Principles for Total Prosperity In Business And Beyond

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					by: Geela

Are you looking for that something to give you the winning edge in your business? Is success
still elusive even after burning both ends of the candle? Well, you may be looking for success in
al the wrong places or you may not have an accurate picture of what true success is.

In a fast-paced society thats driven by a mentality of more is better, extreme stress and lack of
fulfillment are inevitable in every facet of our lives, including work.

In the quest for profit in the current win-lose business climate, the prevailing mind-set is that you
cant really win without someone else losing. Businesses such as Enron, which are driven by the
love of power and money instead of power of love, are proof that no matter how big a business it
will eventually collapse in the absence of a solid foundation characterized by integrity, a strong
work ethic and a values system that puts people first.

The widespread misconception that external riches automatically lead to a richer inner life (i.e.
happiness and even self-worth) becomes the driving force behind everything we do. As a result,
our pursuit of success becomes narrowly defined as in He with the most toys lives, rather than
He with the most joy lives. Sure, we have more toys, but they only produce artificial joy. Since
you cant take it with you, there has to be a point to what you do. After all are you living to work
or working to live? Sooner or later it becomes evident that no amount of money or trophies can
fill the void created by a malnourished spirit. Then how is it possible to achieve success in
business thats both lasting and fulfilling? How do you get the winning edge both in business and
in your personal life? Its the best-kept secret by the worlds most successful people who
experience lasting success and a sense of fulfillment as well.

While its common knowledge that in retailing the determining factor for success is location,
location, location, theres another little known element that has to do more with our approach to
life. Its far more effective than mere positive thinking, affirmations or stale traditional business
strategies and practices. Its never subject to change (unlike everything else in life). Its something
that has the power to produce total prosperity (from health to wealth) with a sense of fulfillment,
purpose and real joy. It can also provide you with a short-cut for helping your business expand
by stimulating creativity, thereby providing opportunities to positively impact your bottom line.
But best of all its free and it works. So what is this magic formula for success and total

Whether we realize it or not, we are spiritual beings experiencing the human experience and not
the other way around. As such, we were meant to live a life of meaning, purpose and abundance,
by connecting with our spiritual roots. This means that everything we do must be spirit-filled and

Its been my experience (as a young immigrant who came to this country with absolutely nothing,
but eventually was able to overcome adversity and achieve success) that greater degrees of
success can be achieved by anyone regardless of their circumstances, simply by implementing a
system which I call The Principles For Successful Living. These are spiritually-based principles
that have worked for me and for many of the worlds most successful business people. They help
create real winners and true success.

These powerful principles, which are characterized by integrity, a strong code of ethics, giving
and the honoring of all living things, provide practical solutions to many of the most perplexing
problems that plague entrepreneurs and business owners today. Living by these principles is the
difference between surviving and thriving, where you are not merely making a living but also
making a difference.

However, to achieve greater levels of success, you must be willing to explore new ways of
thinking and abandon the conventional wisdom of business as usual. Following are some of the
key elements for anyone desirous of achieving real success (i.e. total prosperity - everything
from health to wealth to a sense of higher purpose, meaning, fulfillment and real joy):

   1. Recognize that everything in life, including making money, is a function of spirit which
      shapes and influences every facet of your life, including your business.
   2. Aim for doing business with purpose, where profit making equals profit sharing as well.
      Everything you do must be spirit-filled and spirit-directed with a strong work ethic,
      integrity, and putting people first.
   3. Become a magnet of total prosperity by adopting the motto when I help you win, I win,
      even with your competitors.
   4. Make sure that your business goals, practices and policies create a work environment that
      nurtures and rewards your employees beyond the monetary value.
   5. The seed of money is service. Always go the extra mile by offering something of value
      that can benefit the people you are dealing with.
   6. Create passionate work by viewing money as a tool to make a difference and be the
      change you wish to see in the world.

Obviously, there is much more to it than that (I go into this topic in-depth in my new book The
American Dream). However, its a good start for anyone searching for the path to real success and
total prosperity. As my father used to say, there are three types of people in the world: those who
make things happen, those who let things happen and those who wonder what the heck ever
happened. Understanding this concept can mean the difference between success and failure in
business. So dont just wait for good things to happen to you or for your ship to come in. Instead,
take action and swim to the ship trusting in the power of the principles for successful living to
guide you to safe shores and glory. Now that makes good sense, and good business as well.

This article was posted on December 03, 2004

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