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					          Welcome to the City of Madison, MN
Greetings from the City of Madison!

As a new or perspective resident, you may have general questions about the Madison, services provided
by and available in the City of Madison. For your convenience, the attached information is intended to
serve as a reference guide to local government services and resources and various services in the
community. We hope that you will find this helpful as you acclimate yourself to the community.

You will also find enclosed a list of addresses and telephone numbers for elected officials at the local,
state and federal levels and additional materials we think may be of interest and assistance to you.

We hope that you will find this information helpful in settling into your new community. If there is
anything we can do for you, please feel free to call City Hall at 320-598-7373 and a member of the city
staff will gladly assist you.

Again, welcome to Madison. We hope that you will find that this is a wonderful place to live!
Unlike many communities in Minnesota that are situated in high traffic tourist areas, Madison is parked
right in the middle of rich prairie lands. Madison’s location makes it a natural gateway to Minnesota's
"Lake Country" and a natural to serve as the "Lac qui Parle County" seat. But Madison has more to offer
than just lake life: several clean uncluttered parks, swimming pool, skating rink, tennis courts and
exquisite golf courses. Especially popular is J.F. Jacobson Park with its renowned codfish statue “Lou T.

There is plenty to do in Madison, like taking in performing arts at the Prairie Arts Center, baseball games
at the Memorial Baseball field, Wissota Auto Racing, the "Little Minnesota State Fair" - the Lac qui Parle
County Fair, Stinker Days/Fourth of July, Oktoberfest, Lou T. Fisk's Santaland, and many other Chamber
celebrations !!!

Located just 16 miles from Lac qui Parle Lake, outdoor recreational opportunities are abound with world
class walleye fishing, goose, duck, deer, and pheasant hunting. For those preferring to hunt birds with
binoculars and cameras, there is Salt Lake located west of Madison. As the only saltwater lake in
Minnesota, it offers sightings of over 125 bird species, some unusual, even rare species and is home to the
annual Bird-watching weekend the last weekend of April.

For the history buff, the area in and around Madison is rich in Native American history as well as that of
pioneer settlers. The Lac qui Parle County museum, located on South Highway 75, features many pioneer
displays, Melum doll collection of 300 dolls, period clothing, early home and farm implements, a Native
American display, and a log cabin furnished as pio neer home, pioneer schoolhouse, machine and
transportation shed, native prairie garden, genealogy research center, photo gallery and many family

Madison is also the Birthplace of world renowned poet Robert Bly, named Minnesota’s first poet laureate
in February 2008 by Gov. Tim Pawlenty. Stop by and visit the Robert Bly Study used by local poet and
writer during the 1960s located at the Lac qui Parle County Museum.

Madison, Lac qui Parle County seat, is located in west central Minnesota and is easily accessible from
Highways 40 and 75 "King of the Highway".

         Living in Madison: Frequently Asked
         Questions/Important City Ordinances
   1. When is my utility bill payment due? Utility bills are mailed out the last week of every month
      with payment due by the 15th of each month. Penalty for late payment is 1.5% of the total due plus
      $10. If payment is not received by 5th of the following month, utilities will be disconnected

   2. When is garbage day? Residential garbage pickup is every Wednesday. Garbage pickup is
      typically in the alleys May through November and curbside December through April. Listen to
      KLQP Radio or watch for schedule changes in the Western Guard.
3. When do I have to have my garbage can out? Have you garbage can out by 6 a.m. the day of
   the pickup. Have your can pulled away from the pick up location by 6 p.m. or you may be fined
   $25 per occurrence.
4. Does Madison have recycling? Recycling is handled through Lac qui Parle County, who
   contracts with Olson Sanitation of Dawson. Recycling pick up schedule is as follows:
   Tuesday – West of 2nd Avenue
   Wednesday – East of and including 2nd Avenue
   Items must be out by 8 a.m.

   Contact the LqP Environmental Office for more information @ (320) 598-3132 or visit
5. Does my dog and/or cat need a license? Dogs over the age of 6 months are required to be
   licensed with proof of vaccination. There is no charge for licenses. Licenses are available at City
   Cats are not required to be licensed.

6. Does my dog and/or cat need to be on a leash? Yes, all dogs and cats are required to be on a
   leash at all times while outdoors.

7. When it snows, can I leave my car parked on the street? Street parking is prohibited during
   and after accumulating snow falls until the streets have been plowed to full width. Violators will
   be ticketed.

8. Who is responsible for maintaining the side walks? The property owner is responsible for all
   sidewalk maintenance. This includes all snow shoveling and repairs. Snow removal is required
   within 24 hours after accumulating snow/ice.

