DISTRICT POW WOW 1997 by fjwuxn


									                    July 30th –Aug 2nd , 2009 - (Thursday thru Sunday)

                                “The Last Round Up!”
That’s right guys it’s Pow-Wow time. Time for Worship, praise, fun, friends, fellowship and
relaxation. Pow-Wow is our big event and we want you to come and have an awesome time.
Commanders it time for prayer we want you to begin praying right now for an outpouring of the
Holy Spirit at Pow-Wow this year. It’s my desire to see every boy that attends Pow-Wow to be
changed to be ignited in a real life changing way. So let’s start Pow-Wow Preparations on our
knees before we ever get a tent off the shelf.

Camp New Hope brings with it a new Outpost Competition! With the Western/Cowboy theme
we decided to hold a Covered wagon race. Each Outpost will build a covered wagon and race
it around a predetermined course with obstacles and a few surprises along the route. The
complete set of rules is included later in this packet.

 Camp New Hope has some good places to camp; however some areas are a little light
on shade so make sure and bring an awning or two. The Campsite Award will be on the
fore front of everyone’s thought. The score sheet is included later in this Packet

The Junior Leadership Training Academy will be running prior to Pow-Wow as usual.
We have JTC, JTT, JMC, JFC, JSC, and Honor Guard Camp. If you have, boys in your
Outpost that would like to attend Academy contact Commander Tim Bowman.

COST: $80.00 per person/$75.00 for additional Family Members if paid by the
Pre-Registration Deadline June 12, 2009. After June 121th $90.00 & $85.00
                            Includes:      (1) Powwow T-shirts, 2) Patches,
                               Meals:      Thursday – Supper
                                           Friday - Breakfast, Lunch, Supper
                                           Saturday - Breakfast, Lunch, Supper
                                           Sunday - Breakfast
CAMP THEME: “Last Round UP! ” Matthew 18:12-14 “…if a man owns a
hundred sheep and one wanders away, will he not leave the rest and find the lost …”
This theme brings a western feel to our camp this year. This should bring a multitude of ideas
for archways, standards, yells and songs. This theme also helps to remind us that the end is
near and we should be doing all we can to bring the lost into the herd! We are really excited and
anxious to see those camp archways uo all long the roadway. So don’t hold back and bring
your best creation to camp and take home a trophy.

              See You At Camp NEW HOPE!
           Sammy Moppin, District Commander
                      Council Fire Speaker
                                 Rick Dostal

We are excited and honored to have Rick Dostal with us this yea as the
Pow-Wow speaker. Rick has been a main stay in Royal Rangers holding
positions with the national Office such as Training Coordinator, FCF
President and Camp Eagle Rock Coordinator. Rick has had the
opportunity to speak at many differ rent Royal Rangers event and we are
lucky to have him here with us this year. Rick will inspire the boys of this
district as speaks wearing his western attire.

Rick has a ture heart for the boys and men of Royal Rangers and I know
that he will allow the Spirit of God to guide and direct him while speaking to

Commanders I believe we are in the last days that is why we chose the
theme the “THE LAST ROUND UP” each and everyone of us have kids in
our Outpost, Churches, and cities that need Jesus. I pray that this theme
bring to your mind those kids that are around us everyday that truly need
Jesus. I pray and am asking you to pray with me that this Pow-Wow will
equip our Royal Ranger Boys to go out and help “Round UP” the lost kids
in our communities and bring them in.

Please begin to pray with me now that God will show us his glory, and that
we will grow in terriorty as we reach these kids for Christ.
      WELCOME - 2009 Summer Royal Ranger’s - POWWOW
          We hope to see every outpost participate in this “AWSOME EVENT.” We have lots of exciting
activities planned for the boys such as: Archery, Paintball, Cardboard Race and more. Friday and
Saturday are Fun days with events for all. To fully enjoy this opportunity, it is important that you carefully
read the entire contents of this camp packet.

                                           GET ORIENTED
          One of the first things to do after you have set up camp is to get oriented to the area. Review the
Camp Schedule to see if there are any changes posted at Backer Lodge and at the Concession area.
Staff will be working around the camp in various capacities if you need assistance please contact one of
                                            PASTORS DAY
        Friday will be promoted as Pastors Day. This is an opportunity for your pastor to come to camp
and enjoy the activities with your outpost. Have them stick around for dinner that evening. Pastor plan to
attend our evening council fire service with your outpost, you may even want to spend the night in a
special VIP area with your outpost and watch your boys compete in the Saturday events including the
“Covered Wagon Races”. The pastor’s camp fee and meals are free. All pastor’s attending will receive a
patch and T-shirt. Be sure to check in at the Staff Lodge.

