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Bingo Caller - DOC


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									by: Mary Weber

The bingo caller calls out the ball numbers as they come out of the cage in each bingo game.

In online bingo the voice is produced using special bingo caller software that can generate the
right pre-recorded voice clip when the relevant ball has come out. This software allows the
callers voice to be chosen as well, and many sites have a caller that fits into their theme. A bingo
caller on a US bingo game site would have an American accent, and use colloquial terms and
phrases that US players can identify with. Similarly, a UK caller would have a British accent and
use British slang. This software gives the game an authentic feel, which is similar to the
experience of playing at a bingo hall.

The average bingo caller speaks fast and calls about 23 numbers per minute. Many callers use
special bingo lingo in land-based games, especially in 90-ball UK bingo. These terms are usually
centered around the numbers, such as Kellys Eye for number 1, Lucky Legs for 11, Christmas
Cake for 38 and Clickety Click for the number 66. These terms make the game a lot of fun, but
callers have to also call the number as well as the term. If the actual number is not called, this
could lead to confusion or players claiming that their numbers were not called. These terms are
generally not used in the online version of the game, although some caller software may
incorporate this lingo into the game.

The bingo caller in land-based games also verifies winning cards. The average time to verify a
winner is about 30 seconds. To ensure that they can keep up and keep the games momentum
going, a bingo caller has to be able to speak quickly and most importantly, clearly. Words and
numbers need to be carefully pronounced, as it could cause huge problems if players mishear a
word, or if the numbers are mispronounced.

Being a bingo caller can be a rewarding experience. In the UK there is a Caller of the Year
Competition that bingo callers can enter to win cash prizes and the opportunity to call the
numbers in a Vegas casino bingo game. Winning Caller of the Year will also have the chance to
become a bingo ambassador for their country. Many callers are also bingo enthusiasts, which is
extremely important as they need to have an excellent understanding of the game.

Many halls recruit bingo callers. Serious players who are looking for a new challenge should
consult their local bingo hall to find out if there are any bingo caller vacancies.

This article was posted on August 23, 2006

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