How To Become A Mystery Shopper by cmlang


									by: Jeff Schuman

Like this shirt? I got it at the mall, free. Were going to dinner tonight, free. Oh look, another
check in the mail and another PayPal deposit. Cmon kids, were going to BurgerLand, free. This
new hammer, free. A bouquet of flowers? For Me? How beautiful and free.

Nothing in this world is free, right? Correct. But how about almost free, or free with little effort?
Ah ha! Now that youre paying attention, lets talk about how to become a mystery shopper.

In its simplest form, Mystery Shopping, or being a secret shopper, is merely evaluating a product
or service, and then getting paid to do it. The only stipulation is that you must be covert about it.
The list of assignments is literally endless. You could be asked to go to a fast food restaurant, a
clothing store, an employment agency, a car repair establishment, receive a bouquet of flowers,
get your eyes checked, be a potential renter in an apartment complex, or eat out at a fine dining

Many will reimburse you for the item they required you to purchase and also give you a small
bonus ($8-$15) on top of that. Sometimes youre allowed to spend $40 for dinner and youll get an
extra $10 if you submit your report on time. Other times you will be reimbursed only for what
you purchased and thats it. Each company compensates differently.

It sounds too good to be true, doesnt it? Like everything, there are a few downsides. Perhaps
areas of consideration is a more appropriate word to use here. What is your time worth?
Sometimes youll be offered a gig where you have to stay in a store for 20 minutes and interact
with different employees. Then you need to come home and fill out a three page report detailing
every single tidbit that happened. You may have driven 40 miles round trip and youll get a check
for $10 when all is said and done. Consider how much your time and a tank of gasoline is worth.
The assignment may fit your situation just fine. Also you may be asked to go to a boatload of fast
food restaurants and purchase Crabby Patties. Now suddenly you need a n entire new wardrobe
because it appears your dryer is shrinking all of your pants. You just need to evaluate where you
want to go and determine if you are willing to do the assignment for the agreed upon

Becoming a Mystery Shopper is simple. Google the words Mystery Shoppers or Mystery
Shopping or Secret Shopping. From there youll see a plethora of companies that work in this
arena. Visit each site to sign up to become a shopper. Theyll ask you for basic contact
information. Some will ask why you want to be a shopper. Others might ask for a sample of your
writing. This is to insure you can complete an evaluation report. It could take 4-6 weeks before
you hear back from some. Some will phone you, some will send you emails and some will send
assignments in the mail (note: most have done away with snail mail assignments). Register with
as many companies that interest you.

Word of caution: You may find some newspaper ads offering you a GUIDE on free mystery
shopper jobs. Do not ever pay for a guide. All the information you need is easily available
online... Free! Free! Free!
So what are you waiting for? GET SHOPPING!

This article was posted on September 20, 2005

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