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Sample administrative assistant resume


Sample administrative assistant resume

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									Sample administrative assistant resume

If you want to land a job as an administrative assistant, your resume must let your
employer know about your specific skill and knowledge that would benefit the
company. First, start with having a good resume title that would catch the attention of
the reader. It should be catchy and captivating. You should also know the proper
resume format before writing your administrative assistant resume. Making mistakes
that could be avoided gives a bad impression to your prospective employer.
Remember that you are trying to sell yourself and make your prospective employer
want to meet you in person, that's why you must put an effort in writing your resume
so that you would bag an interview slot.

Start your resume by writing your contact information which includes your full name,
contact information such as phone number, mobile number, home address, and email
address. Remember that if you are given an interview slot, the employer would give
you a call through the number that you wrote in your resume.

Make sure that you possess all the necessary qualifications of an administrative
assistant. If you saw an advertisement and you are writing your resume as a response,
ensure that you have read all their requirements and you have all the qualifications
needed for the job. If you lack a qualification, it would be beneficial if you have an
educational background, skill, or experience that compensates for your missing
qualification. Remember that your additional skill or experience should be an aspect
that they are looking for but in a different form. You can check Grand Resume if you
want to get additional tips in writing this section of your resume.

Sounding positive and convincing is important when writing your resume. Keep in
mind that you want the human resource or hiring manager to see that you are the most
appropriate person for the job. Keep your resume brief, simple, and straight to the
point. This is the best way to get the attention of the hiring manager as well as to
convince him that you are the right and most qualified person for the job.

Remember to emphasize in your resume that you are knowledgeable in computer
applications. Most administrative assistants nowadays must work using the computer
that's why it is important to have knowledge in computer applications or programs.
Your computer proficiency and expertise will give you an edge over the other

Your administrative assistant resume should show that you are indeed an
administrative assistant. That is why you should double check your resume for any
avoidable mistakes or inaccuracies. Review your resume, check for errors, and think
about the meaning of every word, phrase, or sentence. You may also have a friend
browse through it to check for errors. If your resume is error-free, convincing, and
shows your strengths and qualifications, there is a big chance that you would be called
in for an interview.

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