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    application procedures – Two & Three Week programs

                                          BEFORE YOU BEGIN
             1. Save a copy of this file to your computer.
             2. Complete the form fields (type of the information in the fields).
             3. Print and mail the application with your other materials.
 Admission Application Checklist
    Use the following checklist to ensure your application is complete. We recommend you make copies of your application materials for
    your records.
         $50 non-refundable Application Fee
         Completed Application for Admission
         High School Recommendation
         Official School Transcript including current year grade report
         SAT or ACT Scores, if available
         Essay, Education applicants only
         Audition, Acting & Musical Theater applicants only
         Portfolio, Design & Studio Art applicants only
         TOEFL or IELTS scores, if required
         International Application Form, if required

 Admission Application Procedures
    1.   Complete pages one and two of the 2 & 3-Week Application Form, as well as the top section of the High School
         Recommendation form.
    2.   Take the High School Recommendation pages to your guidance counselor, advisor, vice-principal, principal, teacher, or other
         appropriate school administrator for completion.
    3.   Once 2 and 3 above are complete, collect your application materials:
          2 & 3-Week Application pages 1 & 2
          High School Recommendation
          High School Transcript including current year grade report
          Any other materials required for your application (portfolio, audition, essay, International Application, etc. See below.)
          $50 non-refundable application fee payable to Syracuse University Summer College
    4.   Mail your complete application to the following address:         Syracuse University
                                                                          Summer College for High School Students
                                                                          700 University Ave.
                                                                          Syracuse, NY 13244-2530
   Notes:
    1.   Be sure to provide your selected recommender with an envelope and notify them of the application deadline. Your
         recommendation and transcript should be returned to you in sealed envelopes with a signature (or school stamp) over the
         sealed flap of the envelopes.
    2.   It is your responsibility to see that your recommender submits materials back to you in time to meet the application deadline.
    3.   It is recommended that you keep a copy of your application for your records.
    4.   Allow up to three weeks for your application to be processed.

 Additional Application Requirements
    Acting & Musical Theater applicants must provide an audition:
        Only VHS videotapes, DVD s, and CVD s will be accepted.
        All materials must be clearly labeled with your full name, name of high school, and your anticipated high school graduation year.
        You should be the only person represented on the videotape, DVD, or CVD, and you should perform against a plain backdrop or
        Auditions should include the following:
          Two contrasting songs
          One age appropriate monologue
          One short dance segment
          Personal statement regarding your background and training, experience in performance, and personal goals in the theater.
      Each component of the audition should be approximately one minute in length.
      Videotapes, DVDs, or CVD s of high school productions are not admissible.

  Design & Studio Art applicants must also submit a portfolio:
      A minimum of 5 to a maximum of 10 photographs of your best and most recent work. Do not send original work.
      All samples must be labeled with the applicant's name and date the work was completed.
      Include at least three works from real-life observation, such as still life, figure drawing, portraits/self-portraits, and landscapes.
      Photographs of works in other media, such as sculpture, ceramics, etc., are encouraged in addition to observational drawing.
      Works copied from photos, magazines, and masterworks are not considered strong portfolio material.
      Two-dimensional works should show consideration of background and composition. Avoid “floating” objects.
      Quality of work is more important than quantity. Show your strongest work.
      Applicants must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope large enough to return the portfolio.

  Education program applicants must also submit an essay answering one of the following questions:
  1.   How did you become a reader? Craft a narrative essay about your memories of learning to read. Share your story of becoming
       a reader, recollections of reading in multiple settings, inside and outside of school, and your current experiences with reading.
  2.   What text has had the most impact on your life? How does this text influence the choices that you make about various aspects
       of your life (for example, academic and career goals, friendships, relationships)? This text can be a work of fiction, nonfiction,
       poetry, a collection of short stories, or other literary genre. Provide a brief summary of this text and explain how it connects to
       your own life experiences.
  3.   You have been asked to form a student committee to review the current literature requirements for the 9th grade curriculum at
       your high school. Name 3 texts that you feel every incoming 9th grader should read and explain your selections. Provide a
       convincing argument for adopting these 3 texts to your English literature department.