         Camp staff members will be located at various events and activities around camp. They will be
glad to assist you in any way they can - particularly in the area they are assigned to. If more information is
needed check at the Staff Lodge and someone will be happy to radio the staff member you are looking for.

        Because of warm climate, the official dress of the POWWOW is the POW WOW T-SHIRT and
jeans or shorts. After registration you will receive 1 Camp T-shirts and 2 Camp Patches, for everyone in
your outpost. We can only guarantee T-shirts and patches to those who pre-register.

         A variety of equipment and other items will be used for each event. Please do not move,
re-arrange, or use these items unless you are invited to do so. These items have been placed here at
great effort and expense.

           The camp is open for visitation on Saturday beginning after breakfast and continuing until 4:00
p.m. that same evening. It is an opportunity for parents, children, and spouses to come up and take in a
little of the Powwow experience. There have been a growing number of guests on Saturdays to witness
the spectacle of our annual “Covered Wagon Race”. We encourage those who would like to visit to check
in and out at the Staff Lodge upon entering and exiting the camp. We look forward to spending the
afternoon with you.
This event will be returning from last by popular request. We will be using the Genesis
Compound bows for this exciting shooting competition. The event will be scored by the boys
age not the group he is a part of. That means there will be first, second, and third places for boys
age 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14-15, and 16-18. This will provide the boys with a level competition
and give them a better opportunity to place in medal contention.

                             BB GUN SHOOT
We will be having an Individual and Team BB Gun Competition. Each Outpost can register up
to 3 teams of 5 boys on a team. The winning teams will be given trophies. Like wise we will be
holding an individual shoot as well with prizes awarded in the different age categories.

That’s right paintball! On Friday afternoon the only events that will be open will be FCF Village
and Paintball. Each boy will have the opportunity to shoot paintballs. We are constructing a
walking shoot for the Discovery Rangers. In this event the boys will walk a marked trial in which
they will shoot at a variety of targets and overcome obstacles along the way. The Adventure &
Expedition Rangers will get to play a 45 minute endless game called “Resurrection”. After a boy
gets shot he will go to a “Safe House” where he will wait 5 minutes before being turned back out
into the field of play. There will be poles setup throughout the field which will have a two-ended
flag placed in the top of each pole. The object of the game is to have more of your teams color
flags facing up than the other team. At the end of the game the team with the most flags up wins.

We will provide each boy with semi-automatic guns, protective gear, and 200 paintballs to start.
Each boy can purchase additional paintballs at $3.00/100 balls. Adventure Rangers will play
against other Adventure Rangers, and Expedition Rangers against other Expedition Rangers.

This year we are going to try something a little different. If a boy has his own paintball marker,
they may bring it with them; however, the boys Senior Commander must retain possession of the
marker until the proper time then regain possession of the marker upon completion of the
paintball competition. If any boys are found with a maker during any other time then his
prescribed time he will be sent home. If you bring your own marker, it will be tested and
adjusted to fire at 280 fps. Any questions need to be clarified with Commander Sammy Moppin
before you bring the marker to camp.
                           FCF VILLAGE
The FCF Village should be a center point of our camp. I am personally asking
every FCF member to set up a lodge in the village even if you are unable to stay in
it or not. I would really like to make the village an awesome place to visit this
year. The village will be open Friday and Saturday afternoon so all the FCF people
should be in outfits and ready to shine. This is a great opportunity to bring your
boys by and let them see and learn more about what FCF is all about. There will
be frontier demonstrations, crafts, and storytelling for all. All FCF members need
to be in costume and participate in showing the boys around the Village, sharing
with them the spirit of FCF.
1. Please bring lifejackets with you. The camp does have a limited supply of life jackets for us.
   Thank You.

