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					Elk River Currents
   Elk River District Roundtables                   Outdoor & Specialty Training Dates
First Christian Church                              BALOO                         Sat 10/27
120 West Grundy Street, Tullahoma                   Webelos Leader Outdoor        Fri-Sun Nov 2-4
                                                    NLE & Cub Basic               Sat 11/10
2nd Thursday each month – 7:00 PM
                                                    Outdoor Leader Training       Fri-Sun Nov 16-18
June Picnic, Dark July, Preview August                 No Pow Wow this year – look for it 2008-09
                                                       For other available training dates in the area
            District Resources                         or special arrangements for training contact:
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
                                                     Bill Morgan, Training Chairman, 931-723-1667
       Regina Harrison
       931-967-9499                             On-Line Training Available
District Commissioner, Mike Holmes                  The On-Line Learning Center has essential training
       931-967-5572                                 also available at: including Fast                     Start, Youth Protection, Safety Afloat and Safe
District Chairman, R. J. Hayes                      Swim Defense Training.
       931-723-2076                            Webelos Outdoor Leader Essentials
District Executive, Dale Turner                                    November 2-4, 2007
       931-841-1661                                       Register by October 25th - $25/person                                If you are heading into Webelos or are a Webelos
District Webmaster, Tom Gillard                                  Leader, you need WLOE.                                  Download the application at:
District Website                                       
                                                      Scouting for Food Good Turn Project
                                                    Scouting for Food will be the focus for our council-
            BALOO Training                          wide good turn project this year. Your unit is asked
             It’s not too late!                     to collect food between October 20th and November
          Contact the Course Director               17th. This time period allows your unit to use the
             at least a week ahead                  method of food collection that best fits your needs
Saturday, October 27th, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM, UTSI       and your unit chooses the area food bank recipient.
                                                            Claim good turn patches by reporting your
                           $5.00 to cover food.     participation on a Scouting for Food Report Form
                           Required to take your    at:
                           pack camping.
                           Register by ASAP               What’s Poppin’ with Popcorn?
                           Course Director,                 October 26th Deadline Alert
                           Susan Russell            Show & Deliver money and Final Unit Take Orders
                           931-455-6589 or                       are due into Council.
                         November 17th Unit Popcorn Pick-Up
                           Registration flyer can             Location to be announced.
                           be found on the                     District Popcorn Kernel
                           district website.               Marcia Vanattia 931-759-6844 or
            Theme for November:                            Game: Follow My Leader
               Indian Nations                              This game is widely played among American Indian
           Webelos Activity Badges:                        tribes. The leader improvises the steps and the
                                                           movements. The others must go where he goes;
            Craftsman, Readyman                            dance as he dances; move arms, hands, and feet as
Purposes of Cub Scouting:                                  he does. The skipping and dancing must be in exact
Good citizenship, spiritual growth and                     time with the song that all must sing. The game
respectful relationships                                   gives opportunities for fancy steps, winding
                                                           intricate figures, ―cutting capers,‖ and merry
Core Values: Respect                                       pranks. The song given here is traditional in the
                                                           Omaha tribe. Play to the tune of the Follow My
Opening Ceremony:                                          Leader Song above or to another familiar song with
Power of Circle                                            a solid beat.
Setup: Audience stands in one large circle or several
small circles. U.S. flag is in front of the room.
ADULT LEADER: The power of the world works
in circles with no beginning and no end. A circle is
harmonious unity and everything tries to be round.         Advancement Ceremony: Eagle Feather
CUB SCOUT 1: The sun is round; it warms all                Prop: An arrow with a white turkey feather painted
living things and allows us to grow.                       like an eagle feather.
CUB SCOUT 2: The full moon is round; it gives us           CUBMASTER: Many ancient Indian tribes
light at night.                                            believed that arrows made with eagle feathers had a
CUB SCOUT 3: The wind, in its greatest power,              special ability to cut the air. We have here tonight a
swirls; this gives coolness and strength.                  special Cub Scout who has cut the air and flown
CUB SCOUT 4: The earth is round; it provides a             straight. Will (name) come forward with his
home and nourishment for all living things.                parents? We honor him with (the award).
ADULT LEADER: The life of a man is a circle                        We wish you well in furthering your
from childhood to childhood, from life to life; we         progress. Like an arrow with an eagle feather, fly
teach our children as they will teach theirs. We are       through the air toward your next goal. May you
here at our meeting standing in a circle, in               always strive to live by the Cub Scout Promise. By
harmonious unity. Would you please face the flag           so doing, you will be a success in anything you
and repeat with me the Pledge of Allegiance.               undertake. Congratulations.

