Bike Share CPH 13415 by fjwuxn


									Bike Share CPH 13415
I.0 An overview of the system

This bicycle is for everyone,
it’s a joy to ride and easy to look after.
It uses old technology with fresh thinking
to leap beyond what has gone before.

Three colored symbols on its frame allow
simple intuitive communication between
bike and rider.

The Pay Tower is faced in copper, to
reflect Copenhagen’s sculptures, fountains
and roofs. It will age over time to reflect
the way it is touched and the weather it
experiences. The sides reflect the towers
immediate surroundings; they might be of
wood to reflect its presence in a park.

This Bike Share system is simple and
intuitive to use. Every shape reflects its
function; the rectangular lines of the base
station build around its screen, the curves
of the bicycle build around its chain, and
the touch pad builds around our senses.

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Bike Share CPH 13415
Harry the local                                John the commuter                               Isabella the tourist

Disaster, my bike is gone, and I am late.      For me certainty is quality; the luxury of      Wow, what a city.
I start walking for a bus and pass a small     knowing I have a bicycle reserved is            I was nervous about cycling after so many
group of Share Bikes, and think why not...     helping me enjoy my train journey. I had a      years without a bicycle, but they were soo
                                               slight fright when I realized that I had        beautiful, and I thought why not.
I have to say it was all very easy. I sent a   forgotten my swipe card, but that’s OK I
text to Bike Share, and in 20 seconds my       will just use my phones Bluetooth. It’s not     I am so glad I did. I bought a week pass
ticket arrived on my phone. It’s funny to      as handy as swiping my card, but it’s better    ages ago online. Once I had settled into my
have a code in colours but I can still         than a taxi.                                    hotel I went to find a bicycle. They were
remember it now, red green red orange red.                                                     really easy to find and I simply scanned
                                               These Share Bikes are saving me so much         my barcode, and out came my week ticket.
It was lucky for me I was able to pay with     time. Being able to pair my phone with the
my phone, I had left my wallet behind.         bikes GPS allows me to reach my clients         I was terrified to begin with but the bicycle
                                               without stress or delay. I downloaded a         fits so nicely, even for my short legs, and it
I have to say these are really nice bikes,     great app to my phone that records all the      feels so safe and looks so friendly that I
they are relaxed to ride, and look rather      business miles I do on these bikes, it really   was soon riding with joy.
special. Its embarrassing to admit it by I     helps me keep track of things.
am in love with the kickstand.                                                                 The best bit was definitely when my hotel
                                               When I am late these bikes really fly. They     lent me a touch screen to fit to my bicycle.
                                               are so stiff and nimble. Its like a sportscar   It guides me around and tells me things I
                                               with pedals. This is not what I’ve come to      might like to see. I am able to listen to
                                               expect from bikes built for my height.          stories about the city as I walk around.

                                                                                               To the amazement of my friends I cycled
                                                                                               to the train station with all my luggage on
                                                                                               my last day. The bicycle trailer was able to
                                                                                               carry all my suitcases, and yet the bicycle
                                                                                               till felt like it always did. Its wonderful
                                                                                               how far you travel when you travel.

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Bike Share CPH 13415
2.0 Ticketing

2.1 Single use                                 2.2 Multi use ticket                          2.3 Bluetooth ticket

This is a single use paper ticket. It can be   This is a swipe card with an embedded         It is possible for someone to unlock a
printed on a train ticket, sent as an image    RFID chip.                                    bicycle by pairing a registered phone with
to a mobile phone, or printed at home.                                                       a bicycle. The symbol sequence is entered
                                               A bicycle can read the RFID tag when the      to complete the unlock and ensure the
The bar code is read by the base station,      card is swiped past the bicycles touch pad.   phone is paired with the right bicycle.
allowing the customer to then unlock their     The symbol sequence printed on the card is
chosen bike by entering the symbol             then entered to unlock the bicycle.           2.4 All tickets - With all three ticket
sequence into its touch pad.                   The date indicates its validity period and    options the symbol sequence must be
                                               orientation of the card.                      touched into the bicycle. This is to ensure
                                                                                             that the person is standing beside the
                                                                                             bicycle they are unlocking, and it also
                                                                                             helps them remember the sequence. They
                                                                                             use again to lock the bicycle temporarily.

