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									by: Laura Murray

The number one etiquette tip for interviews is writing a thank-you letter. This is not a tool
commonly used by job seekers right now. If you are looking for an advantage and a way to stick
out above the other job applicants then follow up your interview by showing appreciation and

The letter should be written and sent within 24 hours of your interview and sent to all people
who either interviewed you or helped you out in the process. If it is not appropriate to send a
letter to everyone who was involved with your interview, then just send one to the highest-
ranking interviewer.

Writing to the employer is another way to showcase skills and competency in communication
and your career. Make sure your letter is understandable, easy to read and professional yet
personal. Now that you have met the person or people you are writing to it is okay to include
some personalization. The letter format should include the following:

      First, express your sincere appreciation for the interview.
      Second, reemphasize your best qualifications for the position requirements.
      Third, reiterate your enthusiasm and interest in the job. At this time you may want to
       offer additional information not previously given.
      Fourth, once again mention your appreciation.




Interviewers Name

Dear Mr. Henley,

I want to thank you for the chance to be interviewed for the assistant project manager position
yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet you and become more familiar with your business and its

My interest in working for you and meeting all your needs and requirements for the position
increased after the interview. I think my past experience and education has prepared me well to
fill the position and I would work hard to make a significant contribution to your business.
I want to restate my interest in the position and become a part of your team. The position holds
many opportunities that I am seeking. If you need, please dont hesitate to contact me at 511-555-
1151 or for any additional information.

Thanks again for your time and consideration.


Fred Clancy

This article was posted on March 21, 2005

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