by very talented
                                                   local northern school children.*
The Elder took the puppies underneath his
parka to keep them warm. He knew that              Hello, my name is Yu’Ka and I‘m the
these furry critters were given to us by the       Yukon mascot for the 2007 Canada Winter
Northern Lights and they were too                  Games. My name is pronounced U – kah
important for him to keep for himself.             meaning Northern Lights in Kaska. My
He sent each puppy to a dear northern              name was chosen by a grade 8 Kaska
friend of his.                                     Language class in Watson Lake, Yukon.
                                                   My parka is made of melton cloth with fur
He trusted that they would be trained to           trim. My mukluks are made of moose
cherish friendship, sportsmanship and              hide. Both my parka and mukluks are
willpower, the three qualities needed for          decorated with beadwork created by local
them to fulfill their destiny.                     Yukon artist, Karen Bien.

                                                  BIG DADDY LONGLEGS
                                                  Source: Toronto Star Aug 2006

                                                  Place: Grandma‘s farmhouse
                                                  Time: Night
                                                  Species: Daddy-longlegs, Pholcus

                                                  To get to my favourite place, in my
                                                  Grandmother‘s house, I rolled up the
Hi there, I‘m the Northwest Territories           kitchen floormat. Hidden below is a
mascot for the 2007 Canada Winter Games           trapdoor. I grabbed the old brass handle
and my name is Taiga. Taiga means                 and pulled it with all my strength to open
Boreal Forest and is pronounced Tag – ah.         it. All I could see was a big black hole. I
My parka is a traditional style worn by the       felt for the ladder with my toes. After
Inuvialuit and Gwitch‘in people who live in       climbing sown three rungs, my hair and
the Mackenzie Delta Region. It is                 face were netted with cobwebs. Those
decorated with a distinctive white, red and       messy webs told me I would find: a
blue braid called the Delta braid.                Daddy-l0nglegs spider.
Traditional braids like mine where
decorated with porcupine quills but are           If you have heard the urban legend that
more recently made of cotton biased tape.         this spider‘s bite is deadly poisonous for
My boots are tanned hide mukluks.                 humans just reading that name may give
                                                  you the creeping terrors. Believing only in
                                                  facts, I researched that spider tale on my
                                                  laptop. The entomology department at the
                                                  University of California says, ―There is no
                                                  reference to any pholic (―Daddy-longlegs)
                                                  spider biting a human and causing any
                                                  detrimental harm. ―That means the myth is
                                                  hot based on scientific study.

                                                  Daddy-longlegs spiders are found in dark
                                                  indoor places and because they are so
Hi I’m Uqila which is pronounced ou – ke          often found in basements they are also
– lah and I‘m the Nunavut mascot for the          called cellar spider. At the ladder‘s last
2007 Canada Winter Games. My name                 rung, I turned around and leaned back
means fast or light on you feet in                against it. From there I shone my flashlight
Inuktitut. Inuktitut is the language spoken       into a corner. A big Daddy was right there!
by the Inuit people in Nunavut which is           It was trembling so much the whole web
where I‘m from. I‘m wearing a traditional         shook. That characteristic revealed its third
parka. It‘s made with sealskin and                name, the vibrating spider. It vibrates its
trimmed with fox fur. The fox fur helps           web violently to scare off enemies. Since
block the fierce arctic wind and the seal         reading Charlotte‘s Web I have never hurt
skin is waterproof. My boots are Kamiks           a spider, so it is completely safe with me.
and they‘re also made of sealskin. My
socks are wool duffle and were                    The eight incredibly long and skinny legs
embroidered by a local northern artist            attached to the thorax of this Daddy made
                                                  it easy to identify. The first pair of legs was
                                                  almost six times the length of this spider‘s
                                                  body. All spiders‘ legs are covered with
                                                  very sensitive hairs. Their feet have clumps
                                                  of short hairs that split at the ends into
                                                  hundreds of infinitely smaller hairs. These
                                                  are what make spiders such good climbers,
                                                  able even to climb glass doors and

The relatively small body of this Daddy-           TO MOTHER WITH LOVE
longlegs spider had two parts, the                 Source:
abdomen and the chephalothorax (head               By Susan Spatone
area), connected by a thin tube. There
were four pairs of eyes, one pair much             MATERIAL:
smaller that the others. I knew that the           Paint stir stick or large craft stick
fangs are venomous but too small to                Heavy weight card stock paper2
puncture human skin. They do not even              Paper Doily (large size)
use these fangs in catching prey (bugs and         Craft glue
other spiders).                                    Ribbon
                                                   Clipping from Magazine, a family photo is
I watched him capture a fly. He threw a            nice too.
stiff web of silk over it, rather like a           Parchmount Paper
cowboy with a lasso. After waiting till its        Metallic Pen
victim was still, he spun a ball of thread
around it. His prey safely secured, he bit a
                                                   How to:
hole in the sac and nibbled away leaving
                                                   Cut the template pattern from white card
some for later. My research told me that if
                                                   stock. You will need two pieces of the
no likely victim had approached, the
                                                   template pattern. Glue your doily to one
Daddy-longlegs spider would have gone
                                                   side of each of the two template cut outs.
hunting around the house. Being a
                                                   Allow the glue to dry completely and then
relatively small spider he uses trickery to
                                                   trim around the template, removing excess
capture his prey. Finding another web, he
                                                   doily sections that overhang. If you cut
would reach out one long leg and jiggle the
                                                   your doily template first and then glue it to
web. When the other spider rushed over to
                                                   the card stock, you may have a little
see who he has trapped the Daddy-
                                                   trouble with the doily tearing, so glue it
longlegs captures him by surprise.
                                                   without cutting first.
Tomorrow night I‘ll be back to see what
                                                   To press out bubbles and flatten your doily
new web of adventure this Daddy of a
                                                   on the paper, place a sheet of parch mount
spider will spin.
                                                   paper on top of the doily and press down,
                                                   smoothing bubbles and wrinkles. Gently
                                                   peel back the parch mount paper while the
- Draw a picture of what you would look
                                                   glue is still wet and allow your glue to dry
like if your legs were six times the length
                                                   completely. The parch mount paper works
of your body.
                                                   very well and will leave a nice clean finish
- Get close and find the spider‘s heart, a
                                                   on your doily fan. Repeat for the second
dark spot at the top of his abdomen.
                                                   template piece.
- If you see a spider (male) rubbing
another spider‘s front legs (female) mating
                                                   Once your glue is all dry, glue a small
is likely to follow.
                                                   clipping (I used a Victorian Vignette) to
- Eggs hung on the web mean tiny, clear
                                                   each side of the fan. A photo copy of you
spiderlings are due. Use a magnifying glass
                                                   as a child or your family attached here,
to see them.
                                                   would be perfect for the occasion. Allow
                                                   this glue to dry completely.

                                                   Glue your paint stick between the two
                                                   sheets (you may need to cut your paint
                                                   stick; a length of about 23 cm /9‖ will work
                                                   well. Insert the cut end between the fan
                                                   and you won't have to smooth the wood).
                                                   You may need to sand your paint stick a
                                                   little if it doesn't have a smooth finish.
                                                   Glue the two wrong sides (sides without
                                                   doily) together; making sure your stick is
                                                   lined up in the centre. Be sure that you
                                                   glue your fan securely. You want this fan
                                                   to serve a function and not to come apart.

Tie a bow around the top of the handle and         It should be required reading for all food
secure the bow with a little glue. The bow         reporters.
will take a little abuse if these fans are
used.                                              The book begins with the movement's
                                                   origins in the 1920‘s lectures of a German
Add an inscription on the handle with a            mystic, who advised farmers to only use
gold paint pen, such as "To Mother with            animal manure because the then-new
Love" or "Happy Mothers Day" or "The               synthetic nitrogen fertilizers lacked vital
World's Greatest Mom", etc.                        "cosmic energy". Steiner also
                                                   recommended stuffing cow's horns and
                                                   deer bladders with manure and herbs to
                                                   boost yields and ward off pests. Seriously!

                                                   In the 1930s and 40s, social elites echoed
                                                   Steiner's belief in the superiority of
                                                   manure-fertilized crops. The movement
                                                   finally got its name when American J.I.
                                                   Rodale published his first issue of Organic
                                                   Gardening Magazine in 1942. 75 years
                                                   later, organic activists still cannot point to
                                                   any credible science to support their long-
                                                   held beliefs.

