Benefits of Spa Treatments by by cmlang


									by: Nicole Elizabeth Smith

Ladies, when was the last time you were treated like a queen? Whether it was in this millenium
or the last, spending the day at a Spa guarantees the Star Treatment. Day Spas are like hair and
nail salons, only better. In addition to hair and nail services, they offer relaxing muscle massages,
pedicures, manicures, deep cleansing facials and even body scrubs, all in a comforting, soothing
environment. Most offer gift certificates and will combine services into packages at a reduced

Winter weather wrecks havoc on our skin, especially our hands and feet, leaving them dry and
cracked. I dont know about you, but my lotion just aint getting it! Dead skin cells on your body
can prevent your oil and lotion from soaking in, leaving you with a bad case of winter itch. Get
rid of all that dead, dry (ashy) skin with an invigorating sea-salt body scrub. Your face can get
ashy, also, and feel dry and tight. Contrary to popular belief, Black women and men needs facials
too! A good facial will deep clean your pores removing black heads, acne and even hair and
shaving bumps- and leave your face smooth and hydrated.

If nothing else, get a massage, especially if you have children. They are great for your body and
spirit; they can tone muscles and are ultra relaxing. Massages can be purchased by the hour (full
body) or half hour (back only). During a massage, you will be asked to remove all of your
clothes. Dont be shy, but feel free to leave your underwear on. You will be covered by a sheet at
all times. So, lay back, enjoy the candlelight and listen to soothing sounds while being massaged
with warm oil. Or better yet, learn how to massage each other in a class you can take together.

This article was posted on April 19, 2004

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