9. Am I required to keep the grass in my yard mowe d below a certain length? Yes. All grass,
   weeds, and vegetation must be kept cut shorter than 6 inches in height. Failure to comply will
   result in city crews mowing the grass at your expense.

10. I do a lot of outside watering. Do I have to pay sewer charges on all of the water I use?
    Water meters for outdoor watering may be purchased from the City. These meters are read twice
    yearly and a credit is given on the sewer charge based on water consumption.

11. When do I need a building permit? The City of Madison has not adopted the state building
    code. However, a zoning permit is needed prior to any construction or reconstruction that affects
    the exterior footprint, moving of any structure, or improvement to any property. Permit
    applications are available at City Hall.

12. Can I park my boat and/or camper on the street overnight? Parking of any trailer or
    commercial vehicles overnight is prohibited

13. Can ATV’s and Golf Carts be driven on city streets? Golf carts may be driven on the
    shoulders of city streets (except Highways 75 & 40, 1st Ave., & 6th Ave. ) when traveling to and
    from the golf course only. ATVs may be driven on the shoulders of city streets for non-
    recreational purposes. Permits are available at City Hall

14. Is outdoor burning allowed in town? Outdoor burning is strictly prohibited. Recreational fires
    burning dry, clean wood are permitted provided that the flame does not exceed 3 ft. in height,
    respecting weather conditions, neighbors, burning banks, and air quality.
                                   Madison History
In 1884, the village of Madison was founded on the rail line of the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railroad.
Land, which at the time was a field of wheat, was purchased from John Anderson. The name Madison
was suggested by C.P. Moe in memory of his former home, Madison, Wisconsin.

In 1885 the village of Madison was incorporated. Both Madison and neighboring Dawson started to
petition for county seat status to replace the first County seat, Lac qui Parle Village. The population sky-
rocketed to 600.

In 1886 the “Independent Press” relocated from Lac qui Parle Village to Madison. Many of the homes in
Lac qui Parle Village were also relocated to Madison. It was not uncommon to see a prairie house
moving cross-country in the horizon. The Lac qui Parle County Fair also began in 1886 at its present site
at the Lac qui Parle County Fairgrounds on the south edge of Madison. The Fair has become known as
the “Little Minnesota State Fair” and attracts more than 20,000 visitors every year.

In 1889 Madison was officially awarded county seat status.

In 1893 a new school building replaces the old one which had been destroyed by fire.

In 1894 the Madison Milling Company incorporated.

In 1895 the common school district changed to an independent school district and a high school was
organized. The first graduate from Madison High School finished in 1897 with the 2 nd in 1898.

In 1899 the Lac qui Parle County Courthouse was built at its current location.

In 1903 the Madison City Hall was built at its current location.

In 1908 the school was expanded.

Throughout the years, four separate fires destroyed Main Street, which resulted in a lack of wood-framed
buildings as Main Street Buildings were replaced with modern brick structures.

In the 1950’s Memorial Athletic Park (baseball field) was erected and is still used today.

In 1960 Madison hit its peak population of 2,380.

In 1987 the High School burned. Also, during the late 1980s the wastewater plant was built

In 1990, the Lac qui Parle Valley High School (grades 7-12) opened to serve the communities of
Madison, Appleton, and Marietta 12 miles east of Madison

In 1998- the current water treatment plant was erected with state of the art technology. It was the first
reverse osmosis (RO) water plant in the State of Minnesota.

In 2001-2002- major renovation of the Madison Public Library
1990s-present- a series of storm sewer, street reconstruction, water and storm sewer projects are

                       Important Phone Numbers
City Hall                   Phone#             Fax#
    404 6 Ave.         (320) 598-7373    (320) 598-7376
Police Department
   600 W. 6 St.        (320) 598-7475    (320) 598-7555
Public Works Building
   616 W. 8 St.        (320) 598-3239    (320) 598-7847
Public Library
    401 6 Ave.          (320) 598-7938   (320) 598-7526
Electric Utilities
    616 W. 8 St.        (320) 598-3060 (320) 598-7847
Municipal Liquor Store
     607 1 St. W.       (320) 598-7900 (320) 598-7376
Swimming Pool
     Slen Park          (320) 598-3766 (seasonal)
Skating Rink
 NE MMN School Grounds (320) 598-3766 (seasonal)
Prairie Arts Center
 506 W. 6 St.          (320) 598-7623
County Asse ssor
 600 W. 6 St.          (320) 598-3187    (320) 598-3125
County Auditor/Treasurer
 600 W. 6 St.          (320) 598-7444    (320) 598-3125
 County Building Services/Landfill
 600 W. 6 St.           (320) 598-3012    (320) 598-3125
 County Engineer
 308 6 A ve. S.         (320) 598-3878 (320) 598-3020
 County Recorder
 600 W. 6 St.          (320) 598-3724    (320) 598-3125
 County Sheriff/Emergency Service s
 600 W. 6 St.          (320) 598-3720    (320) 598-7555
 Court Admini stration
 600 W. 6 St.          (320) 598-3536    (320) 598-3915
 Economic Development
 600 W. 6 St.          (320) 598-7976     (320) 598-7510
 Environmental Office
 600 W. 6 St.           (320) 598-3132    (320) 598-3125
 Family Services
 930 1 Ave. N.          (320) 598-7594    (320) 598-7597
 Veteran Services
 600 W. 6 St.           (320) 598-3445    (320) 598-3125
 Countryside Public Health
 600 6 St.               (320) 598-7313   (320) 598-3125
 Prairie Five CAC
 422 5 A ve.           (320) 598-3118
 Public Transit
 422 5 A ve.           (320) 598-3900