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Bike Share CPH 13415
3.0 Touch Pad                                    4.0 Control Module                             It has control of the bicycles lights; it
                                                                                                powers them and can turn them on or off.
                                                 The control module makes the bicycle
                                                 smart. It has a similar processing power,      It has a GPS sensor, an accelerometer, and
                                                 functionality and ability to a mobile phone.   a light sensor. In combination these
                                                 It fits within the bicycles main frame tube,   sensors yield a vast level of information,
                                                 inserted from the base, and it is held in      but the most important sensor is the
                                                 place by the bicycles bottom bracket.          accelerometer.

                                                                                                4.1 The accelerometer –
                                                                                                The accelerometer will be able to detect:

                                                                                                   -   Braking, and thus apply the tail
                                                                                                       lights as brake lights.
The touch pad is the main way a rider will
talk with their bicycle. It is the only visual                                                     -   A puncture or soft tyre, thus warn
indication that the bicycle is a share bike.                                                           the rider and a mechanic.
It embodies the Bike Share scheme, and
acts as a common functional icon across all                                                        -   Early signs of bearing failure, thus
Share Bike objects.                                                                                    schedule preventative maintenance.

The touch pad consists of three back light                                                         -   Theft attempts through saw/grinder
touch sensitive buttons positioned at the                                                              vibration or being carried while
top of the bicycles head tube. Each button                                                             locked, thus alerting the police.
has an associated colour, shape and sound,       It is able to transmit and receive bluetooth
along with a logical function/name.              and GSM (mobile) signals. It has an RFID          -   Abusive riding, such as riding
                                                 reader and touch pad. It can toggle a lock            down stairs or jumping the bike.
• Green Arrow                                    on/off, this one lock secures the bicycle to
• Orange Padlock                                 its docking point, locks the handlebars, and      -   Whether the cyclist is pedaling, this
• Red Spanner                                    locks the bottom bracket in position.                 is of use for electric assist bikes.

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Bike Share CPH 13415
4.2 GPS sensor – The GPS sensor will be           to be recovered before they are damaged.         The pins location forces the bicycle to be
able to detect location and speed, this will:     The control module will be submersible.          walked onto it, and walked off it, rather
                                                                                                   than ridden on or off. This minimises the
   -      Provide mapping data to the rider       4.5 Data – All sensor information will be        chance of damage from excess/accidental
                                                  stored for upload to the Bike Share system.      force. Pins provided with power (5volts
   -      Be of huge value to the scheme and      All sensor information will also be made         DC) would be lit for visibility. Power can
          the City at large, helping them         available to the rider’s phone if it is paired   be provided from a common surface
          learn how the bicycles and general      to the bicycle by Bluetooth. This will           mounted rail. Multiple pins could be pre-
          cycle provision is actually used.       provide the data channels needed to create       attached on the same rail, and bolted to the
                                                  phone functions that make use of the             ground in one fast operation.
   -      Warn of theft, a bicycle traveling at   bicycles information.
          50kph is either stolen or on a train.                                                    5.1 Orientation – The bicycle can attach
                                                  5.0 Docking Pin                                  to the pin from any direction. Bicycle
   -      Locate the bicycle if it is lost                                                         orientation can be encouraged simply by
          stolen or damaged.                      When available for rent a bicycle is             how close a pin is to a wall. If the pins are
                                                  normally locked to a docking pin.                40cm from a wall and at 2m intervals then
4.3 Docking point – The docking point on          This provides the bicycle with security, a       the bicycle must be attached flat against
the bicycle is part of the control module,        definite location, possibly power, and           the wall, whereas if the pins are 1m from
rather than the bicycle. The control module       possibly orientation.                            the wall and 1m apart then the bicycles
recharges using the docking point as a                                                             will tend to align at 45° to the wall. Pins in
plug. The on board battery can realistically      In its minimal form the                          open ground could be formed into spirals
hold enough charge for a few weeks                docking pin is a 150mm tall                      or circles to create interesting patterns or
operation. It could be recharged from solar       with a 50mm diameter head                        follow the contours of existing objects.
cells on the bicycles chain panel.                and 25mm diameter shaft.                         Pins could be screwed into grass to provide
                                                                                                   temporary storage at events.
4.4 Submersion – Current leakage across           The bicycle is walked
the docking point’s electrodes would              forwards over the pin, and                       In their minimal form pins are a trip
indicate submersion of the bicycle, which         is guided into the docking                       hazard, in most locations they will need
allow bicycles at the bottom of canals etc        point by the bicycles                            some form of shape beside them to reduce
                                                  frame loops,.                                    the hazard and help orientate the bicycle.