 Application Deadlines
  Postmark deadlines are listed below. Applicants are strongly encouraged to apply early as programs have limited enrollment. All
  applications are processed in the order they are received. Late applications may be considered for programs not filled.
       International Application Form – March 30, 2010
       Summer College Admission Application – May 15, 2010

 Program Costs – pending board approval                                             Residential                 Commuter
      Two-week Design & Studio Art Programs (non-Credit)                             $2,149                      $1,458
      Two-week Education & Management/iSchool Programs (non-Credit)                  $1,994                      $1,293
      Two-week Education & Web Design Programs (3-Credit option)                     $2,934                       $2,233
      Three-week Acting & Musical Theater Programs (non-Credit)                      $3,234                       $2,183

  Application Fee:
  $50 non-refundable application fee is deducted from the total cost for those who are admitted and attend Summer College.
  Incidental Deposit:
  In addition to the fees above, students must provide an incidental deposit of $75, which is refunded in the fall if no charges are
  assessed by the University.
  Course Materials and Additional Expenses:
  All required program materials are included in the program fee. Personal expenses, including travel to and from the University, are
  not included in the program fee.
 Financial Aid
  A limited number of partial scholarships are available for the 6-week programs only.
  No awards are available for the 2 or 3 three week programs.
 Deposit and Payments
  Students must guarantee their place in the program by submitting a deposit ($500 per 2-week and $1000 per 3-week program)
  within three weeks of acceptance. This deposit is refundable until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 21, 2010. Refund requests must be made in
  writing. Applicants must pay in full on or before June 18, 2010. Payment must be made in U.S. currency by check, money order,
  MasterCard, or Visa. Allow time for check clearance. All payments must be sent to Syracuse University Summer College, 700
  University Avenue, Syracuse NY 13244-2530.
2010 Application for Admission
Two & Three-week programs
Read the 2 & 3-week Program Application Procedures and make sure you have completed the Application Checklist prior to
submitting your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. International students must also complete the
International Application. Call 315-443-5000 or email if you have any questions.

PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT                                                                                   Today’s date:

Applicant’s full name last, first, middle initialGender:         Male        Female

Expected year of high school graduation:             2010          2011          2012          2013

Parent or legal guardian name(s) Mother                       Father

Student e-mail address              Parent e-mail address
       E-mail is the primary method of communication between Summer College and students/parents prior to the start of the program.
                        Please provide active e-mail addresses that are frequently checked by both students and parents.

Home address house number, street or P.O. Box number, Apt. #                 Home telephone # (area code) phone number

city, state, and ZIP code         Date of birth month / day / year

Are you a US Citizen?             Yes        No   If no, please provide your nationality and US residency status (if any):

Non-US Citizens and non-US permanent residents are required to submit the International Application in addition to this application by March 30, 2010.

ETHNICITY (optional)
Please check the boxes that best describes your ethnic background:
     American Indian/Alaska Native                       Asian                          Black/African American                    Hispanic/Latino
     Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Island                White                          Multi-racial
     Other, please specify:

Select your program of interest by checking the appropriate box.

   3-Week Program: July 6 to July 23
         Acting & Musical Theater
 2-Week Programs (Select only one per session. Attend one, two, or three sessions)
     Session I: July 6 - 16                                             Session II: July 19 - 30                  Session III: August 2 - 13
         Experimental Processes through Drawing                              Figure Drawing                            Painting
         Ceramics                                                            Sculpture                                Wearable Art

         Design-is-One                                                      Interior Design                           Design - Personal Branding

         Web Design                                                         Management                                Education
What alternate programs would you wish to be considered for (if your first choice is not available)?