Prayer: Dakota Prayer                                      Need a Theme Cheer?
―Grandfather, Great Spirit, fill us with                                     Bow and Arrow
the light. Teach us to walk the soft                       Audience follows Cubmaster‘s commands with
earth as relatives to all that lives.‖                     pretend bow and arrow: ―Get ready.‖ ―Aim.‖ ―Pull.‖
                                                           ―Harder.‖ ―Let go!‖ Everyone releases the arrow
Song: “Follow My Leader”
                                                           and yells ―Zing!‖ Then yell ―Bull‘s-eye!‖
Follow my Leader where‘er he goes;
                                                                               Indian Cheer
What he‘ll do next, nobody knows …
                                                           Hold Cub Scout sign behind head like feathers. Say
                                                           ―Ugh.‖ Lean forward from waist and say ―Ugh.‖
                                                           Leap into the air extending the Cub Scout sign high
                                                           above head and say ―Ugh.‖
                                                                             Indian Cheer II
                                                           Stomp feet three times. Beat chest three times. Give
                                                           Indian war whoop with hand over mouth.

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Story: “The Sun Callers”                                    Project: Leather Den Doodle
(A Hopi Story)                                              Materials: Foam board, old branch about 2 feet
                                                            long, string, scrap leather (approximately 1 inch by
        Late one night on top of Third Mesa, Coyote         8 inches for each Cub Scout). 1 yard of leather
was looking for something to eat. He spotted                lacing or lanyard for each Cub Scout, pony beads,
Rooster sitting high on a rock. Coyote asked                feathers
Rooster what he was doing there so late at night.                   Make holes on the foam board for the
Rooster puffed up his feathers and said, ―I have            branch. With string, attach the branch to the board.
work to do. It is my job to make the sun rise.‖             Cut scrap leather into strips. Have each boy put his
Coyote laughed and said, ―You aren‘t so important           name on the back and write Indian word pictures
as you think. Anyone can make the sun rise.‖                (see Wolf Handbook) on the front of the strip. Make
Rooster replied, ―You are wrong. I am the only one          an odd number of small cuts along the middle of
who can do it.‖ Coyote replied, ―You are the one            each leather piece and thread lace through the cuts.
who is wrong. I, too, can make the sun rise. I‘ve           Drape the leather on the branch. Use different-color
done it many times.‖                                        beads and feathers to represent different
        Rooster said, ―We shall see, Whoever makes          accomplishments. Example: On one end of the lace,
the sun rise today will be named the Sun Caller.‖           use yellow beads for attendance at den meetings and
Coyote agreed. He said he‘d try first. He sat down,         blue beads for pack meetings. Use the other end of
pointed his nose to the sky, and howled loudly. He          the lace for special events such as outings, paying
howled and howled until he was out of breath. The           dues, or being a denner. Add feathers as boys
sky was still black. Now it was Rooster‘s turn. He          complete achievements or electives.
stretched his neck, flapped his wings, and crowed—
once, twice, three times. The night was still dark. So
Coyote tried again. He howled and he howled. Still
dark. Rooster then crowed and crowed. They kept
taking turns howling and crowing. Nothing
changed. Blackness was all around them.,
        Coyote and Rooster went on howling and
crowing all night long. Then after Rooster crowed,
the sky seemed to become a little lighter. Rooster
was proud. He told Coyote, ―There! You see? I‘m
beginning to do it.‖ Coyote didn‘t want to give up.
He said, ―I can do better.‖ His voice was getting
hoarse but he tried very hard and howled especially
loud, and the sky became lighter. Rooster looked at
the sky and said, ―But the sun has not yet
appeared!‖ So he took a deep, deep breath, stretched
his neck, flapped his wings, and made a mighty
crow! As he crowed, the edge of the sun appeared
                                                            Game: Feather Pass
on the horizon. Rooster was very proud. ―There, my
                                                            Materials: A large feather for each team
good friend. You can see for yourself. I am the one
                                                                    This game is to be played quietly and
who made the sun rise. I am the Sun Caller!‖
                                                            respectfully. Divide players into teams. Give a large
Coyote hung his tail and crawled away, muttering,
                                                            feather to the first player in each team. The player
―I almost did it. With a little practice I think I can
                                                            must hold the feather in his palm, without grasping
make the sun rise. Then I will be the Sun Caller.‖
                                                            it with fingers or making a fist. The object of the
And to this day, you can hear Coyote howl in the
                                                            game is to pass the feather to the end of the line
night on Third Mesa, practicing to make the sun
                                                            from palm to palm. To make the game a little
                                                            harder, pass the feather back to the beginning.