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Bike Share CPH 13415
6.0 Pay Tower                                  6.3 Context – The copper face of the pay
                                               tower gives it context within the wider
This is an example of a portable Share         city, tying with Copenhagen’s extensive
Bike Station. The full size Pay Tower is       use of copper roofing, and reflecting the
mounted on a solar floor. The solar floor      use of bronze for sculpture. The copper
has batteries underneath it to store charge.   will patina with time, and areas that are
                                               touched will polish and show finger marks.
The Docking pins are mounted on surface        This will help each pay station develop an
rails that bolt directly to the Pay Towers     individual persona and reflect the way it is
solar floor.                                   used and the weather it experiences.

                                               The narrow sides of the Pay Tower are
                                               interchangeable and the materials used
                                               would be used to give the tower local
                                               context. For example granite might reflect
                                               the paving the tower was sited on, wood
                                               the park it was in, or brick the houses it is
                                               beside. The use of these traditional
                                               building materials also helps give the pay
                                               tower a sense of permanence and solidity.

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Bike Share CPH 13415
6.2 Fastenings – There are absolutely no         Full size Pay Towers have a touch screen,        The mini version has only the barcode
visible fastenings on the exterior of the Pay    a shielded/recessed credit card keypad,          scanner, numeral and health indicator. It is
Towers. Even the key is out of view on the       slots for printed receipts/tickets, RFID         visually identical to the top half of the full
roof of the keypad recess beside the             cards and credit cards, and a barcode            size tower.
barcode scanner. Mounting the key here           scanner. These would be controlled by a
protects it from weather and criminal            computer with battery backup and mobile          7.0 Spiral Storage
attack. By avoiding visible fastening it         phone network access. The tower can talk
reinforces the sense that the pay station is     to nearby bicycles over Bluetooth.               For most situations a Pay Tower combined
more a sculpture and less a machine.                                                              with static docking pins will be sufficient.
                                                 On the towers reverse there is a poster          However areas of high use, particularly
6.2 Bike Counter – The large white               panel. This would probably hold a map            train stations where the high use is over an
numerals indicate how many bicycles are          with base stations marked and general            extremely short time period would merit
available (large number) and how many            information about the bikes. It could also       the ability to cache a store of bicycles.
docking pins are available (small number),       hold adverts or it could be a screen with
these are visible from about 100 meters.         local transport information, for buses and       Bicycles can be mounted on their docking
The three lights visually tie the base station   trains. Live transport information would be      pins as normal, but at high volume sites
to the bike share scheme, and also indicate      particularly useful if it was sited beside bus   these docking pins could be mobile. I
its health, again visible from a great           stops or train stations.                         would suggest mounting them on small
distance. The numbers would probably be                                                           wheels so they can follow trackways in the
created by setting white LEDs in a grid on       6.3 Tower Versions - The full size Pay           ground. They can be pulled along these
the towers copper face.                          tower can either be bolted to a solar floor,     trackways by continuous chains, and when
                                                 or set into the pavement. It could have a        in a rentable position they can disengage
6.1 Functional description – Pay Towers          glass roof cantilevered of it to form a bus      from the chain. This is similar to the
help visually and geographically identify a      shelter. Its probably a bad idea to mix bus      tractive power to Glasgow’s original
Bike Share Station. They also provide            shelter with bicycle pay tower, there is too     underground trains.
information about the bicycles, and the          much scope for visual confusion.
potential to pay for services. There are two                                                      Store the bicycles in a corkscrew spiral
versions, full size and small.                                                                    extending from the ground vertically
                                                                                                  would be logical with this mechanism.
                                                                                                  Bicycles get pulled up the outer side of the

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Bike Share CPH 13415
spiral by the chain, turn at the top, and
descend on the inner side of the spiral. At
the foot of the spiral would be a long thin
trackway, with rentable bikes on one side
and docking pins on the other.

During peak outflow most pins would be
filled with bicycles, and during peak
inflow most docking pins would be empty.
If the spiral was of a large enough diameter
a Bike Share information center could be
housed inside it.

Alternatively the center could house a
maintenance point or racking for regular
bicycle parking. The spiral could be
elongated to form an oval, or it could be
underground. A miniature version of this
could serve as a lamp post, holding about
20 bikes.

This spiral would probably be able to store
about 200 bikes, and offer about 30 bikes
and 30 gaps at any given time. Re-loading
would take 30-60 seconds.