                                                        APPLICATION DEADLINE: May 15, 2010
High School Information
Name of high school
High school address
High school phone
Name & title of recommender

I plan to:               live in the residence hall            commute

If you are going to live with someone other than your parents/legal guardians, please list below the name, address, and
phone number of the adult(s) responsible for you, your housing, your meals, and your well-being during your session(s).
name / address / telephone number / e-mail address / relationship

FACULTY/STAFF DEPENDENTS:                 Check this box if you are the dependent of a Syracuse University employee.
Employee name/department

How did you hear about our program?
    College fair                 Web-based search engine                Family or Friend                   Visit to Syracuse University
    High school               Email from Summer College              Career fair                    Mailing from Summer College
    Former student
    Summer College web site (if so, did you use a search engine for summer college programs?         Yes       No)
                             If yes, which search engine?         
    Other (please specify)

Intent to Register: Each of the undersigned understands that the University fees and charges are due before
confirmation of registration each semester, and each of them agrees to pay or make arrangements for payment suitable to
the University of all fees and charges during the applicant's entire attendance at the University.

Code of Conduct: Your signatures below serve to acknowledge that while enrolled the student shall be subject to the
University's Code of Student Conduct and Student Rights and Responsibilities contained in the University's Summer
Essentials Handbook. The 2010 Summer Essentials Handbook will be provided to accepted students in the spring and
the 2009 version can be downloaded at
Parent Signature                                            Student Signature                                    Date

Please include a non-refundable $50 payment with this application. Make check or money order payable to Syracuse
University Summer College. For your convenience, you may charge the $50 by providing the appropriate information

         I hereby authorize Syracuse University Summer College to charge $50 to the following account:

Type of card:         Visa            MasterCard                                        Card #

Issuing bank                 Expiration date

Cardholder’s name (as it appears on the card, please type/print clearly)                Amount       $50

Cardholder’s signature                                                      Date
Standard Application for Admission 2010
Two & Three-week programs

High School Recommendation (page 1)

Fill out this section and submit it, with an envelope, to your chosen school administrator or teacher. Your school officials will return this
completed form to you with your official transcript and your current year grade report. Make sure to provide your school officials with enough
time to ensure your application is received prior to the application deadlines. International students must also complete the International
Application. Call 315-443-5000 or email if you have any questions.

Student’s full name las / first / middle initial Date of birth month / day / year

Expected year of high school graduation                         Student e-mail address:

Home address: number / street / apartment # or P.O. Box # Home Phone: (area code) phone number

city / state / zip code
Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: (please check one box)
     I retain my right to access this letter of recommendation.                 I waive my right to access to this letter of recommendation.

I am applying for the following program(s):

 3-Week Program: July 6 to July 23                      Acting & Musical Theater
 2-Week Programs (select only one per session. Attend one, two or three sessions)
     Session I: July 6 - 16                                     Session II: July 19 - 30                        Session III: August 2 - 13
          Experimental Processes through Drawing                    Figure Drawing                                  Painting

          Ceramics                                                  Sculpture                                       Wearable Art

         Design-is-One                                             Interior Design                                 Design Branding

          Web Design                                                Management                                     Education

I wish to be considered for the following alternate program (if my first choice is not available)?

Please complete this form and provide your appraisal of the student’s high school record. Return the form to the applicant with an
official academic transcript and a current year grade report.

             Return all items to the applicant in a timely manner as many programs fill before the application deadline.
                                                  Application Deadline: May 15, 2010

Name                 Title

Name of high school                       Subject(s) taught

Address of high school number / stree address or P.O. Box #                  School telephone # (area code) phone number
city / state / zip

Name of applicant’s school counselor

Applicant’s projected graduation date                   Class standing              out of class of

Total enrollment of the high school                   Grade levels in the school i.e., 10–12, 9–12, 7–12
High School Recommendation (page 2)
Please provide any available test results (PSAT, SAT, ACT) on record for this student.

Name of test                   Score

Provide an evaluation of the applicant as part of the entire class by checking the appropriate box for each section below.

                                              Outstanding         Excellent         Above                             Below
                                               (Top 5%)          (Next 10%)        Average                           Average
        Academic Motivation
        Intellectual Ability
        Interaction with peers
        Emotional Maturity
        Respect accorded by faculty

Please provide an appraisal of the student, commenting on character, maturity, and academic potential. Include any information you
feel will help us determine this student’s ability to participate in a serious college experience. If preferred, recommendations may be
provided on school letterhead rather than using the section below.

section will expand as you add text

Signature                                                                                                     Date

Do you know of anyone who would like information on Syracuse University Summer College for High School Students? Provide the name
and address and we will send a Summer College program guide.



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