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					                 Top 10 Sports Teams of the 90's
The 1990's was a heck of a decade bringing grunge music and pogs but they also
produced some pretty amazing sports teams so from Cooper's Sports Picks here are our
picks of the top ten sports teams of the 1990's:

10. Iowa Wresting
The most dominate era in college wrestling history most certainly goes to the Iowa Hawk
eyes. During their amazing run of championship titles in the 90's they were led by head
coach Dan Gable. Iowa won a record eight NCAA tournament championships and an
amazing nine Big Ten tournament titles. Iowa was able to win 24 individual NCAA
wrestling titles which was more than double any other team in that era.

9. Tennessee Women's Basketball
Record: 310-84
Led by well known ladies college basketball coach Pat Summit the Lady Vols played
themselves as the face of Women's Basketball in the 90's. They were able to find
themselves victorious for 4 NCAA titles, 5 conference tournament titles, and 6 regular
season titles. The success of the Lady Vols in the 90's made Women's Basketball one of
the most popular sports teams in the state of Tennessee and I am sure making Don Imus
infamous a decade later.
8. LSU Tigers College Baseball
The LSU Tigers were the best college baseball team in the 90's hands down. Led by Skip
Bertman the Tigers played to 4 national championships, 4 conference tournament titles,
and were 6 time SEC regular season champions. LSU had nine All Americans in this
decade of dominance two freshman of the year players in 1992 and 1993 with Todd
Walker and Brett Laxton.

7. Atlanta Braves
Record - 925-629
The Braves of the 90's dominated the national league. They made eight playoff
appearances during this time period and made it to the World Series five times. Known
for only winning one championship the Braves led by manager Bobby Cox made sure his
team came out and played hard for an entire decade.

6. Men's Kentucky Basketball
Record - 282-63
The most winningest (is that a word if it isnt Kentucky made it one) team in NCAA
history came relevant again in the 90's. Coached by famous college basketball coach Rick
Pitino and Tubby Smith the Wildcats were the most dominant team in the SEC hands
down. They won their conference tournament an amazing seven times in this decade and
making the NCAA tournament eight times. Kentucky basketball in the 90's also Won two
National Championships and appeared in four final fours.

5. Florida State Football- The Seminoles in college football were able to take over the
state of Florida. They finished every season in the top five in the AP polls. Won the ACC
title eight times in this decade and have two National titles. They were awarded two
Heisman trophies in this decade and making a case for head coach Bobby Bowden to be
the greatest college football coach in history.

4. Dallas Cowboys- The Dallas Cowboys of the 90's were known as Americas team in the
NFL. Led by pro bowl quarterback Troy Aikman the Cowboys made the playoffs eight
times in a ten year span. Were able to win back to back Super Bowls for the first time in
team history and won a third Super Bowl two years later. The Dallas Cowboys were then
labeled as a compete dynasty during this decade. cowboys 101 -27

3. Men's Duke Basketball- The Duke Basketball team in the 90's played to a standard
higher than everybody else in the country. They were able to put out a team that would
compete for a championship every year as long as head coach Mike Krzyzewski was
healthy. Duke made nine tournament appearances and won six ACC regular season titles.
The Blue Devils made it to an amazing five final fours while winning back to back
championships in 1991 and 1992. duke basketball- 271-

2. New York Yankees- During this decade the Yankees made it known to the baseball
world that they still have the heart of champion. After not winning one World Series in
the 80's the Yankees were able to win three in the late 90's. They made the playoffs five
times in a row and won four three division titles. Hands down the best team in baseball in
the 90's. Yankees851-702

A synonymous

1. Chicago Bulls.- Michael Jordan led the Bulls to six championships in the 90's. They
were the most popular team in sports and the most winning est in the NBA. Twice they
were able to win three titles in a row and have the record for most wins in a single season.
This team was the strongest dynasty in all sports during this decade. Bulls 558-230

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