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Bike Share CPH 13415

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Bike Share CPH 13415
8.0 The Bicycle                                  8.2 Fits everyone properly – Physically        8.3 Image Projection – This bicycle will
                                                 the bicycle is comfortable for anyone          become synonymous with Copenhagen, so
The bicycle communicates visually what it        between 145cm to 195cm in height.              it must reflect and enhance the Cities
is functionally, clean and simple                This is achieved through a very fine           values and culture.
with a little magic.                             balance of seat post length, chain stay
                                                 length frame angles and reach.                 On a practical level the bicycle
It is lovely to ride, will fit most people and                                                  photographs well thanks to the lack of
is easy to maintain. All mechanisms are          The handlebar can adjust through a range       exterior cables or mechanisms. It is easy to
enclosed to keep the rider clean, and            of 150mm in height. This provides a broad      brand thanks to the large printable chain
protect them from harm. Racks baskets and        range of riding styles, from the very          panel, and it’s easy to keep clean thanks to
kids seats can fit without cluttering the        upright and relaxed to sporty and low.         the smooth uncluttered shapes.
basic design. It is easy to print onto and
swap the chain panel creating a large space      The clean simple look and general              On a more fundamental level the bicycle
for communication.                               handling reassure novice riders. In addition   reflects and embodies the concept of
                                                 the low bottom bracket height allows them      functional form so evident throughout
8.1 Amazing ride – The quality of ride           to touch both feet to the ground at traffic    Copenhagen. Its use of old techniques and
from this bicycle is exceptional. It is          lights, while at the same time having the      technologies tied with fresh modern ideas
comfortable and smooth, yet stiff and            saddle correctly adjusted for cycling.         helps project the modern but rooted city.
responsive. It is stable yet nimble, it feels
light yet robust. These ride qualities are       The low step through height, light             8.4 Specification – The bicycles frame is
due to a combination of unusually low            handling, comfortable seat and classic lines   designed to use completely standard
center of gravity, very stiff main frame         suit older riders. The taught ride and sleek   bicycle components, so there is almost
tube, and a seat mast with just the right        technology appeals to executive riders.        complete flexibility is specifying
amount of give.                                  Lastly the butterfly shaped pedals are ideal   however…
                                                 for high heels and thin soled office shoes.
                                                                                                I would recommend the bicycle is built as
                                                 I would expect the seat post and handlebar     a single speed bicycle with a freewheel and
                                                 stem to be marked of with heights, quick       hydraulic drum brakes front and rear, tires
                                                 release, and aligned forwards to allow for     with a cross section of about 50mm, and a
                                                 easy/fast adjustment.                          basket at the front.

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Bike Share CPH 13415
8.4.1 Free wheel – A free wheel combined        8.4.6 Basket – The basket is specific to the    The control module detects problems early,
with front/rear brakes is easier for novices    bicycle. It is made from the same material      so most repairs will be cheaply done as
to use when compared to a coaster brake. It     as the chain panel, and like the chain panel    scheduled maintenance.
also allows the chain to be tensioned by a      it can be printed onto or wrapped with
spring, and so not need regular adjustment.     vinyl. It mounts directly to the frame          Service intervals are naturally very long;
                                                allowing heavier weights to be carried.         the cables, brakes and chain are enclosed
8.4.2 Hydraulic drums – Hydraulic                                                               protecting them from the weather and
brakes self adjust for pad wear. Hydraulic      8.4.7 Seatpost/stem – Gas assisted              riders. Additionally the bike is very easy to
hoses are very very resistant to user abuse     seatpost and stems, could be looked at.         work on, the chain cover does not hinder
and vandalism. Drum brakes are visually         These would use a light touch toggle            or slow rear wheel removal, and pre
cleaner and have vastly greater pad life        leaver to adjust. They would be faster and      assembled cables quickly slide through the
compared to disc brakes.                        more intuitive than normal quick releases,      inside of the frame. The control module
                                                but might be heavy and unreliable.              can be removed as a complete unit for
8.4.3 Single Speed – This frame will                                                            maintenance or replacement.
accept most current gear hubs in                8.4.8 Weight – The weight of a basic
production, however given Copenhagen’s          single speed with fenders is about 16kg,        The frame will last indefinitely its within
flat terrain and the anticipated use of the     the control module would be about 1kg,          steels fatigue limits, even the seatmast.
bicycle a single speed is sufficient. Simply    and a basket another 1kg, total 18kg. It is
if it isn’t there it cannot break.              worth emphasizing that it rides like its 9kg.   8.6 Security – Wheels are held on with
                                                                                                security nuts, the seatpost is captive, and
8.4.5 Tires – Large cross section tires are     8.5 Maintenance/repair – A nice bicycle         the lock is impossible to get to without
visually a good fit for the bicycle.            will probably attract less damage than          frame destruction. It might be interesting
Functionally they roll as well as thin tires,   would otherwise be expected.                    to use exclusively colored components on
but additionally they allow the bike to                                                         the bicycle to ensure theft is easily spotted.
bang up and down kerbs without damage.          Punctures will be the primary mechanical
They are functional over a very wide range      failure on the bicycle, this can be reduced     One serious problem is the ineffectiveness
of rider weights and tire pressures.            by using armored tires, but also the use of     of mobile phones and GPS trackers when
                                                snake inner tubes will allow tubes to be        in a metal box. It is therefore plausible that
                                                replaced without wheel removal.                 any smart bicycle thrown in the back of a
                                                                                                van will become invisible.