                                                   Organic believers say organic food is more
                                                   nutritious. It is their founding belief. Yet
                                                   dozens of experiments have concluded
                                                   otherwise, as Avery notes, including their
THE TRUTH ABOUT ORGANIC FOODS:                     own research. In the late 1940s the
A BOOK REVIEW - 03/26/07 – Source:                 wealthy niece of a British Prime Minister             donated her sizeable farm to prove the
                                                   point. In 1977, Lady Balfour admitted that
From a Release: From the Committee for             the experiment "revealed no consistent or
a Constructive Tomorrow                            significant differences." Today, the organic
If you think that organic food is safer,           activist group created to conduct the
healthier, more nutritious, and is more            experiment claims the issue hasn't been
eco-friendly, you might be surprised to            adequately studied and hides its research
learn that virtually all of these claims are       like a tobacco company.
largely hype. As for taste and quality,
those depend on far more than using                Many consumers say they purchase
manure fertilizer or natural pesticides.           organic food to avoid pesticides. Not likely.
That's the gist of The Truth About                 Every vegetable contains about five
Organic Foods, a provocative new book              percent of its weight in natural pesticides,
by CFACT Advisor Alex Avery, who                   many of them carcinogenic. According to
serves as Director of Research and                 toxicologist Bruce Ames, one cup of coffee
Education for the Hudson Institute's               contains more carcinogens than a year's
Center for Global Food Issues.                     worth of synthetic pesticide residues –
                                                   usually found on produce at only a few
The book is a dispassionate examination            parts per billion (equal to one second in
of the organic pseudo-religion's odd               32 years!).
origins and unscientific basis. Chapter by
chapter, it deconstructs common                    Think conventional meat and dairy
perceptions regarding organic health and           products are loaded with hormones and
environmental claims. Written for the              antibiotics? Facts: More than 97% of all
average consumer, it provides budget-              meat in the U.S. is totally free of
stretched families with a resource to              antibiotics and more than 99.5% is free of
alleviate food fears and is a welcome tool         synthetic hormones. Hormones aren't even
with which to turn the tables on organic           allowed or sold for use in pigs or poultry.
purists.                                           Only one sample in 400 violates the ultra-
                                                   cautious antibiotic limits set by the FDA.

Beef hormones produce leaner beef and                CLOCK FLOWERS
the billionths of a gram traces occasionally         Source: De Groots Nursery – Sarnia, ON
found in beef are many thousands of times
less than the natural hormones found in              When my watch went kapot for about a
even organic meat, milk, and eggs – not to           week this summer, I found myself trying to
mention the hormones naturally produced              find new ways of figuring out what time it
by our own bodies. The World Health                  was. One morning as I left home to go to
                                                     work I told the kids that I‘d try to be home
Organization and food safety authorities in          before the Morning Glory flowers closed.
the U.S., Canada, Japan and even Europe              For me, that meant mid-afternoon. For the
have all declared them safe.                         kids, it meant nothing.
Milk is even more pure: 100% of it is
tested for antibiotic residues with zero             Morning Glory (Ipomoea spp) comes to
tolerance for even trace contamination.              glory first thing in the morning. As soon as
The biotech hormone given to cows is a               the high noon sun begins to diminish,
perfect copy of the natural, so the milk is          flowers follow suit. By the time I get home
in all respects indistinguishable from               from work the flowers are closed. The
organic.                                             process is so dependable that you can set
                                                     your clock by it, unless it‘s raining.
Switching from phantom food risks to real
ones, organic foods have repeatedly been             Moonflower (Ipomoea alba) behaves
found to harbor more illness-causing                 similarly, but opposite Morning Glory. As
bacteria. The January 2007 issue of                  the name suggests, Moonflower opens up
Consumer Reports found organic chicken               in the evening when the moon comes out.
had 300% more Salmonella than regular                Both Morning Glory and Moonflower are
and university studies have found more               annual vines that like to grow on an open
bacteria in organic veggies.                         frame such as an arbour, chain link fence
                                                     or trellis. Plant them early in spring and
Finally, if you think organic farming is             they can easily reach 5 metres/15 feet by
better for the planet that too is wrong.             the end of summer.
Just for starters, giving up synthetic
fertilizer would require sacrificing millions        There‘s a host of clock flowers or plants
of people to reduce food needs—or                    that react to the sun, many of which are
sacrificing millions of square miles of              annual flowers. Sunflowers (Helianthus)
wildlife habitat to make more manure.                don‘t open and close, but rather their
                                                     heads turn to follow the path of the sun. In
It's high time that consumers know the               mass plantings, Sunflowers behave like
truth about organic food. You will find no           soldiers with their bright blooms all facing
better or more accessible source for this            the same direction. Another plant,
truth than The Truth about Organic Foods.            Compass plant, is so named because the
                                                     flowers as well as leaves give accurate
ORNAMENTAL FROSTING                                  direction for those who care to notice.

Put two unbeaten egg whites into a large             Star of Bethlehem (ornithogalum
bowl with 125 mL – ½ cup of sifted icing             umbellatum) is particularly interesting
sugar. Beat vigorously for 10 minutes; add           because its blooms only fully open for a
another 125 mL – ½ cup of sifted sugar,              few hours each morning, provided the sun
and beat again. Add 2 mL – ¼ tsp of                  is shining bright. Star of Bethlehem is
cream of tartar. Continue adding sifted              easy to grow and gives gratifying results.
icing sugar and beating until mixture will           Plant it in the fall as a bulb and by spring it
hold its shape when forced through a bag             puts on a showy performance of white
and tube.                                            blooms amid a blanket of green leaves.

TONGUE TWISTER                                       The list of flowers that open up after a long
                                                     hard day of sunshine is quite extensive.
Six silver swans swam silently seaward to            My favorite is Nicotiana or Flowering
see Sue sell sea shells by the sea shore.            Tobacco. This plant does not come into
                                                     full flower until after supper, at which time
                                                     it also releases its sweet fragrance.

Newer varieties of Flowering Tobacco are              5) Carrots, beets and vegetables in rows
bred to produce more flowers with                     should be thinned out (use these in your
expanded colours but do so at the expense             salads). His gives the ones left behind more
of fragrance. The old fashioned white
Flowering Tobacco bears close resemblance
                                                      room to grow
to its cousin, the real tobacco.                      6) This is the last week for sowing the
                                                      seeds of any summer annuals that you
Four O’clocks (mirabilis) and Evening                 haven‟t got around too. You can fill in gaps
Primrose (oenethera) are so named                     from your daffodils (you haven‟t cut off the
because they prefer not to open until the             green leaves have you? Good!), or any
end of the day. Evening Primrose is a
                                                      perennials that didn‟t make it through the
tidy perennial plant that is ideally suited at
the edge of a border or along a sidewalk.             winter, with petunias, zinnias, candytuft,
Its cheerful sunny-yellow blooms last all             dianthus or whatever greenhouses have left.
summer long.                                          7) Overgrown, dense and straggly spiraeas
                                                      should be pruned just as soon as the mass of
Four O‘clock are annual plants that                   white flowers has dropped. Do not merely
produce a faithful assortment of colour
                                                      trim the tops, but go to the bottom of the
through summer. Foliage is green and
resembles poinsettia leaves. Flowers are
                                                      plant and remove the old and unwanted
tube shaped, abundant, and fragrant when              wood from there. When you cut make sure
fully opened. The tubers of Four O‘clock              you sever the stem at a 45 degree angle –
can easily be dug up in fall and stored for           just above the nodes.
replanting in spring. Four O‘clock are also           8) This is a good time to check your roses.
easy to grow from seed in spring.                     If you find root suckers, remove them
Unfortunately it is not a good idea to throw
                                                      immediately, take them off below the soil
away the Rolex watch and rely on clock                level – you can tell which they are for their
flowers to set your watch. The system is              leaves and stems look different to the rest of
thrown off as soon as rain or clouds appear           the plant.
above. Also, clock flowers won‘t tell you             9) If you haven‟t planted your tomatoes out
that there‘s 2 or 3 more daylight hours in            yet, this is a good time to do so. Do put your
summer than in late fall.
                                                      stakes in with your plants – this way you
TO DO LIST FOR JUNE:                                  will not damage the roots later on. If you
Source: ―Lovingly Beryl‖                              were unhappy with your tomatoes sprawling
                                                      on the ground you can either stake them or
1) Hand weed your perennial borders.                  put a thick layer of clean straw under and
2) Remove some of the over anxious,                   around your plants – this way they will not
exuberant phlox plants, when they                     be sitting on the soil, and serving as supper
have finished blooming.                               for all the pests around.
3) Hand weed your vegetable beds.                     10) Time to purchase and set out your fall
This will catch those out-of-places                   mums – you will want a mass of colour in
plants that you missed last time you                  the fall, and this is the time to plan for it.
weeded. If you allow them to remain                   11) Finish hard pruning shrubs which will
they will detract from the appearance                 flower on this year‟s growth. As their
of the plantings, and allow the “theft”               blooms fade, do a little light pruning of early
of the nutrients essential for the growth and         flowering shrubs, such as, flowering current,
well being of the cultivated species and also         forsythia and kerria to promote the growth
provide a place for insect pests and fungus           of new wood which will flower in
to hide.                                              subsequent years.
4) All dead flower heads should be cut off            12) Trim evergreen shrubs only if they
as soon as the blooms start to look                   need a little re-shaping but prepare to
unattractive. Alyssum and delphiniums and             give evergreen hedges, with the exception of
some others may produce a second crop of              the yew, their first cut of the season.