                      Telephone/Internet Services
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company, Bellingham: 320-568-2105, (Internet Service, Fiber/DSL/TI)

Frontier Communications of Minnesota Residential- 800-435-1504, Commercial- 800-953-9335
(Internet, Fiber/DSL/TI, ISP).
MediaCom: 800-332-0245, (Cable and high speed internet)

MVTV Wireless, Granite Falls: 320-564-4807(Cable and wireless internet service)

                                         Natural Gas
Minnesota Energy Resources: 800-303-0752

                                     City Services:
Wate r & Sewe r Service : The City of Madison hosts the state’s first Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment
plant, constructed in 1998. It has a storage capacity of 300,000 gallons, on-site storage capacity of
100,000 gallons, pumping capacity of 450 gal/minutes, average demand is 281,000 gal/day with peak
demand of 400,000 gal/day. Water Hardness is 460 ppm. :

Wastewater is treated by a mechanical wastewater treatment plant with treated wastewater discharged to a
county ditch.

To help pay for a citywide infrastructure replacement project, the City Council has adopted the following
three tier rate step schedule for water and sewer services.

                                         Monthly Water & Sewer Rates

         Utility                               2009        2010          2011
         Water Service Charge
         Residential                         $17.00      $17.00        $17.00
         Usage per 100 gal Residential        $0.77       $0.77         $0.77
         Water Service Charge
         Commercial                          $17.00      $17.00        $17.00
  -      Usage per 100 gal Commercial         $0.87       $0.87         $0.87
         Water Service Charge City           $17.00      $17.00        $17.00
         Usage per 100 gal City               $0.77       $0.77         $0.77
         Sewer Service Charge
         Residential                         $10.50      $14.00        $17.00
         Usage per 100 gal Residential        $0.45       $0.53         $0.61
         Sewer Service Charge
         Commercial                          $10.50      $14.00        $17.00
         Usage per 100 gal Commercial         $0.50       $0.53         $0.61
         Sewer Service Charge City           $10.50      $14.00        $17.00
         Usage per 100 gal City               $0.50       $0.53         $0.61

Electric Utilities: The City of Madison contracts with Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) for
primary power supply and is supplemented from Missouri River Energy Services (MRES). Two
professional individuals are employed by the city to operate and maintain the electrical system. The City
of Madison’s electric rates have consistently ranked among the lowest in the state.

Monthly Electric Rates (as of January 2009)

Residential    Residential    Commerci al     Demand       0-2,000    2,000+      Commerci al      Demand      0-2,000     2,000 +
Base           usage          Single          Charge       KWH        KWH         Three            Charge      KWH         KWH
                              Phase base                   usage                  Phase base                   usage       usage
$7.00          $.0622         $10.00          $5.15        $.0780     $.0660      $13.00           $5.15       $.0635      $.0498

If you have any problem with your sewer, water, or electrical service call City Hall @ (320 ) 598-7373 between 8 AM and 4:30
PM. After hours, call the Madison Police Depart ment @ (320-598-7475 and ask that the dispatcher relay your report to the
appropriate city official.

City Public Works: The Public Works department has nine full time emp loyees (1 superintendent, 1.5 wastewater, 2 water, 2
electric, & 1 meter reader) emp loyees and seasonal part-time emp loyees who are responsible for taking care of the city streets,
park system, and the sewer, water, and electrical system.

City Administrati on: The business office, located at Madison City Hall, 404 6th Ave. comprises 2 FT and 1 PT staff, who
provide full services for the "Madison Public Ut ilit ies" which include account billing, meter read ing along with general
business office functions for the utilities. The office also has responsibility for maintaining the general business for the city
such as: minutes, resolutions, and all ord inance books; serves as the bookkeeper, prepares the required notices of all meet in gs,
serves as the election administrator, custodian of the city seal, signs all documents, posts and publishes required document s as
provided in Minnesota Statutes and the Madison City Charter along with other "admin istrative" and "ministerial" duties for th e
city. Office hours are 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri., closed holidays.

