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Aerobics is with "aerobic exercise" feature of the exercises, that is the accompaniment of music, able to exercise the whole body fitness. It must also be a continuous exercise for at least 12 minutes or more. Aerobics is an exercise intensity are appropriate gymnastics, very suitable for heart and lung function and muscle strength gradually increased, while ensuring that nutrients aerobic respiration, to avoid the body's "burning" waste.

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									                                                                                              U L L A D U L L A L E I SU RE CEN T RE

Aqua aerobics has been a popular way to keep fit
for years, particularly for people with certain
health problems or those recovering from injury.

Aqua aerobics is generally more low-impact than
land based aerobics, and they have most of the

fat burning and endurance building benefits that
you get from other forms of aerobic activity. A
class of around 30-40 min will burn about 300
                                                                                                      Fun and Fitness
calories. Most classes run for 45 min and include
a warm -up, cool -down, and stretching exercises.
                                                                                                        In the Water
These     classes   also   offer   resistance   in   all
directions. Because of the cushioning effect that
water provides.

It is     particularly beneficial to the elderly,
overweight, or those recovering from soft tissue

Water exercise is commonly advocated for people
with the following conditions                              CNR GREEN & WARDEN ST
* Cardiac patients
* Soft tissue injury                                              Phone: (02) 4455 3132
                                                                   Fax: (02) 4454 4567
* Joint problems
* MS

* Arthritis

* Obesity
                                                                                                PHONE (02) 4455 3132
* Back problems
BENEFITS OF AQUA EXERCISE                                                                                            AQUA AEROBICS
The main benefits of Aqua exercise are..                   ULLADULLA LEISURE CENTRE
                                                                                                                    Class Descriptions
      Increased fitness levels
                                                                 AQUA AEROBICS                    AQUA LITE; (ALL FITNESS LEVELS) A gentle low
      Increased Weight-loss and Fat burning (High                                                 impact class in shallow water. This is a 45 minute
      calorie burning after the workout)                          TIMETABLE                       class   to     suit   beginners,   seniors,   and   those
      Builds Strength and Flexibility                             AQUA   AQUA     AQUA     DEEP   recovering from injuries. The water reducing impact

                                                                          LITE     FIT     AQUA   on the joints makes it a perfect environment for these
      Excellent Cardio –respiratory exercise
      Release of Stress and Tension                      MON             9.00am   8.00am
                                                                                                  AQUA FIT: This class is designed for all levels of
                                                                                                  fitness. It is mainly in the shallow water with strong
                                                         TUES                     8.00am
                                                                                                  emphasis on increasing the heart rate, toning and
                                                                                  6.30pm          endurance work. Great workout for abdominals,
                                                                                                  buttocks and thighs.
                                                         WED             9.00am   8.00am

                                                                                                  AQUA DEEP: This class is a new addition and is
                                                                                                  on trial . So there is only a few buoyancy belts
More Benefits:                                           THURS                    8.00am
                                                                                                  available, until we have the required number of
      The waters buoyancy lowers the risk of stress                                               participants. A great cardiovascular workout in the
      related injuries, that some land exercises have
                                                         FRI             9.00am   8.00am          deep water. There is no impact on the joints making
      Exercising in water requires you to support only                                            it a perfect environment for those with injuries or
      50% of your body weight, making the exercises                                               limitations.     This is a 45 minute class suitable for
      easier to perform.                                 SAT                      9.30am
                                                                                                  beginners (with water confidence) or advanced

      The resistance from the water result in a higher                                            fitness levels.
      workout intensity than some land based classes.

      A massaging effect is created when your muscles
      are surrounded by water
                                                                                                          CNR GREEN & WARDEN ST
                                                                                                                        Phone: (02) 4455 3132
                                                                                                                         Fax: (02) 4454 4567

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