Source: family
By Shelly Osborne

Make this flower craft using cupcake liners,
submitted by Trace.
Materials Needed:
- Green, Yellow or White Pipe Cleaners
- Cupcake Baking Cups (assorted colors)

Bend the top of your pipe cleaner. Stick            GROWING TOMATOES IN A
the cupcake cup through the top of the              CONTAINER
cupcake cup up, and Squeeze it tight. Keep          Source: Lovingly beryl
doing this until you have about 5-6 baking
cups on your pipe cleaner and keep
squeezing them. When you get done,                  When we speak of growing tomatoes there
carefully bend the cups back but not to far.        are three principle types to grow; tall, bush
Wah Lah - That is it!                               or dwarf, the tall types need strings or
                                                    poles to climb. The bush will sprawl or can
CD CAISY PUPPET                                     even be grown in a hanging basket; the
Source: family                     dwarf types form miniature bushes, these
                                                    are ideal for tiny spaces. But of course you
Materials Needed:                                   get a smaller yield. You can sit on the patio
Paper Plate                                         and reach out pick them off like candies.
Glue                                                There is a wealth of choice. From the huge
Large Wiggle Eyes                                   beefsteak to the tiny cherry ones, a great
2 Inch Pom-Pom                                      array of colour, including yellows, pinks,
Scrap of Felt or Construction                       white and striped. Try the huge Beef
Paper                                               master (beefsteak) to Sweet 100‘s.
Old Green Sock
Instructions:                                       Container size:
Cut around the edge of the paper plate to           Containers should be at least 25 cm / 10‖
make petal shapes (figure 1). Glue the cd           in diameter and ideally 30 cm / 12‖ deep
onto center of the paper plate (figure 2).          for each plant – last year I tried doubling
                                                    up to save space, a big mistake. You could
                                                    try a growing bag; one large bag will hold
                                                    three plants. A family of four might need
                                                    six plants – hence two growing bags.

                                                    Buy young plants grown in pots, tall
                                                    tomatoes will need to be staked and the
                                                    stake should be at least three feet high.
Glue the pom-pom over the hole in the               As the plant grows tie the main stem to the
center of the cd. Glue on the wiggle eyes           cane very loosely, taking care not to
and use a scrap of felt or paper to make a          damage it. You will need to ―stop‖ the
mouth (figure 3). For the final touch, apply        plant once four or five trusses have
a generous amount of glue to the back of            appeared and remove any leaves that grow
your flower. Gently press the foot part of          between the side shoots and the main
the sock onto the glue. Set aside to dry            stem. All tomatoes need a sunny spot to
completely (figure 4). Once the glue is dry,        fruit well. Tall growing varieties and even
you can slip your hand into the sock and            the small cherry ones should be ties to a
play with your puppet!                              good support system.

Pinching Out                                          ―Tea” (manure)

1) Pinch out the non-flower-bearing side              Try a mixture made from any rich organic
shoots and the basal (bottom) growths at              matter, such as animal manure (not cats
the point at which the trusses start to               or dogs) enclose it in a muslin or burlap
form. Tomato plants need warm roots, and              bag and steep it in water for about ten
too much foliage diverts the energy of the            days. The nutrients in the organic matter
plant, which should be directed into                  (horse manure is wonderful) will disperse
flowering and fruiting                                into the water providing you with a useful
                                                      feed that you use as needed – dilute it to
2) In high summer when there are four or              the colour of weak tea before adding it to
five trusses of fruits on the plant, pinch out        the plant I suggest an old barrel – away
the growing point (the uppermost growth)              from the house, for it does smell rather.
                                                      I keep one going all summer – the first
Tomatoes in containers need frequent                  year I made the mistake of having it near
watering, at least a couple of times a week           the front porch – my visitors objected.
and more often in hot weather, like we had
last summer. Less frequent watering will              Tomato and Goat Cheese Brochette
result in tomatoes with good flavour but
with very tough skins. Feed the plants with           250 mL /1 cup cherry tomatoes, ¼
an organic tea once every couple of weeks             baguette, medium goat cheese, roughly
until the fruits ripens. See end of                   cubed 2 cloves garlic finely chopped, small
this section for the "tea" recipe                     handful of torn basil leaves and 45 mL /
                                                      3 tbsp olive oil
Tomatoes are relatively trouble free, but
you might find it worthwhile to plant                 Cut the tomatoes in half and roast them in
French marigolds around the base. They                a warm oven for fifteen minutes. Slice the
not only look attractive but help to deter            baguette and cook on a rack in the oven
white flies. Put mulch around the base to             for the last 10 minutes. Spread the
not only protect the plants from slugs but            tomatoes, goat cheese, garlic, and basil
conserve the moisture                                 leaves on the slices, drizzle with olive (the
                                                      best you can afford) and serve warm
Harvesting – the fun part:
                                                      Mozzarella and Tomato Salad
The tomatoes should be ready to pick in
late summer, any that are still green in the          250 mL /1 ½ cups tomatoes, 375 mL /1 ½
early fall can be picked, wrapped in                  cups mozzarella cheese, 2 large cloves
newspaper and stored in the dark, adding              garlic, 15 mL / 1 tbsp fresh basil – torn, 2
one ripe tomato to a bowl of green ones               tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp lemon juice,
will help them all ripen more quickly. If you         seasoning, 1 tbsp black olives
pull out the plant and hang in upside down
inside the house the tomatoes will ripen              Use the best mozzarella (buffalo if you can
more readily and have a better taste.                 find it), slice tomatoes and cheese into
                                                      rings. Lay them on a plate. Crush garlic,
To get the maximum benefit from                       sprinkle garlic and basil over the tomatoes.
tomatoes and to appreciate their flavour,             Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice.
pick them on a sunny day and eat them                 Season to taste and garnish with a few
raw straight from the garden. Do not,                 olives (optional). Do Not refrigerate this
whatever you do, refrigerate them.                    salad; it should be served at room
Especially if you are going to use them in a          temperature, ideally with homemade
salad (say with basil) chilling destroys the          wheat bread.
flavour of any tomato. This is particularly
true of the smaller tomatoes. The bigger              Invite your neighbours over for a feast – I
beefsteaks can be used for salads, or                 am sure that they have watched you with
stuffed and baked. Use slightly overripe              envy as you brought all those wonderful
ones for tomato and basil soup etc.                   tomatoes inside

                                                      Happy gardening to us all - Lovingly beryl

SQAUSH                                               Squash plants can be divided into two
Source: De Groots Nurseries. Sarnia, ON              categories: summer and winter.