City Police Department: The Madison Police Depart ment is a Co mmunity Oriented Police Depart ment with one Ch ief of
Police and 2 full-t ime police officers. It shares offices with the LqP County Sheriff’s Depart ment . The Police Depart ment
provides 24-hour coverage.

This includes a very intense DARE program, co mmunity meetings, youth bicycle rodeo, periodic patrol on foot and bicycle,
vacation house watch and active participation in the Safe and Sober program. Our o ffice is located at the Lac qui Parle Coun ty
Sheriff's Depart ment which enables us to have a great working relationship with the Sheriff's Depart ment and other area Law
Enforcement agencies.

Sanitation Services: The City of Madison contracts with Olson Sanitation of Dawson for sanitation service. Weekly
residential pickup is on Wednesdays. Co mmercial p ick up varies depending on business needs. Monthly residential rates are
as follows (35 gal.-$14.50, 65 gal-$16.00, $95 gal-$17.50). The city has a “closed lid” policy on garbage cans. Tags for extra
garbage bags may be purchased at City Hall for $2.

Recycling: Recycling is handled through the county. Lq P contracts with Olson Sanitation. Recycling p ick up
Tuesday – West of 2nd Avenue
Wednesday – East of and including 2nd Avenue
Items must be out by 8 a.m.

Contact the LqP Environmental Office fo r more info rmation @ (320) 598-3132 or visit ment.php

Munici pal Li quor Store: The Municipal Liquor Store, located @ 607 1st St. offers a wide array of beer, wine, liquor, and
much more. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. -10 p.m., Mon.-Sat. It is staffed by 1 FT manager and several PT clerks. The store
is self sufficient proceeds go towards city improvement projects.
Madison Public Li brary: Is located across the street from City Hall. The build ing is owned by the City and is member of the
Pioneerland Regional Lib rary System. The library offers a large circulat ion of books, videos/DVDs, public co mputers,
children’s programs, and much more! For more information visit http://mad or call (320) 598-7938.

Prairie Arts Center : Located at 506 6th St. the build ing was acquired by the city in 1973 fro m the former First Lutheran
Church, provides a place where art, drama, music and dance can flourish on the Minnesota prairie. The Lac qui Parle players
put on a variety of performances throughout the year. The build ing may also be rented out for special events. Contact City
Hall @ 320-598-7373 for more information.

Grand Theatre: The theatre has been a treasured landmark on Madison’s Main Street since the early 1900s where the
Popcorn is always poppin and the fun never stoppin. The building is currently o wned by the City of Madison and lea sed to a
private party. Shows are Fri.-Mon. Check m/grand.html or call (320) 598-7301 or current showings.

Swi mming Pool : The Madison Pool is located at the Theodor Slen Memorial Park. Hou rs are fro m 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. Daily
swim t ickets are available as well as single and family season passes. An excellent swimming lesson program is offered by
certified Red Cross instructors. Swimming lessons are taught to children fro m seven area communit ies. Water aerobics, water
volleyball, and other activities are also offered by pool staff. For mo re informat ion contact the pool at (320) 598-3766 June-

Skating Rink: Located on the northeast grounds of the MMN elementary school, hosts a heated warming
house, a general skating rink and a hockey rink enclosed by boards. Is open seasonally Dec.-Feb.,
weather permitting.
Madison Country Club:

Co mmunity Services/City Services (cont.)

Humane Society: The City of Lindstrom is served by the Northwoods Humane Society wh ich is located at 7153 Lake Blvd.
(Highway 8) just east of Forest Lake. Their mailing address is P.O. Bo x 513, Forest Lake MN 55025. Adopt a pet for your
new home by calling them at 651-982-0240.

Mail Service: The Lindstrom Post Office is located at the corner of Park Street and 1st Avenue North. They service area
residents with both post office bo xes and rural delivery. The Postmaster is Connie McKay who can be reached at 651 -257-

Compost Site : The cities of Lindstrom and Ch isago City operate a co mpost site that is open and free to Lindstrom residents. It
is open two days a week between April 15th and (weather permitting) through the Saturday before Thanksgiving. The hours are:
Saturday 9 AM-4 PM & Wednesdays 2 PM - 7 P.M (or sunset in the fall).
The facility is located at the Chisago Lakes Joint Wastewater Treatment Site off County Road 77. City re sidents can compost
leaves, grass clippings, and brush (up to 3" diameter) at no charge. In order to drop off raw co mpost, you will be asked for
identification (drivers license, sewer & water bill and/or tax statement) showing your street address. Anyone without
identification will be charged a fee.
The city normally has a plentiful supply of both compost and wood ch ips for use by area residents. Residents can pick up both
free of charge.
Fro m Lindstrom, residents can go north on County Road #14 (at the To m Thu mb stoplights) to the County Road #19 (Stacy
Trail) intersection to County Road #77 then go north 3/10 mile to the entrance of the Co mpost Site.

