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Aerobics Classes


Aerobics is with "aerobic exercise" feature of the exercises, that is the accompaniment of music, able to exercise the whole body fitness. It must also be a continuous exercise for at least 12 minutes or more. Aerobics is an exercise intensity are appropriate gymnastics, very suitable for heart and lung function and muscle strength gradually increased, while ensuring that nutrients aerobic respiration, to avoid the body's "burning" waste.

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Aerobics Classes
What if there was a program that improved your cardio-
vascular system, burned calories, toned muscles, and
improved your strength and flexibility in less than an
hour? Aerobic Weight Training is the ultimate exercise
program. Before beginning this class, you must have a
fitness overview.

   •   Step Aerobics
   •   Step & Strike
   •   Body Design
   •   Cardio Kickboxing
   •   Total Body
   •   Cycling


                                                         Aerobic Weight Training
                                                         Tuesday 8:30-9:30AM
                                                         Thursday 8:30-9:30AM

                                                         Aerobics Schedule
                                                         Monday through Saturday

                                                         Morning, noon and evening classes available.
                                                         Please call 453-5441 for class schedule.

                                                         Cycling Schedule
                                                         9:30AM Saturday
                                                         12:30PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Pass           Senior          Adult                     4:00PM Tuesday, Thursday
Daily*         $3.00           $3.25                     5:30PM Monday, Wednesday
12 Classes*    $25.00          $30.00
                                                         To reserve a bike for cycling class, please call
*All passes must be used within 8 weeks.                 453-5441 one hour prior to class. Please bring
Expiration dates noted on pass.                          a towel and bottled water to all cycling classes.

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