At one time, gardeners had a legitimate              Summer squash are tender, warm weather
excuse for not growing squash in the home            vegetables that don‟t keep well, so need to
garden. Not any more. Many new varieties             be eaten soon after harvest.
are compact and bush-like rather than the
traditional squash that take up much room.           Winter squash takes longer to mature, has
                                                     heavier skin, and can be stored for winter
Squash are a cinch to grow. They produce             use.
prolific yields, and will do so very quickly.
Some varieties can grow from seed to                 Recommending specific varieties of squash
harvest in less than 60 days. Such a short           is difficult, because there are so many
growing season makes it possible to grow 2           varieties, each with their own unique shapes,
crops during one summer.                             tastes, textures and colours. My personal
                                                     favorite is Zucchini Squash „Dark Green‟
To grow squash all you need to know is that          which is a traditional green squash that
they want full sun, fertile soil, heat and           resembles a cucumber. This compact bush
steady moisture. If your soil is poor, add           variety will produce plentiful fruit within 60
fertilizer and organic matter. If you don‟t          days of seeding.
have a habit of watering your garden, put a
layer of wood mulch on the surface of the            In terms of preparation, „Dark Green‟ can be
soil to achieve more uniform soil moisture           boiled, fried, steamed, or even eaten raw.
levels.                                              An award winning squash is „Scallopini‟
                                                     which produces delicious, uniquely
Try growing squash in Containers.                    flavoured fruit. For best flavour, pick the
Squash can also be grown in containers if            fruit when it is only 8 cm / 3” in diameter.
space is at a premium. Plant 2 seeds in a
good sized pot and put them in a sunny spot.         When harvesting squash, pick the fruit
Be sure to select a bush variety. Keep a hose        before it gets too large and flavour is
handy because when squash are planted in             compromised. With summer squash if you
containers they will need lots of water.             pick fruit regularly, the plant will keep
                                                     producing all season long.
Sow squash seeds directly in the soil after
the danger of frost is past. Don‟t plant them        There are as many ways to cook squash as
early, because they will sprout only if the          there are cooks. Two things most cooks can
weather is warm. If you want to get a head           agree on are don‟t overcook squash because
start on your seedlings, sprout them indoors         it will loose flavour and become mush.
3 to 4 weeks before the frost free date.             Secondly, if you are cooking in water, use as
Squash seedlings don‟t like transplanting, so        little water as possible, or you will lose
I would recommend planting seeds in Jiffy            flavour.
pots which can be sown directly outdoors
without disturbing the roots.                        COUNTRY AND SEA QUESTIONS

Squash seedlings can be bought as cell               Q. What country borders on Germany,
packs or bedding plants, but I would                    Austria, Italy and Switzerland?
recommend starting with seeds and planting           A. Liechtenstein
them directly in the garden. Seeds will
sprout quickly after sowing and the selection        Q. Where would you find the Ross Sea and
available through seed racks and catalogues             the Weddell Sea?
is indeed vast.                                      A. Antarctica

GAME SEARCH SCRAMBLE - Source:                           Root beer is made with an extract taken
The Ridgetown Independent – July 2006                    from the root of sassafras. This tree is also
                                                         used to make tea and candy.
There are 14 games hidden throughout the
scrambled puzzle below. See how many                     COLOURED NOODLES
you find and circle. The words go                        Source:
horizontally and vertically, backward and                By: Sherry Osborne
                                                         Materials Needed:
M   P   O   K   E   R    A   C   Q   S    C     O        Noodles
O   I   N   O   E   U    S   I   N   N    A     P        Rubbing Alcohol
                                                         Food Coloring
D   N   W   R   T   M    U   S   L   T    R     O
                                                         Ziploc Baggie or Bowls
O   B   O   D   O   M    I   N   O   E    S     K
D   L   L   A   G   Y    O   W   G   A    T     O        Instructions:
G   N   I   L   W   O    B   L   E   A    R     L        Note: Give yourself plenty of time for this
E   A   P   F   G   R    O   P   D   O    A     R        craft! It can take hours for the noodles to
B   O   W   L   I   O    D   B   E   G    D     U        reach the desired color, and it can take the
                                                         noodles up to 24 hours to dry. And...
A   R   T   S   C   H    E   S   S   O    O     M
                                                         please do not do this craft without an
L   L   A   B   H   T    E   N   N   R    D     M        adult‘s help!
L   E   P   F   E   C    K   E   R   F    O     G
A   G   T   H   C   T    O   C   S   P    O     H        First we want to color the noodles. Use one
B   C   H   E   K   L    R   S   M   A    L     L        baggie or bowl for each color you want to
N   S   O   T   E   N    N   I   S   E    P     S        make. Place the desired number of noodles
                                                         in the baggie or bowl. Pour on enough
I   S   P   I   R   N    N   I   S   E    P     S
                                                         rubbing alcohol so all the noodles are
P   O   O   L   S   L    E   A   R   G    O     M        covered. Add a generous amount of food
                                                         coloring to each container of noodles. Put
BOWLING         DOMINOES         POOL                    these aside and let them sit until they are
CHECKERS        HOPSCOTCH        RUMMY                   the desired color (this can take hours - the
CHESS           LEAPFROG         TAG                     longer they sit the brighter the colors).
DARTS           PINBALL          TENNIS                  Once the noodles have reached the desired
DODGE BALL      POKER                                    color, remove them from the baggie or
                                                         bowl and lay them in a single layer on
NATIVE VEGETATION AND OUR                                paper towels to dry.
HERITAGE - A few facts:
                                                         Once your noodles are dry, you‘re ready to
Witch hazels were for many years used in                 be creative! Use the noodles to make
the art of witching, the practice of locating            jewelry (use a variety of noodles with a
underground sources of water. Its extract                hole in them), collages, sculptures, or
is still used in medicine and cosmetics.                 anything else you can dream up.
Some Ontario settlers used beech leaves
as filling for mattresses.                               If you are really feeling creative, use
                                                         acrylic paints and paint brush to hand paint
The wood of blue-beech is so hard that it                small designs on your noodles!
was once used as wedges for cutting other
wood.                                                    CHILLING/FREEZING SEEDS

The aboriginals used black spruce to make                Some seeds that do well to chill in the
snowshoes, and bows for hunting.                         refrigerator or even place in the freezer
                                                         compartment for a while are: Butterfly
Hickory wood was used to make spokes for                 weed (Asclepias), Columbine, Carnation,
wagon wheels, and also for some early                    Pansies, Dianthus, Penstemon,
automobiles. It is still used to make tool               Snapdragons, and Sweet William.

COLOURED SAND                                         CREAMY VEGETABLE LESAGNA
Source:                        It is great for vegetarians.
By: Sherry Osborne
Materials Needed:                                     30 mL / 2 tbsp butter
Sand                                                  30 mL / 2 tbsp all-purpose flour
Food Coloring                                         500 mL / 2 cups milk
Glass or Metal Bowl (you can also use                 05 mL / 1 tsp salt
paper cups, paper bowls, or baggie)                   05 mL / 1 tsp pepper
                                                      05 mL / 1 tsp nutmeg
Instructions:                                         30 mL / 2 tbsp tomato paste
Use one bowl for each color you want to               750 mL / 3 cups grated Mozzarella cheese
make. Place the desired amount of sand in             500 gram / 1 lb lasagna noodles, cooked
the bowl. Pour on enough water to barely              03 / 03 tomatoes, thinly sliced
cover the sand, and then add a generous               01 / 01 zucchini, thinly sliced
amount of food coloring to each container.            01 / 01 onion, thinly sliced
                                                      04 / 04 cloves garlic, chopped
Stir and set the bowl aside and let it sit            50 mL / ¼ cup chopped fresh basil
until it is the desired color (this can take a        50 mL / ¼ cup lentils
while). Once the sand has reached the                 50 mL / ¼ cup Parmesan cheese
desired color, empty out the extra water,             05 mL / 1 tsp dried oregano
and pour the sand onto paper towels to                01 / 01 bunch spinach stems removed
COTTON PEOPLE CRAFT                                   Preheat oven to 180°C / 350°F.
Source:                        Melt butter in a saucepan, medium heat.
                                                      Add the flour and stir constantly to prevent
Get creative and make little people out of            lumps from forming.
cotton balls, submitted by Sandy                      Add salt, pepper and nutmeg and bring to
                                                      a boil, stirring constantly, until the sauce
Materials Needed:                                     thickens slightly.
Cotton Balls                                          Remove from heat.
Construction Paper                                    Stir in 250 mL / 1 cup Mozzarella cheese.
Wiggly Eyes                                           Pour a small amount of the sauce into a 33
Glue                                                  cm x 23 cm / 13‖x19‖ baking dish.
                                                      Cover with a layer of lasagna noodles then
Instructions:                                         half of the tomato, zucchini and onion
Easy craft idea! First you cut hands and              slices.
feet out of the construction paper. Then              Sprinkle with half of the garlic, basil and
you glue them on to a cotton ball. Next,              oregano.
you glue on the wiggly eyes. Set aside and            Place a layer of noodles over the top,
let the glue dry.                                     spread a small amount of sauce on the
                                                      noodles, sprinkle with 250 mL / 1 cup of
(From Sherri - It would probably be cute to           the Mozzarella cheese and top with half of
glue small magnets on the back of these.)             the spinach.
                                                      Press down well.
                                                      Repeat alternate layers exactly as above.
LOW CALORIE CRANBERRY FLOAT                           Top the final layer of spinach with noodles.
                        Serves 6                      Spread with remaining sauce and sprinkle
60 mL – ¼ cup water                                   with Mozzarella cheese.
15 mL / 1 tbsp lemon juice                            Dust with the Parmesan cheese, cover with
60 mL / ¼ cup dried milk powder                       foil and bake for 45 minutes.
05 mL 1 tsp liquid sweetener - beat                   Remove the foil, bake another 15 minutes.
   with rotary egg beater until stiff                 Let it sit for 10 minutes before serving.
01 L / 4 cups low-cal. Cranberry juice
01 pkg. sugar-free orangeade mix                      Preparation time:
Combine; gradually beat into milk mixture.            Approximately 20 minutes
Pour into glasses; sprinkle with nutmeg;              Cooking time: 1 hour
serve immediately. Have liquids chilled               Serves 6 – 8 persons