2. Please remember to have 6 people up at the dining hall for your assigned meal at least 30
   minutes before we are to eat. Your section is also responsible for cleanup after that meal.
   This responsibility belongs to everyone in the section not just the six who helped to serve the

3. The meal assignments are as follows:

Section 1:            Friday Breakfast
Section 5:            Friday Lunch
Section 2:            Friday Dinner
Section 4:            Saturday Breakfast
Section 3:            Saturday Lunch
Section 6:            Saturday Dinner
Staff    :            Sunday Breakfast

4. New Hope has a swimming pool. Please instruct your boys on the buddy system and practice
   it before you come to camp. We will need each Outpost to send Commanders with their boys
   when they come to the swimming area. Please check the schedule and bring the boys at the
   appropriate time do not bring them if their age group is not supposed to be there.

5. Camp New Hope is a large camp. The buddy system will in effect during Pow-Wow if any
   staff member finds a boy by himself he will be taken to the main lodge and released only to
   the Senior Commander of his Outpost. There is a lot to see and do at the camp we want
   every boy to experience the excitement scenes and beauty of Camp New Hope however, we
   want them to be safe as well, be sure your boys understand the buddy system and use it.
                                       POW WOW RULES
The following rules and regulations governing the Powwow are outlined for your Outpost safety as well as their
enjoyment of the facilities we have available. We must always keep in mind to leave the area in better condition
than when we came. A Powwow experience will never be forgotten by the boys or leaders, therefore it should be a
good experience for all and left with the desire to return next year. The rules should be covered with your outpost so
the boys and leaders understand what is expected of them.

         control and supervise the boys in their outpost at all times. Boys should travel to and from events using the
         buddy system. There should be no one wandering around alone. Know where your boys are going and
         make sure they have proper supervision. There is always the possibility of an accident.

            Properly clear the area for a fire. Fires are permitted ONLY in fire barrels! Camp New Hope does not
             provide us Fire Barrels. If you plan on having a fire in your camp you will need to bring a Fire Barrel or
             pit with you!
            Each fire shall have a bucket of water and sand readily available.
            Be sure there are no overhanging trees over the fire.
            Boys are not allowed to bring liquid fire starting fluid to camp.
            No candles or fuel lanterns will be allowed in tents or cabins.
            Make sure that when you leave your campsite that all fires are extinguished.

           Only boys who have completed the Royal Ranger Tool Craft course shall be allowed to use knives
            and/or axes.
           No sheath knives are allowed. Boys should bring pocket knives only.

4.       SWIMMING: Swimming will only be permitted during the scheduled times and in designated areas only! No
         boys may go into the water without a commander supervising them. NO EXCEPTIONS! The “Buddy
         System” will be strictly enforced in the swimming area/pool.

5.       REGISTRATION FORM & INSURANCE: Each boy is required to have a medical release and permission
         forms filled out in their entirety. Every commander/father needs to have a medical release and Pastor’s
         certification filled out in their entirety. The Senior Commander needs to keep one copy on file at his
         campsite and turn one copy in to the District when they register.

6.       PRAYER: Commander we ask that you start praying and fasting now that there will be many boys coming
         to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and being filled with the Holy Spirit during our council fire
         times. This is what Pow Wow is all about! Commit to pray daily that the Lord will move in a mighty way.

7.       COUNCIL FIRE: All Rangers and commanders must attend ALL morning and evening services. No one is
         to be left back in the campsite. It is also a time for announcements and presentations that you do not want
         to miss.

8.       VEHICLES: Vehicles will be allowed into the campsites for loading and unloading only. They must be
         removed as soon as they are unloaded. Due to the location of the camping area it may be necessary to
         offload your outpost equipment into a trailer and have it towed to your campsite. Any outpost that has not
         removed their vehicles from their campsite by morning assembly on Friday will not be eligible for Awards
         let’s be considerate and patient with the new arrangements.

9.       RESTROOMS AND SHOWERS: This camp has restrooms and shower facilities. We will be assigning
         some outposts to help us clean the restrooms and showers each evening. Remember we want to leave a
         good impression of Royal Rangers, as we would like to use this facility annually. If the restrooms need
         attention, please notify someone on the District Staff.
               GENERAL POW WOW                                                    RULES
1. Each Outpost Commander will be responsible for the conduct of his Outpost.

2. Do not bring Ranger Kids to the Powwow. Pow-wow’s are geared for Discovery, Adventure, and
   Expedition Rangers.

3. All garbage must be kept in garbage bags. Full garbage bags need to be placed in the dumpster
   behind the Dining hall for disposal.