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Activity: Acorn Tops
Materials: Acorns, nail, small sticks (toothpick,                       Cubmaster’s Minute: Respect for
matchstick with head broken off)                                        Other Living Things
        Miwok children in California played with                 ―The Arapaho tribe has a saying: ‗When we show
acorn tops. Remove the cap from an acorn. With a                 our respect for other living things, they respond
nail, poke a small hole into the top of the acorn.               with respect for us.‘ This is not just an Arapaho
Insert a stick. Spin the acorn on its point. Adjust the          way, but also a Cub Scout way. In your daily life,
length of the stick so the top balances well.                    remember to treat all living things—people,
Challenge another player to see who can keep his                 animals, and plants—with respect and kindness as a
acorn spinning longer.                                           good Cub Scout should.‖
                                                                 Webelos Activity Badge Projects
Game: Hoop and
Pole Game                                                        Craftsman: Ball and
Materials: 3 feet of 3/4-                                        Triangle Game
inch automotive heater                                           Materials: 6-by-6-inch
hose, 1 ½ inches of ½-                                           plywood, 1-inch dowel,
inch PVC pipe, tape,                                             handsaw, drill, clamp,
stick (3/4-inch dowel,                                           sinew or string
tomato stake, etc.)                                                      This is a traditional toy enjoyed by
         Make the hose                                           Penobscot children. They used a still piece of birch
into a ring by inserting                                         bark. The hole in the triangle is made only slightly
PVC pipe into the ends of the hose. Tape securely.               larger than the ball. Children grasp a corner of the
The object of the game is to spear the ring as it is             triangle opposite the string, toss the ball into the air,
rolled on a straight line. Have the player with a stick          and try to get the ball to drop through the hole.
stand 8 to 10 feet from the line. Award 10 points for                    Cut plywood into a 6-inch triangle. Drill a
spearing the ring; 5 points for a partial spearing.              center hole using a 1 ¼-inch to 1 ½-inch boring
         This game was popular among boys and                    device. Drill a small hole in one corner using an
young men in many tribes. A ring or hoop was often               1/8-inch bit. Cut a 1-inch length of the 1-inch
made from a willow twig wrapped in buckskin. The                 dowel. Clamp and drill a 1/8-inch hole. Sand the
ring was about four or five inches in diameter. Six-             dowel piece around. Attach this ―ball‖ to the
foot-long wooden spears were used.                               triangle with a piece of sinew or string.

Closing Ceremony: Morning Star Prayer                            Readyman: Belt First-Aid Kit
CUB SCOUT 1: Morning Star, wake us, filled with                               Materials: Scrap leather, film canisters
joy to new days of growing to man from boy.                                   (type with the lid larger than the canister
CUB SCOUT 2: Sun, with your power, give us light                              body), small first-aid items (adhesive
that we can tell wrong and do what‘s right.                                   bandages, antibacterial towelettes, etc.)
CUB SCOUT 3: South Wind, we ask, in your gentle                                       Draw a red cross on the lid and
way, blow us the willingness to obey.                                         place first-aid kit items in the container.
CUB SCOUT 4: North Wind, we Ask, with your                       Cut the leather in an elongated shape. Cut slits for
power to make trees wave, send us the strength to                belt and an X for the film canister, making sure the
be brave.                                                        X is not too large—it‘s much easier to fix a too-
CUT SCOUT 5: East Wind, we ask, with your                        small X. Tool the leather piece or decorate it with
breath so snappy, fill us with knowledge of how to               acrylic paint or permanent markers. Webelos Scouts
be happy.                                                        can inscribe their name and den number by using
CUB SCOUT 6: West Wind, we ask, blow with all                    flatblade and Philips screwdrivers. Make sure you
your care that we learn to be always fair.                       have a piece of wood under the leather to protect the
CUB SCOUT 7: Moon that fills the night with                      working surface. When the leather is decorated,
silver light, guard us well while we sleep in the                insert the film canister into the X opening and hang
night.                                                           the kit from your belt.
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