Source: – March 2007
By: Joanne DeJonge.                                    Gambel‘s quail live in deserts. These birds
                                                       eat leaves, flowers, and especially seeds if
Joanne is a freelance writer and a U.S                 plants called legumes.
National Park Ranger and writes story
books for children.                                    When there is not much rain, legumes
                                                       produce few leaves, flowers, and seeds.
Did you know that trees talk? They do! So              But they produce lots of chemicals called
do some flowers and bugs and other                     photoestrogens. When Gambel‘s quail eat
animals.                                               lots of phytoestrogens, they produce fewer
                                                       eggs. So during a dry year with a low food
This isn‘t fantasy or science fiction. God‘s           supply and lots of phytoestrogens, they
design for this world is sometimes stranger            produce few chicks.
and definitely more creative than fantasy
or fiction.                                            During a wet year legumes grow vigorously
                                                       but don‘t produce many phytoestrogens.
We can‘t hear trees ―talk‖ because they                So quail lay many eggs, and their young
use chemical codes we don‘t understand.                have plenty of food.
Other creatures use signals we can‘t hear.
Each creature understands and uses the                 TAILS TELL TALES
signals it needs for life. And the Creator
―hears‖ and understands us all.                        Match each animal‘s body position
                                                       (numbers) with its message (letters).
Imagine a field full of corn plants. Here              1. A dog meets you wagging its tail.
come corn caterpillars to eat the plants.
They could ruin the corn field very quickly.           2. A skunk stomps on the ground and
But corn is created to ―cry‖ for help. Here‘s             raises its tail.
                                                       3. A cat arches its back, holds its bushy tail
Corn plants make some kind of corn juice.                 high, and hisses.
When corn caterpillars eat a corn plant
their saliva mixes with that corn plants               4. A deer bounces away from you with its
juice to make a gas. This gas drifts upward               tail held high.
from the field.
                                                       5. A dog lowers its back and crawls up to
Corn caterpillar wasps often lurk nearby.                 you with its tail between its hind legs.
They need to lay their eggs on corn
caterpillars. When they smell the gas they             A. ―Danger!‖
―know‖ the caterpillars are eating corn
nearby. Immediately, the wasps fly into                B. ―I‘m going to spray!‖
the field, find the caterpillars, and lay their
eggs. This kills most, but not all, of the             C. ―I‘m so happy to see you!‖
                                                       D. ―I did something wrong‖
So the corn field is saved, come corn
caterpillars are left, and some wasps will             E. ―Don‘t mess with me‖
hatch. All is in balance.
                                                       YOU’RE TURN
This really happens. Only the creature‘s
names have been changed.*                              Some moths react to sounds that we can
                                                       hear too. Some night, turn on an outside
* The caterpillar‘s real name is Spodoptera            light to attract moths. Then take a key ring
exigua Hubner, and the wasp is called                  full of keys outside. Hold the ring high and
Cotesia marginiventris. Neither of them,               shake it. Watch the moths. Some may dive
unfortunately, have common names,                      and roll; some may not react at all.
though the caterpillar is know by a type of            It depends on what kind of moths they are.

SAY IT WITH FLOWERS                                   Certain moths can tell when a bat is
                                                      coming after them. They‘ll do barrel rolls
Desert lupine flowers need help from bees             and loop-de-loops in flight to confuse the
to spread their pollen and make seeds.                bat. If the bat stays on track, the moths
Bees use nectar from the flowers to make              fold their wings and fall to the ground,
honey. So they need each other.                       where the bat can‘t find them. Some
                                                      moths can eve jam the bat‘s sonar by
                                                      sending out clicks of their own.

                                                      Source: an early 1990‘ youth newsletter

                                                      Gleanings taken from activity reports
                                                      received at an early 1990‘s convention of
                                                      all the youth groups.
                                                      Note: I was then chair of the committee
When a bee visits a desert lupine for
nectar the flower‘s pollen sticks to it like          - Planting orange pips in a tea bag,
dust. So when the bee flies to the next               however, do not be foiled by seedless fruit.
flower for nectar, it spreads the pollen              - Started meetings with a common
from the first flower onto the second                 houseplant and learning their common as
flower. Both the bee and the flower                   well as Latin names.
benefit. The bee gets nectar. The flower‘s            - Compiled a youth gardening bo9ok.
pollen gets spread.                                   - Made origami and bubble gum tea.
                                                      - Under a microscope: looked at soil, fern
Desert lupine has very small flowers. A bee           spores and mealy bugs.
must visit hundreds to get enough nectar              - Gardens grown and judged with awards
for honey. That‘s a big job. So the flower            presented at a Senior Society Banquet.
―talks‖ to the bee with colours. Before a             - Made wall plaques on burlap using dried
bee visits, the flower has a bright yellow            plant material.
spot on its blue petals. After the bee visits,        - Club trophy provided for the most active
the yellow spot turns red.                            member and club plaque for runner-up.
                                                      - Home Hardware store donated a trophy.
To a bee, the yellow spot says, ―Here‘s               - Town mayor‘s office provides a trophy.
nectar!‖ But the red spot, which the bee              - Competition for growing largest pumpkin.
sees as black, says, ―Don‘t bother with me.           - News media took pictures of dining table
My nectar is gone‖. So the bee stops only             arrangements made for a senior citizens
at the yellow spots. It gets its nectar at            manor special event.
every stop. And it spreads pollen only to             - Held an outdoor summer swim & picnic.
flowers that still need it.                           - A small camera was provided for the
                                                      youth to take pictures of their gardening
Lots of flowers ―talk‖ like this. Vetch shows         projects.
a splotch of black on pollinated flowers.             - Decorated baby food jars with odds and
White clover florets droop after a bee                ends of felt, cotton and yarn and similar
visits. Indian Pipes bow their heads.                 material, made to look like a ―relative‖,
                                                      and then filled with raisins and nuts and
MOTHS JAM BATS SONAR                                  given as a gift.
                                                      - Assisted with a Sunday ―Flower‖ Service
Some bats use sonar to find their food at             for the shut-in‘s.
night. This can be very tricky because their          - Held meeting in a local park in suitable
food flies on the dark. But it works because          weather.
a bat‘s sonar is so finely tuned. A bat ―just         - Held a dormant season tree and bud
looking around‖ makes clicks too high for             identification field trip.
us to hear, and then it listens to echoes             - Learned about the good and bad bugs
bouncing off nearby objects. For a better             and how to control them.
―look‖, the bat clicks faster to hear more            - Were given a talk on how to prepare the
echoes. To ―zero in‖ the bat clicks faster            gardens for wintertime.
and can ―see‖ exactly what is flying where.           - Stressed the importance of trees and
                                                      then planted some.