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Bike Share CPH 13415
9.0 Removable Technology                       free to anyone who wants them. This could     A motor and battery placed here do not
                                               help ease congestion on cycle lanes as a      disrupt the silhouette of the bicycle, and
9.1 Touch Screen – Most regular users          bicycle with trailer is faster and slimmer    lower the center of gravity so the bicycle
will be able to pair their mobile phone with   than a cargo bike, and the bike only needs    feels even lighter than a normal rental bike.
the bicycles Bluetooth, to make use of its     fitted with a trailer when carrying cargo,
information stream, however tourists           and not all the time.                         The battery and motor are beside the
would benefit from being able to borrow a                                                    charging jack and control module, so it is
touch screen. This could be a dumb unit        The trailers would help bring direct          practical to mount motor and battery
similar to a Ipod Touch, and come              material benefits to every Copenhagener       directly to the control module thus keeping
preloaded with guided tours information        by making their own personal bike more        all electrical systems within one removable
books and applications that benefit from       useful, and by easing congestion on the       replaceable system.
the bicycle, primarily as a GPS navigator,     cycle lanes.
and location based cultural highlights. The
handlebars could have a clip to mount this     9.3 Electric assist – Fundamentally the
and other smart phones to.                     bicycle is ready to be electric assist. A
                                               motor can fit directly behind the bottom
9.2 Trailers – Trailers are an effective way   bracket, and a battery directly in front of
of dramatically increasing a bicycles          the bottom bracket.
carrying capacity without affecting its
handling. Trailers could be offered through
a similar scheme to the original Bycyklen,
with a 20 Kroner deposit and advertising
on their large flat sides.

Trailers could rest on their rear, nest
together and clip to each other like
supermarket trolleys. They could be placed
at train stations hotels and supermarkets.
Bicycle brackets could be fitted to all
rental bicycles anyway, and given away

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Bike Share CPH 13415
10.0 Buying a Ticket                           Paper Tickets have limited security so are      Tower before selecting a bike to rent, and
                                               probably not practical for long term users,     brushing its touch pad to wake it up.
The key features of this system are its        also they are slower to use than swipe          People with a swipe card can brush it past
intuitive simplicity of operation, and its     cards which will encourage migration.           the touchpad of their chosen bike to wake
flexibility/adaptability to different                                                          it up. People with a Bluetooth signal will
situations or demands.                         Paper tickets could be exchanged for swipe      brush a bikes touch pad to wake it up.
                                               cards the first time they are scanned for
10.1 Registered Customers – Regular            medium duration customers.                      11.2 Symbol Entry – Rentable bicycles
customers will be able to register their                                                       will have all lights lit•••. When they wake
details in exchange for an RFID swipe          10.3 - It is probable that all customers will   up the lights go out before coming back on
card, a Bluetooth unlock code, and a web       need to offer some form of deposit to           sequentially red• orange•• green•••. The
managed account.                               ensure they take responsibility for the         person then enters their symbol sequence.
                                               bicycles and are accountable if it is
From their account they will be able to        damaged. This will probably best be done        As they touch a button it goes out, and the
reserve a bicycle, download bicycle related    by forcing the use of either electronic         bike makes a "click", as their finger leaves
applications to their phone, monitor their     payment via a credit or debit card, or          a button it returns to lit. When they have
usage, and pre plan journeys. They will be     payment through registered accounts such        punched in the sequence all lights go out,
able to access their account from their        as bank accounts, mobile phone accounts         then orange/green•• light, then green• only
phone, any web enabled computer, and           etc. By Pay Towers only accepting credit        accompanied by a clunk as the lock
possibly Pay Towers.                           cards they will not have to store cash.         undoes. If they get their code wrong all
                                                                                               lights go out, then red• lights and a buzzer
10.2 Walk Up Customers – Incidental            11.0 Unlocking a Bike – A customer can          sounds. The bike then returns to
customers will be able to buy access via       find a Share Bike station by looking            red/orange/green•••.
their phone, online, at a base station or      online, consulting maps, using their            They can then try again.
from tourist information and ticket offices.   mobiles GPS, or simply by looking.
Because single use tickets are entirely                                                        For any data input error the bicycle always
visual it would be possible to print passes    11.1 Wake Up – On approach a glance at          lights its red• spanner light and buzzes.
onto train tickets or send them as picture     the pay tower will indicate how many
messages to their phones.                      bicycles are free. If they have a paper
                                               ticket they will scan its barcode on the Pay