4. No one is to take a short cut through another campsite.

5. The time between lights out (taps) and reveille must be respected. That includes keeping quiet while
   remaining in your camping area. No one is to be about the camp after Taps. The only exception to this
   rule is the Ranger Patrol and Camp Staff.

6. No one is to be in the Council Fire Area or Swimming Area except when he is instructed to go there.

7. All flashlights will remain off at the Council Fire Area until after the council fire is over.

8. There will be no cutting of live trees or saplings. There are no lashing materials available at this site.
   Bring your own lashing materials for projects and please take all materials home with you.

9. No ditching of tents or digging pits for fire or dish water disposal.

10. All camp fires must be in a fire barrel.

11. All Outposts are expected to attend all assemblies. Anyone remaining in the outpost camp area
    without special permission from the Camp Commander during an assembly or activity will cost the
    Outpost points toward the campsite award.
              Competition Abounds
While at Pow-Wow, you find many, many competitions, awards, games and activities. Below is
a list of the Awards that are available to individuals and Outpost during Pow-Wow. So come
ready to show your stuff and shine.

Best Archway – Outpost Award
Best Standard – Outpost Award
Best Song/Yell – Outpost Award
Best Campsite – Outpost Award
Campsite Award – Outpost Award
Largest Outpost – Outpost Award
Most Spirit – Outpost Award
Covered Wagon Race:
     1st, 2nd, 3rd, Most Authentic Wagon, Outpost Award
      1st 2nd 3rd – in each respective age group –
       Individual Award
BB Gun – Team 1st, 2nd, 3rd
           Individual 1st 2nd 3rd – in each respective age

Some of the Sectional Events will be for Individual
Award as well.

   Covered Wagon Race!


                     Covered Wagon Race!

                           THE CHALLENGE
Each outpost is to design and build a boy powered Covered Wagon, Similar to
those used to haul goods in the glory days of the Cowboys!

THE RULES       (Well, most of them anyway.)
A.    The minimum Spec. 6 feet long and 3 foot wide. Minimum ground
      clearance 10inches. The Wagon will be constructed of wood, the wheels
      can be no wider then 5 inches wide, and must be of the spoke variety ie
      bicycle. Each wagon will need a wooden draw bar. All steering mechanisms
      made of wood. The wagon must be covered in the style and spirit of the old
      west Conestoga wagons.

B.    The wagon will have to be powered by at least two boys and no more then
      4. One boy can walk with the wagon to maintain stability. The maximum
      allowed will be 5 boys per team. An Outpost can have more then 1 team.
      (Keep in mind that this will be a heat style race in which double or single
      elimination will occur so you may want to construct more then one wagon if
      you plan on having more then one team)

C.    The entire wagon – including body, superstructure, and seating – must be
      made entirely of wood. Any thickness is permissible: however the lighter
      the wagon the easier it will be to pull. The wheels can be Bicycle wheels.

D.    All crews must consist of friendly and reasonably warm-blooded characters.

E.    The wagon must be pulled by boy power around the course. If the wagon
      brakes down on the course it must be fixed by the team that is assigned to
      the wagon.

F.    The wagon will be maneuvered around a course with various stations where
      a member from the team must complete a skill. If the skill is not complete a
      time penalty will be assessed to the team. Every member of the team must
      do something on the course besides pull the wagon or walk beside it.

G.    Some safety matters – Each wagon will be inspected for safety before it will
      be allowed to compete. Any safety issues will be fixed before it is allowed
      on the course.
H.       All heats will be timed and run head to head with two or more teams.
         The winner of each heat will be determined by the team that completes the
         course first with the fewest penalties.

I.      The format for racing will be either single or double elimination depending
        on the number of wagons to compete on race day.

                                   The Course!

     The course will be timed from beginning to end each station will hold a simple
                   skill or activity that must be completed properly.

1.) Shoot a buffalo – using a paintball maker one member of the team must hit a
buffalo target with a paintball. Team can not leave until the target is hit.

2. Repair a fence – one member of the team will need to connect 2 ropes together
using a sheet bend and square knot. The knots must be tied correctly if not a 5
second penalty will be assessed.

3. Rope a steer – using the supplied lariat a member of the team must rope the
head/horns of the steer. Team can not leave until the steer has been roped.

