REVIEW by NathaliaElen


									REVIEW – LET´S GO 1

   1- Read and write:

                Nice to meet you, too.   How are you?      My name is Jessy.   Great
                                 Hi!      I´m      What´s your name?

Jessy: Hi! What´s your name?                     Jessy: ________________________
                                                 Drake: ____. How are you?
Paul: My name is Paul. What´s your name?         Josh: I´m ________________.
Jessy: ________________________                  __________________?
Paul: Nice to meet you!                          Drake: ________OK.

   2- Answer:

   a) Is it a triangle?

   b) Is it a heart?

   c) Is it a circle?

   d) Is it a star?

   3- How´s the weather? Connect:

   a) It´s sunny.

   b) It´s rainy.

   c) It´s windy.

   d) It´s cloudy.

   4- Write and draw:
___ebra     V W X Y                              ___an
___ater                                          Fo___

   5- Write:

    1- One                                           __ - three
    2- _______                                       __- four
5-__________                                     7-___________
6-___________                                    9-__________

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