Communi ty Center Rental : Adjacent to City Hall, the city of Lindstrom has a co mmunity center that is availab le for use by
area residents. Generally, there is a rental charge that varies with the day of the week, time of the year and type of event.
Lindstrom city residents get a discount from the regular rental fee. The facility has chairs and tables for 300+ including k itchen
facilit ies and a beer tapper. Call Carol at City Hall (651-257-0620) to inquire about rates and availability.
Web Site: The City of Lindstrom maintains a web site that includes information relating to the city, the businesses in the city
and other attractions. The web site address is

Garbage pick up: Lindstrom licenses garbage haulers who are then qualified to pick-up co mmercial or residential refuse in
the city. Those licensed are:
                  Residential curb carts, commercial and roll-off boxes:
         Ace Solid Waste                                                   763-427-3110
         East Central Sanitation                                                    320-358-4078
         SRC                                                                        651-462-5298
         Waste M anagement                                                 1-800-782-7347
         Residential curb carts and roll-off boxes:
         Croix Valley Pick-up                                                       651-257-6316
         Commercial and roll-off boxes:
         Chisago Lakes Sanitation                                            651-257-4763
         Veit Disposal                                                                763-428-8348

Co mmunity Services/City Services (cont.)

Clean-up Day: Lindstrom and the surrounding Chisago Lake To wnship sponsor an annual Clean -up Day which usually
occurs in early May. The Clean-up Day usually takes place in the south parking lot of the Ch isago Lakes High School on
Olinda Trail and 292nd Street.
At the clean-up day the city accepts trash and refuse of all kinds for a fee. Watch the City Newsletter (the Lindstrom Ledger)
for details as the time approaches.

Hazardous Wastes: Ch isago County operates a hazardous household waste collection center in the North Branch Industrial
Park (29649 Grand Avenue). They are open Mondays (except holidays) fro m 2-7 p.m. They will accept automotive products,
fuel, paint, household cleaners, pesticides and other items. Contact Ch isago County Environmental Serv ices at 651 -213-0450
for more info rmation. There is no charge for this service if you are a Ch isago County resident.

Dri ver's & Vehicle Licenses : State law requires that when you change residences you must change the address on your
driver's license with in 30 days. Luckily, there is a Deputy Registrar in our area that can handle that transaction without h aving
to wait in long lines downtown. The Deputy Reg istrar is located at the City Hall in Ch isago City (10625 Railroad Avenue).
Their hours are Monday & Tuesday: 8 AM to 5:30 PM. Wednesday -Friday: 8 AM to 4:30 PM They also transfer vehicle tit les
and renew car, boat and RV license tabs. Their phone number is 651-257-6578.

Lake Water Quality: The residents of the Chisago Lakes area are very protective of the quality of the area lakes. There are
some simple things you can do as a city resident to reduce the phosphates and other pollutants th at get into the area lakes.
Phosphorus and other fertilizers pro mote the growth of lake weeds and impact the quality of the lake water. The area lakes
belong to all of us to use. Be a good
steward and help keep them clean. So me of the practices you should follow include:
1. Do not put leaves or grass clippings into the street. All city storm drains go into
   the area lakes. So when you're cutting the lawn, keep leaves and grass clippings
   out of the gutter. They add to the phosphorus levels of your area lakes.
2. Reduce the use of lawn fertilizers of all kinds. Use only what is called for. The
   city currently has a ban on any fertilizer that contains phosphate. Phosphate free
   fert ilizers are availab le at many local stores.
3. Reduce erosion fro m your lot. If you've just moved into a new house, plant bare
   soils with a fast growing grass to assure that silt does not run from your yard, into
   the gutter or ditch and then into the lake.
There are several organizations that meet to imp rove the quality of the our chain of lakes including the Ch isago Lakes
Restoration Association which is working to re -establish navigable waterways between the area lakes. To learn more about
them contact Joe Tro mberg at 651-257-5404. Another organizat ion concerned about the quality of our area lakes and the lake
levels is the Ch isago Lakes Improvement District. For info rmation about that group contact Dick DeFore at 651 -257-2710.

Munici pal Li quor : The City of Lindstrom owns and operates both an on-sale (The
Lindstrom Muni) and an off-sale liquor facility (Lindstrom Liquors). Both are located

Co mmunity Services/Co mmunicat ion Services (cont.)

on Highway 8 just east of Maple Street. The off -sale facility is touted as having the bes t selection of wine and spirits between
the Twin Cities and the Twin Ports.
Although the profits from both stores help to reduce the property taxes in the city, the city's primary purpose for being in the
liquor business is to retain control over the sale of alcohol in the city.