4. Build a small camp fire and burn a string – the team must build a small camp
fire capable of creating a flame large enough to burn string in two. The team can
not leave until the string is burnt in two. (the team can supply their own fire
material however some will be provided.

5. Build a Lean to – using the supplied materials the team will need to work
together to build a simple lean to. Thee team will not be able to leave until the
lean to in constructed properly.

6. Repair a wheel – using the supplied materials a member of the team must
remove a wheel form the supplied axle and replace it with the new wheel. The
team can not continue until the wheel has been replaced.

7. The land rush – after completing the last station the teams will be on a full out
sprint to get back the finish line where they will have to remove there flag from
their wagon and place it in the ground in the marked area behind the finish area.
First, Second and Third Place
Awarded to the top three finishers with the least time to complete the course.
(Assuming that we have three finishers)

Pride of the West!
The Most Authentic looking Wagon, taking into account creative design..

Team Spirit Award
Most spirited and best-organized outpost. Looks don’t count here.

CITY________________________________ ZIP________________
PHONE NUMBER______________________________
CHURCH NAME_________________________________ OUTPOST #_______
GOLD MEDAL (What Year)______________                  Age:______________
SENIOR COMMANDER________________________ PHONE______________
The Northern Missouri District will pay your District Pow-wow fee and you will serve as a
special Pow-wow Staff member in recognition of your outstanding achievement in earning the
Gold Medal of Achievement.
Your responsibilities will be to help with registration, security, maintain and run the concession
stand, to be an altar worker for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday night Council Fires, and other
duties assigned by the District Staff. You will be required to stay in the Ranger Patrol lodge
throughout the entire Powwow.
I understand that serving on the staff of the Northern Missouri District Powwow is a special
honor reserved for only a few. I understand that I am being singled out for my accomplishments
and will strive to maintain the level of excellence worthy of a Gold Medalist. I understand that I
will be required to perform some, if not all, of the above responsibilities and that may reduce the
time I have to compete in events at the Powwow. I accept this Special Staff position and look
forward to serving at this year’s Northern Missouri District Powwow.
SIGNATURE_________________________________ DATE______________


               Sammy Moppin - District Commander
               1209 N. Doniphan
               Lawson, MO 64062

               (816) 580-3664 Home                   (816) 470-5305 Fax
THURSDAY:    Outposts Arrive
NOON         Registration Opens: Check in, set up camp. No one will be allowed to set up
             camp until they have registered.
5:00 p.m.    Dinner Meal – Beef Stew will be on at the Dining Hall
6:00 p.m.    Commanders Meeting - all District Staff, Sectional Commanders, Senior Commanders
             or a representation from each outpost need to attend this informational meeting at the
             dining hall.
8:00 p.m.    Council Fire - Everyone attending presentation, songs and yells
11:00 p.m.   Lights out - quiet time - boys need their rest and commanders do too.

6:45 a.m.    Reveille - every one up! Dress for the day is Powwow T-shirt, shorts or jeans
7:30 a.m.    Breakfast – (Section 1 KP) Scrambled eggs, sausages, toast, fruit, cereal, milk, coffee
9:00 a.m.    Morning Assembly – Meet at the flag poles for daily announcements and devotion
10:00 a.m.   Events Start – There are events spread out all over camp.
12:00 p.m.   Lunch – (Section 5 KP) Hot Dogs, chili, chips, cookies, iced tea, kool-aid
1:00 p.m.    FCF Meeting – All active FCF members need to meet in the FCF Village for our annual
             business meeting.
1:30 p.m.    FCF Village open house and Paintball Battles – The only thing going on in the
             afternoon will be FCF Village and Paintball. Make sure you take your boys through the
             village to enjoy frontier demonstrations, frontier trades, and good ole storytelling.
             Discovery Rangers Paintball Trail – All Discovery Rangers need to be in the Paintball
             staging area. Don’t be late or you might miss your chance walk the trail.
             Adventure/Expedition Rangers Paintball – All Adventure/Expedition Rangers need to
             be in the Paintball staging area. Do not be late or you will miss your chance to play.

