Community Medicine Residency Program by delontewest


									                              Community Medicine Residency Program
CANMEDS ROLE: COMMUNICATOR: formal oral presentation slides (critical appraisal or
research report)
Name of trainee: ______________________________ Resident training level: _____

Date of evaluation (YYYY/mm/dd) _______________ Type of evaluation:                 Formative  Summative

Name of evaluator (Print): ______________________________

N/O      No opportunity to observe
U        Unsatisfactory*                       Clearly inadequate in functioning and/or not improving. Intensive remediation
                                               is required.
B/NI     Borderline/Needs                      Inadequate knowledge/skills/functioning but improving.
S        Satisfactory for level of training Solid performance at his/her level in the program
O        Outstanding*                       Superior mastery of knowledge & skills, above expectations for level of training
* Written comments must accompany and support this rating

Criteria                                                 Rating                   Comment
                                              N/O   U*     B*      S       O*
Overview (introduction, purpose, methods,
results, discussion/interpretation,
Purpose clear and focused
Methods: clear and sufficient information
presented , maps to purpose
Results: focused on key results that map to
purpose & methods
Discussion/interpretation: appropriate
Conclusion: appropriate to findings
Clear recommendations consistent with
evidence and appropriate to purpose
                                                PRESENTATION SKILLS
Logical flow
Duration: keeps within stated time frame
Appropriate language for audience
Clear diction
Audible at back of room (includes
appropriate use of microphone)
Appropriate rate of delivery
Answers questions appropriately
(knowledge, knowledge limits, clarifies
questions that are unclear or need
Confident professional manner
Appropriate N of slides (maximum 1 per
minute of presentation)
Appropriate color for background & font
Appropriate font (serif vs sans serif; font
Appropriate amount of information/text on
each slide

COMMENTS (Please include comments on strengths and specific suggestions for improvements)

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