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									Resume writing skills

As the economy continues to stumble along more and more people are looking for a
job. Resume writing has become a necessary skill as few can afford expert writers to
help them put their work history, skills and abilities into a top-notch biographical

You have to find a way to get your resume noticed. A major challenge every job
hunter faces is getting the potential employer to select their resume out of dozens or
even hundreds under consideration.

Here are three suggestions that will help you build a resume to get you an interview
for a position that fits your talents and experience.

1. Be willing to sell yourself.

Don't let your humility lead you to overlook achievements that will make your resume

Just as I was getting out of school, a close friend of our family offered to help me put
together my resume. I thought I was sunk because I wanted a job in journalism, and
my only experience was two semesters on the school newspaper.

Instead of focusing on my nearly non-existent employment history, my friend asked
me to tell him everything I'd done that involved writing. When I finished, we had
discovered several accurate accomplishments for my resume. I matched those
experiences to the job I was seeking.

2. Set yourself apart.

There once was a time that using off-white paper might be enough to make your
resume stand out from others. That doesn't work anymore so you need other

One method is to add graphics to your resume. Some might suggestion adding your
photo, but it will probably be more effective to use other images.

You might use a company logo if you've worked at prominent place. Another option
is the symbol for your college. These graphics help your resume look different from
most others while also forming a connection between you and popular brands.

Keep in mind that you don't want to take this idea too far. You want your resume to
look professional, not tacky.

3. Take some risks.
Many people don't want to take chances with their resume, but many times the payoff
is worth it. For example, be sure you call attention to any positive experience that can
help get you an interview.

For example, as I was seeking a position as a newspaper reporter, I had less than a
year of journalism experience, and that was on staff of my school paper.

The friend helping me prepare my resume wanted to know about stories I'd written. I
told him about an article that had caught the attention of the school's president, who
wrote a letter to the editor saying it was an excellent example of great student

The letter from the president and the article got prominent places in my resume. It was
much better that just saying I'd been associate editor of my school newspaper.

These ideas will get your creativity flowing as you work toward find a job. Resume
writing can be the skill that gets you the position you seek.

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