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Executive resume examples


Executive resume examples

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									Executive resume examples

Executive resume services need to continually update and match the technological
developments the business world is embracing, otherwise executives may find
themselves left in the dust by executives who are staying ahead of the technology

An executive resume services firm should do more than just list your experiences and
accomplishments on paper. Today, corporations are embracing social media, and
while they still expect paper resumes, many of them are going online to find out
additional information about their candidates. Here are four social media tools your
executive resume services provider should recommend for you.

Your Executive Resume Services Provider Should Know LinkedIn

This is the gold standard for online job searching, as far as we're concerned, and your
executive resume services firm should embrace it rather than be afraid of it. If they are
against social networks like LinkedIn, chances are they still don't understand social
media or new media.

Basically, this is a place for you to connect with industry colleagues, past co-workers,
and even potential employers. This is the place for you to post your shiny new resume
your executive resume services firm gave you. Then as you connect with possible
employers in real life, you can direct them to your LinkedIn profile and your online

Not only is LinkedIn used for networking, but it is also a job posting site and referral
site, fast becoming a favorite for companies who are tired of using the job boards that
just don't seem to attract the best possible candidates.

Do You Have a Video Resume?

Video resumes are quickly becoming a standard tool for job seekers, and one that
several executive resume services are starting to offer. Thanks to video sharing sites
like YouTube and Vimeo, and high speed Internet in a corporate setting, it's no longer
uncommon to see short video resumes used to highlight a candidate's qualities.

Video resumes also show that even the most seasoned executive is up with the latest
technology, and feels comfortable using it. Work with your executive resume services
company to put together your video resume.

Blogging Is an Important Tool

Blogging may or may not be something your executive resume services provider can
help you with. Even if they can't, it's still something you should be using. Start and
maintain a blog to write about your industry, monitor and share news with your
network, and even showcase a portfolio of your best work samples. Create several
pages to show different dimensions of your work experience, including your video
resume, and then write blog posts about your different thoughts and ideas.

Your executive resume services representative should be able to coach you on the
issues you should cover in your blog, but it will be up to you to maintain it regularly.


Believe it or not, this personal social site is still an important job search tool. That's
because your Facebook profile will often be searched by corporate hiring managers
trying to find out good or bad information about you.

While this isn't the best place to post a lot of work and business information, you can
at least make sure your personal brand is presented in the best possible light. Your
executive resume services provider can show you what to put on Facebook, and what
to take off. They should be able to coach you on how to put on your best face, and
make sure the hiring managers like what they see.

As social media grows and is accepted by hiring managers and HR professionals, the
smart executives will start taking advantage of these tools, and showing their
willingness to learn new skills and new technology. Talk to your executive resume
services professional about how you can use social media in your job search.

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