This is a difficult test, a challenge even for the leaders.    ―The foolish person seeks
It does not measure word fluency, nor intelligence or          happiness in the distance;
mathematical ability.                                          the wise person grows it
It will give some gauge of your mental flexibility and         under their feet.‖
cunning.                                                         James Oppenheim
It is very doubtful that you will be able to solve the many
questions on the first try, it may take days.                  ―The love of gardening is
However, you just may solve all the answers over a period      a seed that once grown
of time. Have fun trying! NO peeking of the answers!           never dies.‖
Example:                                                       ─ Gertrude Jekyll
00: 12 = M _ _ _ _ _ in a Y _ _ _
     12 = M o n t h s in a Y e a r                             ―You cannot plow a field
01: 26 = L _ _ _ _ _ _ of the A _ _ _ _ _ _ _                  by turning it over in our
02: 07 = W _ _ _ _ _ _ of the W _ _ _ _                        mind.‖ Anonymous
03: 1001 = A _ _ _ _ _ _ N _ _ _ _ _
04: 12 = S _ _ _ _ of the Z _ _ _ _ _                          ―Hoe while it is spring,
05: 13 = S _ _ _ _ _ _ on the A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ F _ _ _          and enjoy the best
06: 54 = C _ _ _ _ in a d - - - (with J _ _ _ _ _)             anticipations. It does not
07: 09 = P _ _ _ _ _ _ in the S _ _ _ _ S _ _ _ _ _            much matter if things do
08: 88 = K _ _ _ on a P _ _ _ _                                not turn out well.‖
09: 18 = H _ _ _ _ on a G _ _ _ C _ _ _ _ _                    ─ Charles Dudley Warner
10: 90 = D _ _ _ _ _ _ in a R _ _ _ _ A _ _ _ _
11: 200 D _ _ _ _ _ _ for P _ _ _ _ _ _                        ―Before the seeds there
          G _ in M _ _ _ _ _ _ _                               comes the thought of
12: 08 = S _ _ _ _ on a S _ _ _ S _ _ _                        bloom.‖
13: 04 = Q _ _ _ _ _ in a G _ _ _ _ _                          ─ E. B. White
14: 24 = H _ _ _ _ in a D _ _
15: 01 = W _ _ _ _ on a U _ _ _ _ _ _ _                        ―Spring is sooner
16: 06 = D _ _ _ _ _ in a P _ _ _ _ _ C _ _ _                  recognized by plants than
17: 57 = H _ _ _ _ V _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                           by people.‖
18: 11 = P _ _ _ _ _ _ on an A _ _ _ _ _ _ _                     Chinese Proverb
19:1000 = W _ _ _ _ that a P _ _ _ _ _ is W _ _ _ _            One of the healthiest
20: 29 = D_ _ _ in a F _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in a L _ _ _ Y _ _ _      ways to gamble is with a
21: 64 = S _ _ _ _ _ on a C _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _              spade and a package of
22: 03 = B _ _ _ _ _ M _ _ _ S _ _ H _ _ T _ _ _ R _ _ _       seeds.‖
23: 32 = D _ _ _ _ _ _ F _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _                     ─ Dan Bennett
           at which W _ _ _ _ F _ _ _ _ _ _
                                                               ―Man – despite his artistic
Answers on page 20     - and NO PEEKING!                       pretensions, his
                                                               sophistication and his
DANDELION SALAD                                                many accomplishments –
                                                               owes his existence to a
Combine 2 parts greens with part dandelion greens. Add a       six inch (15 cm) layer of
crumbled hard-boiled egg and some lightly steamed sliced       top soil and the fact that
beets. Then top with a favourite salad dressing.               it rains.‖
Combine 125 mL / ½ cup whole wheat flour, 125 mL / ½
cup all purpose flour, 10 mL / 2 tsp salt, and 10 mL / 2 tsp   Every painful event
sugar. Add 1 large egg, 250 mL / 1 cup milk, and 30 mL / 2     contains in itself a seed of
tbsp melted butter. Add 250 mL / 1 cup dandelion               growth and liberation.
blossoms, and mix well. Pour batter in small circles onto      ─ Anthony de Mello
hot, oiled griddle. Cook until lightly browned on one side,
then flip, and repeat. Serve warm with maple syrup or
brown sugar, yogurt or jam. It serves two people.

ANSWERS TO: HOW SMART R U? – Pg 18                                LOST AND FOUND
01:   Letters of the Alphabet     02: Wonders of the World        Toronto Star Sep 2006
03:   Arabian Nights              04: Signs of the Zodiac
05:   Stripes of the American Flag                                Some animals once
06:   Cards in a Deck (plus Joker)                                thought to be extinct that
07:   Planets of the Solar System                                 have been rediscovered.
08:   Keys on the Piano
09:   Holes in a Golf Course                                      Northern bald ibis was
10:   Degrees in a Right Angle                                    rediscovered in Syria in
11:   Dollars for Passing Go in Monopoly                          2002
12:   Sides on a Stop Sign        13: Quarts in a Gallon
14:   Hours in a Day              15: Wheel on a Unicycle         Giant Palouse earthworm,
16:   Digits in a Postal Code     17: Heinz Varieties             last seen in 1987,
18:   Players on an American Football Field                       rediscovered 2006. Found
19:   Words that a Picture is worth                               along the Washington-
20:   Days in February in a Leap year                             Idaho border
21:   Buttons on a Push Button Telephone
22:   Blind Mice (See How They Run)                               Laotian rock rat, believed
23:   Degrees Fahrenheit at which Water Freezes                   extinct 11 million years,
                                                                  first seen by a western
FIGURE OF SPEECH PHRASE SEARCH                                    scientist in 2005

Complete the well known phrases listed in the bottom left         Chinese crested tern,
panel. The missing words can then be found in the puzzle.         thought extinct from 1937
                                                                  to 200.
 Y     O   R   D   T   H   I   N    P   L   E   A     S   E   D
 S     H   I   H   O   C   R   E    L   I   N   S     T   I   G   Slater‘s skink, a type of
 U     R   G   N   I   O   A   D    E   T   A   P     T   V   O   lizard, was rediscovered
 B     I   E   M   B   C   G   R    O   R   S   C     O   G   H   in 2004 in Australia.
 R     J   U   B   O   L   F   H    B   O   H   T     N   A   S
 P     O   U   C   M   E   I   F    I   W   R   I     I   M   E   Coelacanth, thought
 S     T   K   D   A   U   D   N    A   L   N   N     E   F   R   extinct for 80 million
 S     U   R   T   G   O   C   T    D   T   L   O     A   L   F   years, first seen in 1938
                                                                  off South Africa.
 O     T   H   E   B   E   E   U    H   C   S   S     M   I   O
 B     E   E   C   K   R   D   G    C   I   F   E     D   L   L
                                                                  Long-legged warbler, last
 R     O   L   A   E   A   I   N    C   D   E   D     K   E   M
                                                                  seen in 1894,
 I     N   D   D   D   L   C   K    I   L   L   V     O   I   S
                                                                  rediscovered in Fiji in
 G     R   E   O   R   Y   O   N    K   E   E   P     E   B   P   2003.
 H     C   E   T   L   G   M   T    A   G   R   A     S   S   R
 T     A   N   Y   V   A   E   H    U   P   L   U     N   T   O   North Pacific right whale,
                                                                  thought extinct until mid
_ _ _ _ _ AS A BAT                 _ _ _ _ _ AS A DAISY           ‗90s, lives in the waters
QUICK AS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _         BOLD AS _ _ _ _ _              around Alaska.
_ _ _ _ AS G0LD                    _ _ _ _ _ AS RAIN
_ _ _ _ _ _ AS BUTTON              GREEN AS _ _ _ _ _             High range dwarf cattle,
SHARP AS A _ _ _ _ _ _             _ _ _ AS A BEE                 rediscovered in India in
_ _ _ _ _ AS LEAD                  _ _ _ _ AS A DOG               2004.
_ _ _ _ _ AS A NEW PIN             _ _ _ _ _ AS LIFE
SOBER AS A _ _ _ _ _               COOL AS A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      Southern white rhino,
LIGHT AS A _ _ _ _ _ _ _           _ _ _ _ _ _ AS A ROCK          thought extinct
OLD AS THE _ _ _ _ _               DEAD AS A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _      throughout 19th century,
_ _ _ _ _ AS A POKER               DULL AS _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _    rediscovered in South
PLAIN AS A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ AS A MULE      Africa in1895.
FIT AS A _ _ _ _ _ _               _ _ _ _ _ _ _ AS PUNCH
THICK AS _ _ _ _ _ _ _             FLAT AS A _ _ _ _ _ _ _
PROUD AS A _ _ _ _ _ _ _           _ _ _ _ AS A RAKE
        Answers on page 22

RAPTORS SOAR!                               Raptors (or birds of prey), migrate through
Source: Nature Northwest August 1994        Thunder Bay region in the spring and fall.
                                            They will follow the edge of large lakes,
                                            such as Lake Superior, rather than make
                                            the dangerous trip straight across the lake.