Communication Services:
News papers: The weekly Chisago County Press annually takes several Minnesota Newspaper Association Awards for
excellence. (call 651-257-5115 for a subscription)
Both the Minneapolis and St. Paul newspapers are available to area residents by carrier. One can order the M inneapolis Star
Tribune by calling 612-673-4343. The
St. Pau l Pioneer Press can be ordered by calling 1-800-678-7737.
Lindstrom residents are kept info rmed about city government functions and city activity with the Lindstrom Ledger which is
published by the city six times a year and delivered free to city residents.

Shopper Publications: Th ree publications featuring ads for area businesses are delivered in the area. The SEARC H shopping
guide has most of the local ads and is distributed by the Chisago County Press (651-257-5115). Other shoppers that have some
local advertising are the PEACH (published by the Forest Lake Times, 651-464-4601 and the INDIANHEAD ADVERTISER
which is published in Wisconsin.

Radi o: W LKX-FM (95.9), is located in nearby Forest Lake but caters to the Twin Cit ies metro area and broadcasts
contemporary Christian Music. They can be reached at 464-6796. KBEK-FM (95.5) located in Mora features oldies music
and broadcasts more news and sporting events of local interest. Their metro phone number is 763-689-5500.
In addition, area residents enjoy a full spectrum o f broadcast music, sports, and informat ion fro m the Twin Cit ies based radio
stations. All AM & FM stations available in the Twin Cit ies broadcast a strong signal into the Chisago Lakes area.

Telephone : Frontier Co mmunications services the Chisago Lakes area fro m its main switching office in Lindstrom. Different
calling plans are available. So me of which allo w residents to call the Twin Cities at no a dditional charge. To contact Frontier
Co mmunicat ions residential customers can call 1-800-483-4000; co mmercial customers can call 1-800-483-5000.

Television: All broadcast Twin City Telev ision Stations are clearly available to all local ho mes using a standard antenna.

Cable TV: U.S. Cab le Co mmunications offers 55 channels (including five premiu m channels and "pay per view") to all
residents in Lindstrom. The local access channel (CLTV) broadcasts local programming includ ing High School Sporting
Events, Governmental Meetings and Hearings. The local cable access channels are operated by CLTV. To Contact U.S. Cable,
call 1-800-332-0245. If you want to volunteer to produce local television programs or have a co mmunity based a nnouncement
you would like on the local access channel, call 651-257-2288.

Co mmunity Services/Education (cont.)

Public Schools: The Chisago Lakes Area School District serves much of the southern third of Chisago County. Known for
high academic standards, the school district has been recognized for excellence by numerous statewide organizat ions. The
current district enrollment for the 2000/2001 school year is 3,538.
The schools serving the area are:
Chisago Lakes S chools District Office
         13750 Lake Blvd. (TH 8), Lindstrom. Supt. Dr. Thomas Dickhudt              651-213-2000
Taylors Falls Elementary (Grades K-5)
         648 West Street, Taylors Falls. Principal: Sherryl Johnson       651-213-2100
Chisago Lakes Primary S chool (Grades K-2),
         11009 284th Street, Chisago City. Principal: Robert Bean         651-213-2200
Lakeside Intermediate S chool (Grades 3-5)
        10345 Wyoming Ave., Chisago City. Principal: Warren Retzlaff              651-213-2300
Chisago Lakes Middle S chool (Grades 6-8)
        13750 Lake Blvd Highway 8, Lindstrom. Principal: Peter Eickren   651-213-2400
Chisago Lakes Senior High (Grades 9-12)
        29400 Olinda Trail, Chisago City. Principal: Robert M asche               651-213-2500
The School Board Elect ion is held in November of each odd numbered year. The current Chisago Lakes School Board
members are:
 Charles Zimmerman, Chair 651-257-2603       Wade Carlson, Treasurer 651-257-2298
 Gerald Vitalis, Vice-Chair  651-257-4496    M ark Leigh, Director         651-257-9551
 Cheryl Fish, Clerk         651-257-4631     Kimberly Palmer, Director 651-213-0629

Communi ty Educati on: The Chisago Lakes School District offers a wide variety of Co mmunity Education classes that meet
throughout the year. For the most current listing of classes call the Co mmunity Education Depart ment at 651-213-2601.

Private Schools: Chisago Lakes Baptist Academy is located west of Chisago City. The private facility offers a religious based
education for students aged kindergarten through grade 12. They can be contacted at 651 -257-4587.

