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									Architect resume

An architect is a highly skilled and well trained professional who is responsible for
planning and designing buildings. He or she participates in supervising the
construction of a building. They also create new designs and plans for buildings based
on the information provided by the clients.

The people who have strong interest in arts and architecture can make career in this
field. Nowadays architect jobs are in huge demand with each and every industry. Here
is a sample job description for this job.

1. People at this position have to create construction drawing and design documents.
He or she is liable for coordinating the activities of in-house trades, construction staff
and outside contractors along with overseeing the necessary testing activities.

2. They are responsible for creating new designs and plans for buildings, based on the
information provided by the clients. They put projects to tender on behalf of their
clients, give advice to a general contractor, and review the progress of the work
during construction.

3. He or she deals with devising the map, preparing pre-design documents, zoning and
planning issues, estimating cost, preparing budget, and tracking project performance,
analyzing and monitoring construction activities.

4. They are also responsible for obtaining building codes and working closely with
developers or construction supervisors to ensure that everything is completed
according to plan.

5. People at this position have to use IT in design and project management,
specifically software packages such as Auto Cad and Sketch Up.

6. They even negotiate with contractors and other professionals and keep everything
within the financial budget and deadlines.

It is very essential to craft an effective and eye catching resume objective. It is the
first statement which expresses an employment ambition in one or two short phrases
and tells the employer what your target job is or what you want to do. So never take it
lightly. Frame it in such a manner that it grabs the attention of the employer at the
very first instance. A sample architect objective is provided below for your help.

I am looking for a respectable position where I can contribute my experience as an
architect. I have very good customer service skills. I am a detailed and organized
worker. I have always been punctual in my work and relied upon by my employer to
guide other staff members. I work well independently or with other staff members.

Well, these are some useful tips for writing an effective curriculum vitae objective.

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