White Bear Lacrosse Club by hcj


									                                White Bear Lacrosse Club
                                    Annual Meeting
                                    October 28, 2008
                                       7:00 p.m.

1.   The meeting was called to order by Jeff Loesch at 7:00 p.m.

2.   The following members were present: Board members: Jeff Loesch, Karen Haider, Jan Dehnert,
     Keith Dehnert, Kevin Dunnigan and Paula Larson.

3.   President, Jeff Loesch welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced all the members of the
     Board. He thanked the members of the Board as well as John Trnka and Bill Carter for all their
     expertise and hard work during the last few years of getting the White Bear Lacrosse Association up
     and running and growing the opportunities for lacrosse in this area. Jeff also introduced Kevin
     Dunnigan who is the new Youth Director and Kevin outlined some of the areas he will be focusing
     on in the years to come in regard to the development of the youth players in White Bear Lake. Jeff
     went through the highlights from last year including becoming High School League sanctioned for
     the Varsity and JV players and the Varsity’s amazing Conference win and State tournament
     participation in their first year. He also noted that a 5/6 and 7/8 team also had state tournament
     participation this year. He then focused on the need for the dedication and participation of
     volunteers to continue to help with the growth that we anticipate having in the future. Jeff also
     explained that due to the Varsity and JV teams now playing in the MSHSL, they will no longer be a
     part of the White Bear Lacrosse Association and going forward these teams will be supported by a
     White Bear Lacrosse Booster Club in which he and Dena Loesch will be heading up.

4.   Keith Dehnert, Vice President began his talk reiterating the need for more people to get involved and
     that one of the goals of the Association in the next few years will be for fundraising so that
     registration fees can be kept low but still allow for the fiscal integrity of the association in the years
     to come. One goal for the association is to try and get the youth girls program going which will
     require volunteers to work on increasing participation with the younger girls. Keith also is excited
     about having Kevin Dunnigan on board to help identify more opportunities for the players in the off

5.   Jan Dehnert, Treasurer, went through the Profit and Loss Statement to date as well as the Balance
     Sheet which shows our current year net income at $5,900. Copies of the financials are attached to
     these minutes and made a part of the records.

6.   Introduction of Candidates: The slate of candidates is as follows.

        Vice President:         Tom Costello, Mike Ramert
        Secretary:              Eric Johnson, Janelle Wilke and Sandy Bartz
        Officer at Large:       Theresa Westphal, Christine Schlafke, Cami Lawless and Steve Molloy
          All candidates introduced themselves and were in attendance except, Mike Ramert, Sandy Bartz
          and Christine Schlafke. Keith then introduced the change in the By-Laws that was also to be
          voted on. It is as follows:

        The Board would be expanded to seven with new positions added for Past President and Youth
        Director. It is believed that this will help to more formalize the Board positions, provide continuity
        and give us the manpower to handle what has been tremendous growth in White Bear Lacrosse.
        The terms agreed to are as follows:

            Past President-one year term                         Jeff Loesch for 2009
            President-one year term                              Keith Dehnert for 2009
            Vice President-one year term                         To be elected
            Secretary-two year term beginning 2009               To be elected
            Treasurer-two year term beginning 2010               Jan Dehnert for 2009
            Member-at-Large-two year term beginning 2009         To be elected
            Youth Director-two year term beginning 2009          Kevin Dunnigan for 2009

     The Youth Director position will be responsible for being a liaison to both MBSLA and YLM for White
     Bear Lacrosse and will also promote the youth lacrosse program by developing clinics and other training
     for all youth lacrosse players.

7.      Voting was done and the results are as follows:

        Vice President: Tom Costello
        Secretary:        Janelle Wilke
        Officer at Large: Steve Molloy

        It was also announced that the By-Law change was unanimously approved by all members.

        The meeting was adjourned by Jeff Loesch at 7:50 p.m.

        Respectfully submitted,

        Karen A. Haider, Secretary

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