Electric & Natural Gas Service:
XCEL Energy: Dependable electric and natural gas service is supplied by Xcel Energy (fo rmerly Northern States Power
Co mpany) and maintains a service dispatch center in Forest Lake. To inquire a bout changing your electrical or gas service, use
the following nu mbers:
                  Electric Emergency (power outage):            1-800-895-1999
                  Gas Emergency (gas odor):                             1-800-895-2999
                  Questions about gas or electric service:      1-800-895-4999
                  Streetlight out? - call City Hall               651-257-0620

Gopher State One-Call: Befo re you dig a hole in your yard, make sure you are not
digging near buried gas, electric or phone lines by calling: 1-800-628-2121. There is no charge to a resident for this service.
Co mmunity Services/Library Services (cont.)

Library Services:
The public library is located on Highway 8 in Lindstrom and is part of the East Central Regional Library (ECRL) system
located in Camb ridge, Minnesota and whose director is Bob Boese (763 -689-1901). While the City of Lindstrom p rovides the
facilit ies, the hours and other operational decisions are made by the ECRL. Th e phone number for the Lindstrom Library is
651-257-2817. The librarian is Susan Wilson.
 Lindstrom Library Hours:           Monday: Closed           Friday: 1:30 - 8
                                    Tuesday: 1:30 to 8                Saturday: 10 - 3
                                    Wed. & Thurs.: Noon to 6
The Lindstrom Library also is supported by a group of volunteers appointed by the City Council. The Lindstrom Library
Board members are:
  Keith Carlson              651-257-1777 Joan Carlson          651-257-1777
  M ary Grundhoeffer         651-257-6475 Debra Nelson     651-257-5040
  Tim Peterson      651-257-6732 Dorothy Stene     651-257-4401
  Sue Johnson         651-257-2274 Darcy Nelson    651-257-1829
  Curt Flug                  651-257-9651

Medical Facilities:
Fairview Hospi tal : The Chisago Lakes Hospital served as a regional health center until 1998 when a new hospital was
constructed in the city of Wyoming. The phone number for the new Hospital is 651 -982-7000. The old hospital building
continues to serve as an outpatient medical clinic. Call 651 -257-8400 for an appoint ment.
St. Croix Regional Medical Center: A growing medical facility that many area residents use is the St. Croix Regional
Medical Center and Hospital in nearby St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. Their toll-free phone number is 1-800-642-1336.
City Parks & Playgrounds
Lindstrom now has seven major City parks with two new parks planned for co mpletion prior to 2003. For more detailed
informat ion on the Lindstrom Park system, contact Park Director Stacy Pearson (651 -257-3943) or city hall:
Lion's Park: Located next to City Hall on Sy lvan Avenue, this park has playground equipment, a p icnic shelter, a large
charcoal grill, and an island connected to rest of the park via a quaint covered bridge.
Li brary Park: Located next to the Library at the corner of Linden Street and Highway 8, this small city park features new
playground equipment, picn ic tables and park benches for local residents and visitors alike.
Lindstrom Beach Park: At the west end of Newell Avenue lies the Lindstrom Swimming Beach Park which also inco rporates
a fishing pier, picn ic shelter, sand-pit volleyball, playground equipment, open areas and other activities.
Pump House Park: This smaller park is located on North Lakes Trail (CSAH 20) and 3rd Avenue. It features a small
softball/soccer field, a hard surface half-court basketball area and playground equipment for the neighborhood children to
Co mmunity Services/City Parks & Playgrounds (cont.)

Skate Park: Two outdoor skating rinks are located one block east of City Hall on Sy lvan Avenue. One of the rin ks is availab le
for public ice skat ing.
Pleasant Hill Park: This open area is tucked away between Elm Street and Pleasant Avenue west of Newlander Avenue. It
has some playground equipment and a neighborhood ball field.
North Meadow Park : One o f the city's newest parks, this facility boasts a softball field, p ractice soccer field, playground
equipment, picn ic tables, half-court basketball facility and a tetherball court. Th is new park is located on North Meadow Drive
just off County Road 19 (Stacy Trail) in the northern part of the city.
Town & Country Park: Currently under construction, when completed, this facility will feature walking/exercise paths,
playground a climbing wall and activ ity equipment fo r all ages. The park is located near the intersection of Neal Avenue and
299th Street, a b lock east of Olinda Trail in the southern part of the city.
Future Parkland: The city is in the process of attempting to secure additional park areas on the northern boundary of the city.

