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10 Exotic Centerpieces for the Holidays


									by: Lata Budhrani

1. Shoe Magic - Buy gleaming fuchsia (stylish) or red (festive) colored high heeled glass bottom
stilettos and fill one of it with flowers of appropriate size for a trendy table top which will set off
a trendy, modern theme. You can get a pair at Bobbi's Gift & Leather website.

2. Quick Centerpiece - Fill a goblet with cranberries and tie a bow at its stem for a quick, festive
table top.

3. Candle & Sand - Fill a clear glass bowl with colored sand (available at Crafts stores) and stick
red or white or a combination of red-white or red- green candles in the sand. Use about 10
candles and arrange them creatively. Light all of the candles together for a lovely shining effect.

4. Tabletop Trees - Mini Christmas trees make lovely tabletops. Artificial trees can be bought or
crafted. We have some Christmas Tree crafts at our Crafts section. Alternatively, you can also
buy a baby christmas tree or use a branch of a tree and decorate it in the same fashion as you
would decorate your Christmas tree.

5. Snow Globes - Snow Globes or Snow domes lend a whimsical touch to your room. Use them
on your table for a touch of fantasy. You can make a snow dome yourself using easy to follow
instructions in our Snow Domes project.

6. Ornament Glitter - Fill clear glass bowls or baskets (tied with a red bow) with Christmas
baubles in bright red, green or blue and glittering silver and golden colors for a sparkly tabletop.

7. Candle and Bloom - Place 4-5 pillar candles of same color (preferably white) but different
sizes in a plate. Place a poinsettia or any red flower and a twig of holly in the same plate. Light
all the candles.

8. Snowy Village - Just like snow domes, a Thomas Kinkade snow village scene will bring lots
of holiday cheer and fantasy to your table.

9. Hurricanes and Votives - Fill glass hurricanes with scarlet cranberries and red roses and flank
the hurricanes with votives.

10. Tapers and Tulips - Creamy white tulips in silver cups flanking a candelabra filled with white
tapers make simply sensational centerpieces. For more Christmas Flower arrangements, see the
beautiful dry and fresh arrangements that Chrissie Harten has done for Dot Com Women
specially for the Winter Holidays.

This article was posted on December 21, 2003

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