3:00 p.m.    Discovery Rangers Swim Time – Swimming will be open for Discovery Rangers ONLY,
             Commanders you must accompany your boys to the swim area. Please send at least two
             commanders if you have more than 10 boys. Bring your life jackets with you to the swim
4:00 p.m.    Adventure/Expedition Rangers Swim Time - Swimming will be open for Adventure
             Rangers ONLY. Commanders you must accompany your boys to the swim area. Please
             send at least two commanders if you have more than 10 boys. Bring your life jackets with
             you to the swim area to
5:30 p.m.    Dinner – (Section 2 KP)
8:00 p.m.    Council Fire Service – Everyone Attending; presentations songs and yells. Bring your
             standards and display the proudly. All FCF members need to wear their outfits as there
             will be an FCF call out to welcome all the new FCF members.
11:00 p.m.   Lights out - quiet time - boys need their rest and commanders do too.

6:45 a.m.    Reveille - every one up! Dress for the day is Royal Ranger T-shirt, shorts or jeans
7:30 a.m.    Breakfast – (Section 4 KP) Pancakes, sausage patties, cereal, bread, milk, coffee
9:00 a.m.    Morning Assembly – Meet at the flag poles for the daily announcements and devotion
10:00 a.m.   Events Open: – Sectional events, BB Gun, Archery open and ready for fun!
12:00 p.m.   Lunch – (Section 3 KP) Taco Salad, iced tea, kool-aid
1:00 p.m.    Wagon Race – all events will be closed so everyone can enjoy the wagon race.
             Everyone needs to gather for all the fun and excitement.
3:00 p.m.    Discovery Rangers Swim Time – Swimming will be open for Discovery Rangers ONLY,
             Commanders you must accompany your boys to the swim area. Please send at least two
             commanders if you have more than 10 boys. Bring your life jackets with you to the swim
4:00 p.m.    Adventure/Expedition Rangers Swim Time – Swimming will be open for
             Adventure/Expedition Rangers ONLY. Commanders you must accompany your boys to
               the swim area. Please send at least two commanders if you have more than 10 boys.
               Bring your life jackets with you to the swim area.
5:30 p.m.      Dinner – (Section 6 KP) Grilled hamburgers, chips, peaches, kool-aid, iced tea
8:00 p.m.      Council Fire Service - Everyone attending, presentations, yells and songs. Bring your
               Outpost standards and display them proudly.
11:00 p.m.     Lights out - quiet time - boys need their rest and commanders do too.

7:30 a.m.      Reveille – We let you sleep in because we know how tired you are after all of the
               exciting events at Powwow. Dress for the day is Class B uniform.
9:00 a.m.      Breakfast – (Staff KP) French Toast, cereal, milk, coffee
10:00 a.m.     Morning Assembly – (Dining Hall) Rangers will receive the days announcements and
               there will be a uniform inspection of each outpost.
10:30 a.m.     Sunday School – We will divide into two groups for a short time of learning about God.
11:00 a.m.     Awards Ceremony – This is the time to hand out prizes to those who have competed
               well in the events. There will also be an auction of special powwow items.
12:00 p.m.     Break Camp – Time to pack up and head home. Don’t forget to put all the fire barrels,
               grates, and legs at the quartermaster’s lodge on your way out. It is not the staff’s
               responsibility to pick them up

Note: You must have your campsite inspected by your Sectional Commander and signed off in order to
check out and leave camp. He will have a Camp Clearance Checklist to go over with you and sign prior to
                                         July 30th – Aug 2nd 2009

Boy’s Name________________________________ Age______ Outpost #________

Address___________________________________ Phone_____________________

City____________________________________ State_________ Zip_____________

Church___________________________________ City________________________

Cmdr. In Charge___________________________________________

T-shirt information: T-shirts are sized in adult sizes only – Circle appropriate size.

         S           M            L             XL                XXL             XXXL            XXXXL

Because of the size and advanced cost of setting up such a large event, a $25.00 pre
registration fee MUST accompany this registration form. This pre registration fee will be
applied toward the overall camp fee of $80.00per person/$75.00 for each additional family
member. This fee covers the cost of 7 meals, Thursday dinner – Sunday breakfast, 2 Powwow
patches, and 1 Powwow T-shirts.

The District must receive this application before June 12, 2009 in order for your pre
registration to be valid. All applications received after the June 12th deadline will be charged a
camp fee of $100.00 to attend the Northern Missouri District Powwow. The additional costs are
necessary to partially cover the expenses that will be incurred to facilitate your attendance at

Refund Policy: The applicant must submit a written request for a refund to the District
Commander postmarked no later than June 26th, 2009.

