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									                     5 Feature Women Who Still Virgin
To see a girl still a virgin or not, you do not need to see it when the first night. There are
some physical features on a woman's body virgin or not. Want to know what
characteristics? Do not want to but not shy!
1. Forehead
For women who are still virgins will have a smooth forehead and slippery. And if not
sacred anymore so you will have a twitch that is not so visible and dimly. These
characteristics help distinguish the twitch because of age.
Tic because it was not a virgin, looking faint and will be obvious when laughing or

2. Eye.
The first characteristic we can see in his eyes. If a woman who was not a virgin bottom
eyelid folded and there are few signs of bruising (black) like a bruise. Or there are
additional lines and wrinkles. Meanwhile, if still a virgin so bright glowing eyes.

3. Nose
Seoarang still a virgin girl from the touch of man masher, has the physical characteristics
on the nose. What is it? that is at the tip of the nose visible traits reddish. While for the
girls who had not a virgin will have a red color but paler.

4. Cheek
If the girl is a virgin then red cheeks will be exciting and fresh. If a woman is often kissed
effect cheeks become red again. Other characteristics can be seen if a cheek of a woman
not a virgin there are transverse lines are not so clear.

5. Ear
A woman who is completely untouched by man can also be seen in character on the ear.
For women virgin then the ears will be smooth and clean look. While the ear of the
woman who was not a virgin would be a bit shallow. Because time is often bitten night:
Actually there are many more features but because it involves virgin organs sensitive
publish.Dan better I guess I did not feature the above is enough to differentiate between
women who were virgins or not.

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