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Bike Share CPH 13415
11.3 Pre-booked bicycles – Bicycles that         12.0 Out Riding                                 (which lights) to lock, or the green• button
are pre-booked for a time slot will have                                                         to keep going. To unlock they follow the
their orange•• padlock light, and red••          If a person has a smart phone they can pair     same sequence as if the bike was at a base
spanner light lit during this time slot.         it with the bicycle, attach it to the           station, it is at this point the longer six
Bicycles will only light orange/red•• when       handlebar holder and select a suitable          digit security number for paper tickets
there are only pre-booked bicycles               application. These might be maps with pre       becomes relevant as it is this combination
available at this base station (the pay tower    selected journey, or a run down of cycling      alone that makes the bike secure.
indicator will indicate 0). If a pre-booked      stats; time cycled, speed, acceleration, gear
bicycle is not collected during its time slot,   selected etc, or perhaps an animation of a      12.3 Bike Racks – It is interesting to note
or the pre-booker collects from another          cyclist. They will be able to download          that because the bicycles do not need
Bike Station it goes to green/orange/red•••.     these from the bicycle, or the web.             locked to an object to be secure they do not
                                                                                                 use up existing bicycle infrastructure that
Bicycles that are broken will have their red     12.1 Touch Screen – People who have a           is normally used by regular cyclists. For
spanner light lit•. They can only be             borrowed touch screen will be able to           more security a rider can lock the bicycle
released by a mechanic.                          connect them to the handle bar holder. This     to street furniture using the front left frame
                                                 unit’s default function is as a map showing     loop and a small D lock, this should
Because the symbol sequence is a                 the bicycles location and direction, it can     probably be discouraged.
combination of sound shape colour and            then be used to find sites of interest. The
position it is easy to remember. Regular         touch screen will talk to the bicycle via       If the bicycle detects a possible mechanical
customers will always use the same three         Bluetooth, and could be used in its own         problem it will blink its red spanner • ( ( (
symbol code ••• (27 combinations), while         right as a ticket. A selection of functions     light on and off, if this is a serious problem
paper ticket customers will use a slightly       that are available to smart phones will also    it will blink quickly•(((. If the rider has a
more secure six symbol code ••••••               be installed in the touch screen.               paired phone the bicycle will tell the rider
(729 combinations).                                                                              what it thinks the fault is, and where the
                                                 12.2 Temporary Locking - If while using         nearest base station is.
Symbols will always be replresented by           the bicycle the rider wishes to lock it while
both their colour and their pictogram to         they go into a shop they brush the touch        To report a fault the rider can wake up the
account for colour blind users.                  pad to wake it up•••, and then enter their      bicycle and hit the spanner button•. This
                                                 code•••. Once the code is entered all lights    will not affect the bikes functionality, but it
                                                 go out, and they select the orange• button      will prevent it being re-rented.