Commander’s Note: Commanders and any adult supervisor of boys, you must have a Youth
Worker application Form on file at your church and a Northern Missouri District Council
background Check. If you do not have your pastor’s signature on the form you will not be able
to attend. Please make sure that the permission form and parent consent form are completely
filled out. Without a completed form a boy will not be able to attend Powwow. This is for the
boy’s protection.

Mail To:          Sammy Moppin – District Commander
                  1209 N. Doniphan
                  Lawson, MO 64062
                  (816) 580-3664

Deadline for pre registration is June 12, 2009
                                       PARENT PERMISSION FORM
I hereby authorize ____________________________ to accompany the Royal Rangers to the District
Pow-wow. I understand the arrangements and feel that adequate precautions for the safety of my child
have been, and will continue to be, taken. I will not hold the local church or its leaders; or the District Staff;
or the Northern Missouri District council of the Assemblies of God; responsible for any accidents. I
understand the District will provide insurance and that there will be an emergency First Aid station on
location, staffed by qualified personnel.

I give my permission to use photographs and/or video of my child on the Northern Missouri Royal Rangers
web site; ( ) yes ( ) no Initials_________

SIGNATURE:_____________________________________ DATE___________
                                       (Parent or Guardian)

                               IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, PLEASE NOTIFY
Home Number______________________                        Work Number_______________________
Address________________________________ City_________________ Zip________

                    Minors (9-17) PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN CONSENT FORM
The signature of a parent or legal guardian is required in order to attend the 2008 District Pow-wow, at
                                       th       nd
Camp New Hope in Holt, MO, Jul 30 – Aug 2 2009. A parent or guardian must sign this form, indicating
permission to authorize the provisions of emergency treatment for MINOR Royal Ranger who may
become ill or injured at a District event. Please complete the following:

I, __________________________ (Parent or guardian’s name) THE _____________ (Father, Mother,
Guardian) OF___________________ (name of child), A MINOR, WHO IS ATTENDING A ROYAL

CHILD’S MEDICAL HISTORY: Doctor’s Name________________________________ Phone______________________

Good Health? Yes___ No___ If No, Please explain______________________________________________________

Allergies?__________________________________ Physical Impairments (Heart Epilepsy, etc.)____________________

Specify any medications that must be administered________________________________________________________

Date of last Tetanus shot______________________ Any special instructions?_________________________________


I am personally acquainted with the adult applicant, and in my opinion he is a competent and qualified
youth worker. I know of no facts or allegations that raise any question concerning his suitability for
working with minors in any Royal Ranger activity. The church has on file the applicant’s youth workers
screening form.

SIGNATURE____________________________________ DATE__________________
                        (Pastor’s Signature)
    2009 OUTPOST Registration Form
                        July 30th – August 2nd 2009

Church Name:_______________________________
City: _______________________ St.____________
Zip: _______________ Outpost #______________
Cmdr. in Charge _____________________________
Commander phone (       )____________________

TOTAL BOYS ATTENDING:                     Each person will receive:
   Discovery______________                2 - Powwow Patches
   Adventure___________                   1 - Powwow T-shirts
   Pastors attending _____ (Pastors - No Charge)

Pre Register _______________@ Camp fee $ 25.00 per person for

a total of $ _____________ Please fill out as accurately as possible.

Number of Tee Shirts:

Small _____    Med ______ Large ______ XL ______ XXL ______


  Please send this form in to SAMMY MOPPIN by June 12, 2009, along with the
              individual pre registration forms from your outpost.

           Mail to:     Sammy Moppin – District Commander
                        1209 N. Doniphan
                        Lawson, MO 64062
                        (816) 580-3664
BOY’S NAME: ____________________________________________
OUTPOST # ________________________
Every boy needs to design the patch for next years Powwow. The winner will be chosen at the 2008 Northern
Missouri District Summer Powwow. The winning boy will have his initials placed on every patch and receive a free
trip to the 2008 Powwow.

