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									by: Dawn Strobel

The online animal industry has recently taken off due to the opportunity and connection the
internet provides for animal breeders. It is now easier than ever to find dogs for sales, horses for
sale, alpacas for sale, and llamas for sale, adoption, or stud. The internet is currently the vehicle
of choice for animal breeders looking to find a greater variety of animals online. Animaroo has
decided to take advantage of the opportunities that the internet is now offering to animal breeders
around the world.

Animaroo has recently introduced an improved method of online animal marketing. Animaroo
simplifies the listing processes for dog, horse, alpaca and llama listings, helps to educate dog
breeders, horse breeders, llama breeders and alpaca breeders as well as the buyer. It also
incorporates accountability practices and pioneered a method of posting dogs, horses, alpacas,
and llamas to right from a persons own website; all while keeping their animal
classified ads free to searchers, breeders, adoption agencies, and service providers.

After receiving feedback from the online animal community about the lacking methods of other
online dog, horse, alpaca, and llama advertisers Animaroo took the challenge of simplifying the
listing process while presenting more within each listing, offering the most exposure without cost
increases, presenting valuable updated information to help educate dog, horse, alpaca, and llama
buyers while helping responsible breeders incorporate successful marketing techniques within
their businesses.

Animaroo is the only online animal venue where the breeder/seller and the buyer are held
accountable through animal classified feedback methods, references, and the online community.
Our reputable dog, horse, alpaca, and llama breeders are not afraid to put their references on the
line as well as their customers feedback. We find that the breeders on Animaroo are encouraged
by the feedback system and accountability it produces. Good breeders are often given a bad
name by un-reputable or fraudulent animal breeders within the breeding industry. Animaroo
aims to provide a venue for breeders who love your pets as much as you do.

Animaroo also offers an online animal management system than can be used by those without a
website and for those with existing websites. The system invented by Animaroo manages your
dogs for breeding, horses for stud, alpacas herd sires, llamas herd sires, up to hundreds of breeds
and can be used for one animal type or multiple types. The Animaroo animal management
system aids breeders with their online presence, as organizes their dogs, horses, alpacas and
llamas for sale in a customer friendly way, as well as offering the one click method for posting
animals for sale, adoption, and for stud to

This article was posted on September 11, 2005

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