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									by: Bryan Small

On Jan 1st 2005 a new online payment processor and wealth-building system will be arriving on
the Internet. PayAces CEO Pedro Dispenza kindly took time out to answer some questions about
this new service. Interviewed by Bryan Small 2004

[Bryan] Pedro, PayAce - ANOTHER online payment processor? Does the online community
need another electronic payments system?

[Pedro] I believe that with the number of people that daily gain access to the internet, there will
be room for many similar service providers, just like there are many different banks in the real

[Bryan] In a nutshell, could you give a brief overview of what the PayAce system can offer
individuals that other payment processors can't?

[Pedro] We are truly international, having no borders thus gives the individual access to the
entire world.

[Bryan] What can PayAce offer to merchants that are interested in this system?

[Pedro] With the multicurrency support we offer, the incredible variety of payments methods to
fund an account and with an international audience, merchants will increase their sales.

[Bryan] There's a lot of competition out there. How do you think you'll fare?

[Pedro] We believe by offering a very attractive affiliate program, people worldwide will
encourage their friends and relatives to enrol in PayAce.

[Bryan] The official launch date is 1st Jan 2005 yet youre accepting members already. I think
this is the earliest opening in a new online business I've ever seen. Any particular reason for this?

[Pedro] We are basically promoting the business opportunity, rather than our services. When our
program is launched, we expect to have solved the question of what comes first, the chicken or
the egg? Because we will have 100,000 members by this date it will be no p roblem to attract
merchants to support our system and then when we have the merchants we will not have a hard
time to attract hundreds of thousand of new members that are interested in our services.

[Bryan] PayAce has put up for sale, the topmost positions in the company's commission structure
to whomever wants them. These positions are very lucrative and normally reserved for the
company itself. What's your reasoning behind this move?

[Pedro] We are a private company, and to remain a private company without external control or
influence, we have decided to get the required funds for this operation by selling out the top
positions. Now we are dealing with members only and all of us share the same interest - quality
services and residual income.
[Bryan] The company is depositing One Hundred Dollars into the account of whoever joins up. I
can see a lot of people feeling a bit dubious about this and asking 'What's The Catch?' How can
you possibly sustain such generosity?

[Pedro] The 'catch' is this, and it will be part of the terms and regulations that we will publish on
our website within the next few days. The $100 will be paid over a period of 5 years (60 months)
59x$1.65 1x$2.65. To be entitled to the monthly payment, one should at least login to their
account one time per month. We expect to get many members that will also be loyal members
(for at least 5 years).

[Bryan] What made you decide to start this business? What was your inspiration or motivation?

[Pedro] Six years ago I started a company selling payment cards. Three years later I started an IT
company with the purpose of developing virtual payment services linked to payment cards.

[Bryan] What's been your major challenges/obstacles so far? How did you overcome them?

[Pedro] Our main obstacles over the years were the banks and providers of payment cards. With
the world changing all the time, especially after the 9/11 tragedy, we have faced many situations
of card programs being cancelled. To eliminate this problem, we have extended our relations
with financial institutions. We can now promote cards from seven different banks. The second
major hurdle has been the marketing of our services. We believe to have overcome this by
launching PayAce long before it will be active.

[Bryan] What's the least favourite part of running this business?

[Pedro] I can't think of one.

[Bryan] Do you have a favourite part?

[Pedro] I experience a lot of joy and excitement from the incredible feedback we are receiving
from our members. The VIP program has brought forward many devoted, loyal and dedicated
individuals that have put their hope and faith for a better future in PayAce. It's my challenge to
fulfil their dreams.

[Bryan] I know at this stage of starting a new service like this that you must be extremely bus y.
Id like to thank you for taking the time to do this interview.

[Pedro] No problem, it was my pleasure.

Interested in PayAce? You can check out the Internets only private payment and wealth-building
system at:

This article was posted on July 16, 2004

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