Other Recreational Facilities
School Facilities: Because the Chisago Lakes High School and M iddle School are located within the city, their athlet ic
facilit ies add to the amenities available to
city and area residents. Their ball fields, tennis courts and other recreational equip ment are often availab le fo r use by
Lindstrom residents.
Swi mming Pool: Attached to the Chisago Lakes High School is an Oly mp ic sized swimming pool that can be used by
members of the commun ity. The pool hours for public use are Monday, Wednesday and Friday fro m 7 P.M. to 8:30 P.M .
fro m June through the end of February. A nominal fee is charged for use by the public. Du ring March, April and May of each
year the pool is not available for public use.
Chisago Lakes Arena: The area is fortunate to have an indoor ice skating facility for use by area students and residents. For
a nominal fee, the rink is open for public skating on Saturdays at 10 PM to Midnight. They can be reached at 651 -257-8694.
Ki -Chi-Saga Park: Chisago County also maintains a large park in the area, Ki-Chi-Saga Park on Glader Boulevard, located
just south of the city.
State Parks: Two State Parks (Wild River State Park near Almelund and Inter State Park in Tay lors Falls) are bot h within 15
minutes of Lindstrom.
LARA: The organization of youth sports in the area is handled by the Lakes Area Recreation Association (LARA). If you are
interested in enrolling your kids in youth sports or would like to volunteer to help call Mike Cunningham at 651-433-3652.
Chisago Lakes Golf Club: Lindstrom is fortunate to have an 18-hole public golf course. The facility includes a pro shop,
driving range and restaurant. They offer golf lessons and various leagues as well. They're open fro m April through October.
For more info rmation call 651-257-1484.
Co mmunity Services/Cultural Attractions (cont.)

Cultural Attractions
Several varied cultural events occur in the Chisago Lakes Area each year.
Karl Oskar Days: Lindstrom's Karl Oskar Days is the largest community celebrat ion in the County and is held in July to
celebrate our city's Swedish heritage. Activit ies include an arts and crafts fair, ethnic foods and entertainment, a street dance,
fireworks, and several parades.
Ki -Chi-Saga Days: In September, Chisago City's Ki-Chi-Saga Days features the area's largest arts and crafts fair, food booths,
various dances, a Sunday parade and other festivities.
Wanigan Days: The historic city of Taylors Falls holds their annual city celebration in July featuring tours of the city's historic
district, music and a parade.
Celebration of the Lakes: In an effort to brighten up the winter months, the Chisago Lakes Chamber of Co mmerce sponsors
this event which features hot air balloon launches, ice racing, dances, food, an ice fishing contest, medallion hunt and more.
The event normally occurs the last weekend of January.
Center City Days: Center City has their annual celebration generally around the last week in Ju ly. In the past it has featured a
community picn ic, b ingo, free co rn feed, street dance, craft sale and other activities.
Buffalo Stampede : During the last weekend in June, Eichten's Cheese in Shafer
holds an event in July that features Native American dancing, food and festivities.
Sportsmen's Club Picnic : The second weekend in August, the Chisago Lakes Sportsmen's Club has a community picn ic
which features kids games, trap shooting, volley ball, bingo and food.
Threshing Party : The third weekend in August is the annual Almelund Threshing Party which g ives folks the opportunity to
see how farms operated in the early 1900's. It features an antique engine and tractor display plus great food and entertainment
for the entire family.
Harmony In The Parks: The Lindstrom Park Co mmission, with financial assistance from the East Central Regional Arts
Council and several local donations, sponsors a music series in Lion's Park every Wednesday night during June and July. Th e
series of live music concerts features a diverse selection of musical groups. Watch the Lindstrom Ledger for the concert
schedule each spring.
Communi ty Theater: Two theater companies, Masquer's Theater Company, headquartered in nearby Forest Lake (651 -464-
5823), and the St. Cro ix Festival Theater in St. Croix Falls (651 -257-2991) d raws both actors and audience from the Chisago
Lakes Area. They coordinate several professional productions each year.

                                                               - 10 -
Co mmunity Services/Winter Ru les (cont.)

                                                    WINTER RULES
On-Street Parking: Lindstrom prohib its parking on city streets, alleys and public parking lots - Between November 15th and
April 1st between the hours of 2 AM and 6 AM. The purpose of the ordinance is to allow the City to keep streets clear of snow
and make winter mo re bearable for all of us. Please remind your overnight guests of the winter parking regulations.
Sidewalks - The owner and/or occupant of a property must clear the snow and ice off of any sidewalk adjacent to their property
within 24 hours of when the snowfall begins.
Fire Hydrants - Lindstrom tries to keep the snow fro m around fire hydrants, but we encourage citizens to help keep them
visible and accessible to the fire depart ment. Keeping a nearby hydrant clear could be a good way to teach your children the
value of contributing to a commun ity and make it a citizenship project.
Snowmobiles/ATV's - Snowmobiles and ATVs are restricted to the far right hand side of streets, alleys, and ditches. They
must stay off sidewalks, b ikepaths, and boulevards, plus all private property. Also, snowmobiles may travel no faster than 10
MPH within the city limits.

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