The Quiet Revolution In Matrix Marketing by cmlang


									by: Marige O'Brien

The key elements of matrix marketing have always SEEMED like a great way to create a
successful perpetual income. But whenever that blueprint has been transferred to real life, some
unforeseen element causes it to fail. Why?

That's the question Thom Thompson of Our Power Forced Matrix (OPFM), asked himself.
Before he began OPFM, he was an instructor in internet marketing and knew more about the
dynamics of successful marketing than most gurus. He, like so many others, scratched his head at
the theories, seaching for a clue to the matrix puzzle.


Matrix marketing is another term for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), the pyramid-like concept
of expotential growth that occurs when a company offers incentives to those who bring in new
marketers. Marketer -A-, for instance, earns a percentage of the income for every other marketer
that joins the sales team through him or his links. Those marketers become his "downline." They,
in turn, bring in others and the downline grows, creating a "matrix".

To help the matrix grow, it is common for MLM's to include a FORCED aspect to this plan. That
is, once a marketer bringS in so many other marketers (usually between 2-4), anyone else they
bring in will automatically go UNDER one of THEIR downlines, thus FORCING the matrix to
grow. This is done to even the playing field, so that stronger marketers can help their weaker
counter-parts get started, as well as to ensure even expotential growth.


The main difficulty with this concept has always been that only those on the top levels earn a
sizeable income, while those at the bottom earn almost nothing. Compounding the problem is
that, those at the bottom often NEED a good income in order to invest and have any chance of
success at all. Without that investment, the matrix's growth often slows to a crawl, if it doesn't
die out altogether. This is one of the factors that has caused dot-coms to perish in the past.


Established marketers have come to realize that this problrem directly impacts their own success.
Despite having brought in, perhaps, 100 people, if the majority of those marketers don't succeed
as well, their own efforts have been wasted.

Understanding this has even prompted some aggressive marketers to offer a "matrix flip" in
which the upper level marketers willinglyGIVE UP their own position to the bottom levels, in
order to support their efforts and, theoretically, ensure the continued growth of the matrix. This
has had some success, though it usually falls short of the goal simply because, not having earned
what they receive, those that benefit and were FLIPPED to the top, have no appreciation or
understanding of what that position entails. To put it briefly: They don't understand what they've
been given. It's like giving ruby earrings to a 5-year-old girl who proceeds to lose them in the

And then there is the "it's too good to be true" factor, because many doubt the flip's reality,
forever sniffing for a scam. Their own insecurity doesn't allow them to see the honest value of
the successful marketer's investment in them -- much as they did initially. They also fail to
understand that, like any new business, their unlooked for profits SHOULD be re-invested.
Instead they take the money and run-- and often return to find their "pot of gold" has run out.
They scratch their heads, never realizing it was their own actions that caused this to happen.

And the experienced marketers return to scratching THEIR heads over the blueprints. Until now.


In October, 2005, Thomas Thompson quietly unveiled a new concept in forced matrix marketing,
one that adds several key elements that have never been attempted in the past. By doing so, he
has begun a quiet revolution in one corner of the internet. One that, some believe, may even
change the nature of affiliate marketing as we know it today. Already, in less than 3 moonths, his
plan is spreading like wild-fire and has grown to include over 20,000 marketers. What has he

He's added two elements to the Forced Matrix concept:

1) THE TEAM CONCEPT: This, in and of itself, is nothing new. But coupled with the Forced
matrix becomes a "force", if you will, to be reckoned with. Rather than the marketers being
anchored to any one program or product, this group works as an INDEPENDENT TEAM and
will continue to be so. Plus, the entire OPFM group is committed to working as a group through
multiple programs. In fact, the matrix is designed with this committment.

Because of this, the group itself becomes an incredibly strong marketing force.


Being independent, the group can work together and, as they move from one program to another,
create their own "flips". By doing this, and requiring all members to commit to all programs, the
OPFM virtually guarantees that EVERYONE will end up at the top of at least one program.

These two factors, more than any other, insure that the group WILL be self-perpetuating and

This explains the group's explosive growth. But the growth itself has added another bonus that
even Thomas Thompson hadn't envisioned.

The team's size, alone, has attracted the attention of many internet companies who need a
powerful marketing boost. This, then, becomes a third factor that further insures OPFM's
perpetuity. In the classic "nothing succeeds like success" philosophy, companies are lining up,
vying for position in future programs, even offering the group special incentives that only
THESE marketers will enjoy.


Just as most internet companies evenutally developed MLMs once the concept took hold,
copycat marketing groups will inevitably spring up to match the OPFM concept. But, being the
first it is doubtful others will be able to match their impact. Still, with these copycats, it won't be
long before a normal part of becoming an internet marketer includes being a part of one group or

And, too, since this concept is ideally suited to offering relatively quick success, it also promises
to give the online marketing world a much needed infusion of new marketers who, because they
can rely on their income, will realize the dream of working online.

In short, a quiet revolution has begun in the internet marketing world and Our Power Forced
Matrix started it.-- mo.

This article was posted on January 24, 2006

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