                                            That is why you can see them at places
                                            like Mission Island Marsh in the city, or
                                            soaring along the cliff formation. You might
                                            even see them from backyard locations if
                                            you look up into the sky.

                                            Raptors come in all different sizes and in
                                            many shapes, too. The can range in sizes
                                            from the little Sawhet Owl, only 20 cm / 8‖
                                            tall, to the humungous Turkey Vulture with
                                            a wingspan of 2 metres / 2 yards.

                                            MAKE A RAPTOR MOBILE and you can
                                            watch raptors soar all year long

                                            Draw or trace the outline (silhouette) of a
                                            raptor onto a piece of paper. Construction
                                            or bristle board works best.

                                            You can use the silhouette on this page or
                                            from a bird book. Make them small or life-
                                            size. You will need a really big piece of
                                            paper to make a life-size Bald Eagle.

                                            Cut the silhouette. Punch out a small hole
                                            near the middle of the paper and tie a
                                            piece of thread or string through the hole.

                                            Make more silhouettes and then attach
                                            them all to a stick or coat hanger to finish
                                            your Raptor Mobile.


                                            The scent of summer fills the air
                                            In blossoms growing everywhere,
                                            In perfume of the new-mown grass,
                                            In moist swift showers as they pass.

                                            The sight of summer fills the land
                                            With leafy green on every hand;
                                            The eager birds, the restless breeze,
                                            The open roads that call and tease.

                                            The love of summer fills the heart
                                            With thoughts no mortal can impart;
                                            But when her solver moon is hung,
                                            Old dreams are new, and life is young!
                                                    ─ Lolita Pinney

ANSWERS TO: FIGURE OF SPEECH                          LETTUCE
                                                      Source: De Groots Nursery – Sarnia
BLIND as a bat
Bold as BRASS                                         It is generally agreed that science fair
PRETTY as a button                                    projects are more work for the parents
BUSY as a bee                                         than for the students. My son‘s was not
SHARP as a new pin                                    necessarily so. Once we agreed on a topic
Cool as a CUCUMBER                                    or hypothesis, Benjamin did most of the
Dead as a DOORNAIL                                    work on his own. He set out to determine
Dull as DITCHWATER                                    whether bigger seeds grew to become
Fit as a FIDDLE                                       bigger plants. So we planted tiny seeds,
Flat as a PANCAKE                                     namely lettuce and pansies, as well as
FRESH as a daisy                                      bigger seeds, sunflowers and broad beans.
GOOD as gold                                          The wait began.
Green as GRASS
HEAVY as lead                                         Within days the lettuce showed signs of
LARGE as life                                         growth. A day or two later the lettuce was
Light as a FEATHER                                    growing vigorously. In the meantime
Old as the HILLS                                      Benjamin waited patiently for the other
Plain as a PIKESTAFF                                  crops to show signs of life. Finally almost
PLEASED as punch                                      two weeks after seeding, both the
Proud as a PEACOCK                                    sunflowers and beans sprouted through the
Quick as LIGHTNING                                    damp soil. By that time the lettuce was
RIGHT as rain                                         nearly edible. The pansies didn‘t sprout till
Sharp as a NEEDLE                                     a few weeks later. Benjamin concluded
THIN as a dog                                         that seed size had little to do with the
Sober as a JUDGE                                      eventual plant size. No surprise there. As
STEADY as a rock                                      a side benefit, Ben, along with his Dad,
CLEAN as a poker                                      learned that lettuce sprouts and grows
STUBBORN as a mule                                    about a mile a minute.
Thick as MOLASES
THIN as a rake                                        Lettuce is a cool season crop and should be
Slow as MOLASES                                       planted in early spring or fall. It can be
                                                      planted as soon as the ground frost is gone
EASTERN HEMLOCK                                       and soil can be worked. Lettuce seeds and
Tsuga canadensis                                      seedlings don‘t mind early spring frost.
                                                      Plant lettuce in rich moist soil where there
This hemlock tree is one of our big trees,            is plenty sun. Lettuce plants can be tucked
averaging 15 – 25 metres / 50-80 ft, but it           into any sunny spot in the vegetable or
will go much taller in favourable conditions.         flower garden, in containers and even
It is larger than the southern species,               hanging baskets.
Tsuga caroliniana, but only half as big as
the giant western species, the Tsuga                  There is no need to plant a huge crop of
heterophylla.                                         lettuce. Experienced gardeners will seed a
                                                      few lettuce seeds every two weeks to
New growth at the tips of delicate                    ensure a small but steady supply of food.
spreading branches is a bright yellow-
green, contrasting sharply with the deep              By the time summer heat arrives, it will do
lustrous green of the more mature foliage.            no good to plant lettuce seeds. Too much
Underneath, the needles are very light,               heat will cause lettuce to bolt or go to
nearly white and 15 mm /1/2‖ long.                    seed, and the crop will be very bitter
The cones are small, 15 – 20 mm / ½-3/4‖
round-like, and mature the first year. They           Lettuce plants can be broken into 4
remain on the tree through the winter. The            categories. Leaf lettuce, the easiest to
warm-gray bark, dry looking and very                  grow, is also the quickest to sprout. Sow
coarse with its large, thick, vertical scales,        seeds directly in the garden, and you
shows bright rusty red when cut.                      should be harvesting in 45 days or less.

Leaf lettuce is crispy, mild and has a                  PLEASE LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!
delicate taste. The most popular variety is
‗Grand Rapids.‘ If you are looking for                I just saw something on the news that
colour, plant a few ‗Royal Red‘ to make the           really touched me. There is a 7 year old
salad bowl more attractive.                           boy at the Ottawa Hospital battling cancer.
                                                      His Birthday is on May 30 and his wish is to
Butterhead lettuce forms a ruffled round              have the most birthday cards on record to
mound of tasty foliage. The centre or heart           get into the Guinness Book of World
of the lettuce reveals the finest taste. ‗Bib‘        Records. He already has 100,000 and the
and ‗Buttercrunch‘ are two dependable                 old record is 300,000. So here is my
Butterhead varieties and will be ready for            request, you and Steve have this vast
harvest in 60 days. ‗Salad Bowl‘ and ‗Ruby            contact base, if it is not asking too much,
Red‘ tolerate more heat and will be ready             would you please put his name and
for harvest in 45 days.                               address out there????

Cos or Romaine lettuce have long wide                 The above was sent to Ron and Betty
upright growing leaves that bunch together            Nelson, youth leaders of the Ottawa
as they mature. The most popular romaine              Society, and forwarded by them.
type lettuce, ‗Paris White‘, has fine, sweet
flavour and will mature in 72 days. For a             ―Rad Dad‖ mailed it to his (grown-up) kids.
head start, this lettuce can be sprouted              A reply from son Leonard, 04-09-2007:
indoors and planted outside as soon as the
ground is workable.                                   I heard about him over the weekend on
                                                      CBC. He‘s up to 250,000 cards now.
Head lettuce grows to form a tight round              I believe it‘s leukemia he has and it‘s the
head of crisp moist lettuce. ‗Iceberg‘ is the         second big bout of it he‘s facing.
variety most often found in grocery stores.           He‘ll be in surgery on his birthday.
‗Great Lakes‘ is a good choice for better
heat resistance. Head lettuce needs nearly            Please send Shane a card at:
3 months to mature, so it is a good idea to
start the seeds indoors in March or early             Shane Bernier
April so the crop can be harvested before             P. O. Box # 484
summer‘s heat arrives.                                Lancaster, ON
                                                      K0C 1N0

                                                      THE NIGHT HUNTER
                                                      Source: The Crusader, March 2000
                                                      By Victoria Peace Green

                                                      Have you ever felt something go whoosh
                                                      over your head only to look up into the
                                                      starry night sky and see nothing? You
                                                      stand still and squint your eyes trying to
                                                      defy the darkness. Oops! There it goes!

