An Introduction to Text Messaging

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					by: Deryck Richards

Why Text?

Text messaging is a quick way to stay in touch with people for personal or business purposes.
With text messaging, you can chat with a partner by typing on the keyboard and reading what
they write to you on the screen. Many text messaging products can work with cell phone text
messaging (aka SMS or Short Messaging Service) so you can chat with people who arent in front
of their computer. So, why not just pick up the phone and talk?

Its faster than e-mail and phone calls. And you dont have to pay anything to text. If you need to
chat with someone briefly or ask a quick question, its much less intrusive than calling someone.
As with most developing technologies, several types of text messaging are available and each
one is incompatible with the others. But dont let that keep you from trying it out. The main text
messaging products are ICQ (, MSN Messenger (, AIM
(, and Yahoo Messenger (

btw (By the Way...)

Each one is free and simple to download, install, and sign up. You can locate your buddies by
searching in an online directory by their screen name, e-mail address, name, or telephone
number. Once you get the hang of it, text messaging can be extremely addictive. As you continue
to use text messaging, you will find yourself learning to abbreviate words and sentences. When
you leave an online chat, you might say BRB (Be Right Back), Im afk (away from the keyboard),
or TTYL (Talk to You Later). See glossary below.

Some text messaging products are beginning to offer voice and video chat. The future of digital
communication is an integrated product, since voice, video, interactive text messaging, and e-
mail are all effective means of communication. In the future, you will be able to switch between
text, voice, and video with ease. Until then, we will continue to use different methods for
different communication needs :-(


:-) Smiley face. Means that someone is happy
;-) Smiley face with wink.
:-( If someone sends you this in an e-mail, theyre probably not having a good day

BTW - By the Way
FYI - For Your Information
FWIW - For What Its Worth
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion (or IMO)
TIA - Thanks in Advance
WRT - With Respect To
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
ROTFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing
AFK - Away From Keyboard
TTYL - Talk To You Later
CYA - See You Later

This article was posted on September 13, 2004