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									                                         Job Shadow Program
                                               Sponsor Information

First Name:                                                    Last Name:
Department:                                                    Division:
City:                                                          Province:
Postal Code:                                                   Country:
Phone:                                                         Fax:
E-mail:                                                        Co. Website:

What is your preferred sponsorship period? (Check those that apply)

September          October       November         December            January    February       March        April

What is your degree and major? (E.g. B.Sc. Agr.)

What year did you graduate? (yyyy)

Are you a Guelph alumnus? (Please check):                Yes               No

What academic discipline do you feel you can best support? (E.g. Animal Science)

What specific career occupation/title do you feel you best represent? (E.g. Sales Manager)

Annual Sponsor Commitment (number of students):

Do you know of any colleagues/associates that would be interested in participating in the Job Shadow

How did you find out about the Job Shadow Program? (Check those that apply):

Direct referral      Word of Mouth        Yellow Pages         Advertisement     Direct Mail    Website/Internet

Info Session         Job/Career Fair      Cold Call            Other       Unknown         Directory/Guidebook

         Please provide a brief Job Description attached to this sheet – it will help our students to better
          understand what your job entails. Copy and paste as a second page to this document or FAX
          with this application.

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