                                                      OWLS … They are a part of the night
BUG SCRAMBLE                                          scene, but they are mysterious to many
                                                      people. Why? Perhaps because of their
Unscramble the letters below, and uncover             silent flight or their glaring yellow eyes,
some things that are bug-related.                     which most people can detect very quickly!
                                                      Each part of the owl‘s body is uniquely
This insect has not two but one hundred               designed by its Creator‘s God in the right
legs. N C T I E E P D E                               balance for its environment. Let‘s look at
                                                      some of these awesome adaptations.
You‘ll find this insect bouncing through the
lawn. H G R A E P S O S P R

FEATHERS … Just as a race driver                     An owl also use the beak to tear the prey,
depends on his finely tuned engine and a             then feed it to its mate or owlets, If the
bow hunter trusts his sharpened arrow, so            owl doesn‘t have a family to care for,
an owl trusts his feathers which must take           he/she swallows the prey whole. All parts
him as he hunts every night of his life.             of the catch are eaten. Hours later, the
                                                     hair and bones are regurgitated by the owl
An owl‘s wing feathers are different from            in the form of a pellet. Different species
those of other birds of prey. They have              have varying size pellets. Can you guess
soft, frayed ends or edges. As all feathers          why?
they are delicately ―sewn‖ together with
care. On each quill, there are two rows              TALONS … Owls will catch most of their
which link overlapping barbules. Many of             prey on the ground using their strong
these overlapping links need preening or             talons to pierce and kill. Some owls will
cleaning to keep them tight. Because of              hunt with their eyes and ears while flying
the hunting tactics, the owl has no barbs            low to the ground. Others will sit up on a
on the edges or ends of his flight feathers.         branch and wait, camouflaged next to the
                                                     tree or branches.
Owls use the element of surprise to catch
prey, so they must be silent in flight. As           Again the Creator‘s designs are always
the owl swoops down, his wings are                   purposeful. An owl‘s legs and feet need to
making no sound; the noise is muffled.               be powerful. The toes were created
The wind created by the wing is not                  differently than other birds of prey! Two
sharply broken like that of other birds.             toes point to the front and the other two
When the Creator made this great little              point towards the back. Because moonless
critter, he didn‘t forget a single element to        nights do occur several nights in a month,
make the bird successful each night!                 this toe setup allows for a solid catch
                                                     without the use of the eyes. Eagles, for
The feathers surrounding the face of each            instance, have only one large talon on the
owl aid him in hearing sounds. Each                  back of its claw. It is a day hunter. Having
feather comes out from the center of each            feathered feet might seem strange to us,
eye and forms a disc known as the facial             but owls can pick up and et even long,
disc. Sound waves are drawn into the                 thin, wriggling reptiles! Feathers keep owls
concave disc and collected behind the discs          from becoming someone‘s prey!
in both ears. Each species of owl has a
different shaped facial disc. The sounds             EYES ... Unique in many ways, the eyes
that this bird of prey picks up are as               set owls apart from all other predators‘
important to this critter as his sight.              bird, animal, and reptile. An owl‘s head can
                                                     turn almost totally full-circle. Though his
                                                     eyes are fixed within the sockets, the
                                                     Creator God provided for successful hunts
                                                     with a flexible neck which no other bird
                                                     possesses. He does not have any muscles
                                                     to move his eyeball around. This inability
                                                     to move the eyeball gives this bird of prey
                                                     a wide-eyed stare. When light hits the back
                                                     of its eye, it is reflected off the back layer
                                                     called the tapetum. An owl can see in one
                                                     tenth the light that compared to humans.

BEAK … An owl‘s beak is one of the                   All animals, including owls that have eyes
weapons which the Creator gave him. It is            on the front of their face are predators.
down-curved or hooked, like a falcon‘s, so           This setup allows three-dimensional vision
the owl‘s keen vision is not obstructed by           in judging distance and clarity while
its shape. This beak is extremely sharp! An          hunting for prey (animals with eyes on the
owl uses its talons to pick up prey, but             sides of their heads are the preyed-upon
carries the animal back to its nesting place         critters). Because the owl hunts in dim
in its beak. Once in flight, the prey swings         light, the binocular or three dimensional
freely in the beak.                                  vision is and extremely sensitized weapon.

EARS … Because this night hunter relies             I'm planning on using information I‘ve
on the art of surprise, his ears are used           found in your past newsletter (can't
more than any other adaptation. These               remember the year off hand). I'm not
gifts were so designed for the owl allowing         talking about composting this year, only
all nights to be successful in hunting. Owls        because it has been done with this group
do not have ears which stick out. The little        the past three years and they have all the
tufts of feathers that you may see on a             information. So instead we'll be talking
screech owl, for instance, are used for             about ways to reuse items.
defensive purposes. Compared to their
body size, the owl has an oversized head            For example: using pop bottles as a
with enormous ear openings. His highly              cloche, using old, glass pasta jars to make
sensitized ears lie behind the disc of              herbed oil or spiced sugars, turning
feathers on the face. In most of owl                pruned tree branches into a tripod or trellis
species, the ears lay lopsided on his head.         for climbing plants!
On one side, the opening is quite a ways
below the eye line! This allows for the             Being an Early Childhood Educator, I have
sounds further up in the trees to be heard,         a whole boat-load of ideas floating around
as well as the scurrying creatures on the           in the old brain! Perhaps start me off with
forest floor. All the sounds collect in the         a topic and I can go from there. Here's an
ear canals at the same time and are                 idea I was sharing with a grade school
processed by the brain!                             teacher.

Owls live in a world that is controlled by          BALOON DOME
sight and sound. The Creator God has
equipped each with keen senses and                  You'll need:
sharpened weapons feathers, beak,                   ~a white or clear balloon
talons, eyes and ears to assist him to be           ~1/2 cup soil
the bird of prey that stalks in the night.          ~seeds
Whoosh … whoosh. There it goes again!               ~funnel
The sound is no longer a mystery … it
belongs to the night hunter … the owl.              How To Make:
                                                    ~ inflate balloon but do not tie...release air
EAT YOUR GARDEN                                     so the balloon is sort of stretched out
By: Caroline McKay                                  ~insert funnel in mouth of the balloon and
Youth leader from Thunder Bay                       begin to fill the balloon with soil a little at a
                                                    time, until all the soil is in, then,
What a dump! Of snow that is. Although I            ~ drop in 4 or 5 seeds and water until the
thought it a cruel joke on Mother Nature's          soil is saturated (but not overly muddy)
behalf, my preschool class thought it               ~ remove the funnel and (here's the tricky
incredibly delightful!                              part) blow up the balloon as big as
                                                    possible, and tie it up
As for my schedule of events for the year,          ~ hang it in a window!
I've noticed that it helps to draw attention
of interested parents and children. I am            The balloon represents the planet earth,
struggling to keep a fair size group (10 or         the soil our land, the seeds our green life
more). Whether it is lack of interest on the        and it demonstrates the water cycle. To
children‘s part or when parents realize I‘m         remove the plant you need to pop the
not a babysitting service....I‘m not                balloon so be sure the plants have a strong
altogether sure.                                    root system!

My theme this year "Eat Your Garden".               Oh Wow! ... What‘s that??? SUN!!! Time to
We will be planting herbs in eggshells and          go break up ice chunks on the lawn! I‘m
veggies in paper cups. We'll be talking             going to try and learn how to send you pix
about what to do with herbs and veggies             of some of my ideas...if you'd like!?
when they are ready to harvest using
biodegradable planters.                             Take Care - *McKay from the Bay*


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