The Theme for the 2010 Northern Missouri District Winter Powwow theme:

                          “The Birth of a Nation”
                       POWWOW CAMPSITE AWARD
                                           Outpost Judging Sheet

      Church: _______________________________________Outpost # ______________
      Judge(s): _____________________________________________________________

No.                       Item                           Points Schedule     Judges Comments   Points
 1.   Outpost Theme Standard:                          Max. Points 20
      This may be either a patrol standard or          Originality
      Outpost standard. Only one standard gets         10 pts ____________
                                                       10 pts ____________

2.    Outpost Theme Arch Way:                          Max Points 50

                            Entry Way for Outpost      20 pts ____________

                    Appearance and workmanship         5-15 pts __________

                                         Originality   5-15 pts __________

3.    Outpost Tents:                                   Max Points 40
      The tents used for the Outpost to sleep in.
      This could be pup tents, dome tents, 3-man,      Properly erected
      4-man cabin tents, teepees, baker tents, etc.    20 pts____________
      This is considered the Outpost tents used        In a straight line,
      for sleeping.                                    evenly spaced
                                                       10 pts. ___________
      Note: use percentage in points. If 50% of
      tents are clean give 50% points.                 Inside Neat & Clean
                                                       10 pts.____________

4.    Flags:                                           Max Points 30

                  Proper display of American Flag      10 pts ____________

                   Proper display of Christian Flag    10 pts____________

               Proper display of Royal Ranger Flag     10 pts____________

5.    Outdoor Tools:                                   Max Points 70
      Hand-ax, shovels, bow saws, hammers and
      any other outdoor tools.
                           Axes sharp & sheathed       10 pts____________

                      Good handle on ax & shovel       10 pts ____________

                            Shovel in safe location    10 pts ____________

                               Saw blade covered       10 pts ____________

        Safe Display rack for ax, bow saw, & tools     10 pts ____________

          Separate ax chopping area or roped off.      20 pts ____________
6.    Patrol duty roster, camp schedule                 Max Points 25
                                                        10-25 pts _________

7.    Cooking Gear:                                     Max Points 40
       A “Camp Kitchen” must be set up to receive
                     Kitchen area neat and clean        20 pts ____________

                  Cooking utensils and gear clean       20 pts____________
              Pots, pan, utensils, washing pan etc.

8.    Camp Fire:                                        Max Points 60

                        Fire safe distance from tents   1-20 pts __________

                                    Properly cleared    1-20 pts __________

          Water or sand in container for fire safety    1-20 pts __________

8.    Fire Wood:                                        Max Points 60

                                   Stacked properly     1-20 pts __________

                                   Covered properly     1-20 pts __________

                                  Marked with signs     1-20 pts __________

9.    First Aid Kit:                                    Max Points 40

              Out in Open sight for emergency use       10 pts ____________

                                 Marked with a sign     10 pts ____________

                               Good for outpost use     10 pts ____________

                                 Overall ease of use    10 pts ____________

10.   A complete Chippewa Kitchen:                      Max Points 50

                       Construct a Chippewa Kitchen     10-30 pts _________

                           Correct lashing and knots    1-20 pts __________

11.   Other lashed items being used:                    Max Points 150

        Additional lashing projects in the campsite     5-15 pts each ______
           and lashed correctly and list the lashed     _________________
          projects on your bulletin board. This will
         help the judge(s) to see which projects to
                                            look for.
           Projects must be additional to the ones      max.(10) projects
                          listed in items # 10 & 12.
12.   Wash area with lashed tripod holding a            Max Points 25
      basin and soap:
                                                        10-25 pts _________

13.   Campsite roped off:                               Max Points 25
                                         Roped off      10-25 pts _________

14.   Garbage Receptacle:                               Max Points 25

                          Garbage stored properly       10-25 pts _________

15.   Identification:                                   Max Points 40

                             Outpost Identification     1-10 pts___________

                              Church Identification     1-10 pts___________

                              Section Identification    1-10 pts __________

                              District Identification   1-10 pts __________

16.   Pastor Attending the PowWow:                      Max Points 50

            If one or more, of the pastors from the     30 pts____________
         church attends or visits the outpost at the

         If the pastor stays over 50% of PowWow         20 pts____________

                                                        MAX Points 800

                                  Total Points

                                                        (600 pts. needed for
                                                        Campsite Award)
  20 pts____________
                                                          MAX Points 800

                                     Total Points

                                                          (600 pts. needed for
                                                          Campsite Award)

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