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Bike Share CPH 13415
13.0 Returning the bike                        14.0 Information Flow                           being used for where they are going and
                                                                                               how they are being used.
Returning a bike is simply a case of           Bicycles will store sensor information on
wheeling it over a docking pin, it will then   their internal memory as their ridden. This     14.3 Development – These information
lock itself to the pin, and cycle from         will be transmitted by Bluetooth if they are    channels will be hugely useful for creating
orange• to green•. Mis docked bikes will       paired to a phone. When the bicycle is re-      phone and internet applications. The
start buzzing and light their red spanner•.    docked it uploads all its data to the Pay       freelance creation of these should be
                                               Tower which then tells the wider network        encouraged by making the information,
13.1 No docking pins – If (and only if)        that the bicycle is re-docked and its status,   freely available, and making the resulting
there are no free docking pins then it could   but doesn’t upload any log information.         applications freely available through sites
be possible to leave the bike locked and                                                       like Itunes, and for some popular or
parked beside the pay station without being    14.1 Upload – At night all base stations        particularly useful applications directly
locked to a docking pin. This would be a       will upload all bike log data gathered          from the Share Bike site.
good way of accommodating excess               during that day, this will be done when the
capacity without additional infrastructure,    computer networks are quiet. Any software       In general the Share Bike site should be the
particularly useful during peak demand         updating or diagnostics will also be done at    main conduit for people wanting bikes or
periods. The base station could force this     night while the system is quiet.                updating their account, but it would be
undocked bike to be the next bike rented.                                                      useful for someone booking a train on the
                                               14.2 Analysis – In aggregate this statistical   dsb site to book a bicycle at the same time.
There is no physical need for these bikes to   data could be made anonymously available
be associated with Bike Stations, but it       on the rental bikes web. This will be of        14.4 Integration – In an ideal world the
makes rentable bikes much easier to find.      immense value to other Cities thinking          same swipe card would be valid for all
                                               about adopting similar systems. It will also    forms of public transport, including Share
                                               be of value to venues looking to attract        Bikes, and in time this role could be
                                               tourist custom, and for the City in             adopted by the new generations of mobile
                                               assessing general bicycle traffic flow.         phones with built in RFID tags. Perhaps an
                                                                                               RFID sticker is a bridging solution.
                                               Analysis of the data will be hugely useful
                                               to strategic demand planning as the Bike
                                               Share scheme learns what the bicycles are

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Bike Share CPH 13415
15.0 Availability                                                                            It would also be interesting though
                                              15.5 System Learning – As the system           probably impractical to explore whether
Having bicycles in the right place at the     learns how it’s used then a level of           the bus or train network could re-distribute
right time is incredibly difficult.           strategic planning will be able to be          bikes between hubs. Perhaps incentive
                                              introduced. All base stations can be           schemes to encourage people to cycle
15.1 Pre-Booking – This gives advance         permanently expanded or contracted by the      bikes against the traffic, or return then to
warning of which locations need more          addition of surface mounted docking rails.     their original docking point might work.
bicycles, and the spiral storage would
provide a buffer of bicycles for the          Most bikes will pass through high use          17.0 `Conclusion
fluctuating demand anticipated at stations.   spiral buffers reasonably regularly, if
                                              mechanics are based here they could do         I would count this system as having the
If pre-booking must be done at least 24       routine maintenance without having to          potential to be intuitive and easy to use,
hours in advance then it gives a reasonable   fetch bikes in. Suspect bikes could be         flexible in the way it is implemented,
chance to react. Repeat booking might also    electronically flagged for checking.           and with the potential to become
be useful for regular commuters.                                                             a design classic.
                                              16.0 Redistribution
15.2 Reliability – The mechanical                                                            There are areas that are not fully worked
reliability and ease of working on bikes      Realistically bikes end up in the wrong        through, such as the spiral storage system,
will ensure that as high a percentage of      place at the wrong time. The large spiral      but there is nothing that is technically
them stay in circulation at any one time.     buffers could smooth out peaks in demand,      untested or unfeasible.
                                              and are probably best placed at high
15.3 Undocked – Pay towers being able to      demand hubs. Re-distribution could be          What marks this system out is not its use
hold bicycles that are not docked will be     done overnight while the streets are quiet,    of clever technology, but its use of basic
incredibly useful. They can be temporarily    in anticipation of the next days demand.       technology in a clever way.
expanded without limit to suit demand.
                                              Roving mechanics who carry their tools in      This is a system that will rightly place
15.4 Temporary Pay Towers – These will        bicycle trailers could carry two bicycles on   Copenhagen with a bike share scheme that
be of value to special events such as         their trailer, one unpowered bike could pull   will be the envy of the world; where
concerts, or putting more bikes in parks      two trailers like this.                        Copenhagen goes hopefully others will be
during sunny periods.                                                                        inspired to follow.

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