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Graphic design resume


Graphic design resume

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									Graphic design resume

Now that you are fresh out of school you are probably wondering how to write your
resume. As a Graphic Designer there are a lot of positions that you can fill in the art
and fashion industry. It is important that you write a comprehensive and impressive
resume to get that job that you want!

Start your resume by writing your basic data. The first three lines of your resume
should contain your complete name, home address and contact details like phone
numbers and email address. These details are important should your employer would
like to get in touch with you for the initial interview.

The second portion of your resume should state in particular what position you are
applying for. There are many fields of Graphic Arts that you can apply for. It will
come across as very professional if you are specific with the kind of position that you
want to work for. Follow that up with details of your educational background. A
graduate of a 4 year course in Fine Arts majoring in Graphic Design is usually the
qualification that most companies are looking for. If you underwent certificate courses
indicate that in your resume.

The last part of the resume usually is about your work experience. Be detailed in
enumerating all the companies that you have worked for. Include the years,
employer's name and contact numbers plus a short description of your work details.
On-the-job training while you are attending school is worth mentioning in your
resume. Don't forget to mention the name of the companies where you had your
training. A separate portfolio of samples of your art works along with your resume is
a plus factor in getting hired as a Graphic Designer. This will give your future
employer an idea what your design style is and if your ideas coincide with the
company's objectives.

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