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					                            Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society Ride Calendar 2010
                                                April-May Special Club Rides and Events
                                     Rides are graded A+ (fast and hard) thru D (slow but determined)

Apr 4 (Sun)                                        Apr 18 (Sun)                                  May 9 (Sun) (Mother’s Day)
Easter Democratic Ride                             Earth Day Ride                                Strawberry Lake Ride
In the AABTS holiday ride tradition, those         Celebrate Earth Day by observing our          A ride to explore beautiful Strawberry Lake
who show pick where to go to find the best         greening Mother Planet from the seat of       Road.
Easter eggs and Chocolate bunnies. A/B/C           the most earth friendly transport. Ride the   A: 70 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park
mileage determined by participants.                scenic lake areas of Washtenaw and            Captain: Drew McGuinness 734-646-8778
9:00 am Wheeler Park                               Livingston Counties.                
                                                   A: 55 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park                 B: 60 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park
Apr 6 (Tue)                                        Captain: Jim Irrer 734-995-2944               Captain: Harold Klee 734-306-7161
Ride Calendar Meeting                                       
Meet to plan June and July rides. We need          B: 55 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park                 C: 40 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park
ride ideas and ride volunteers! Pizza and          Captain: Jan Tripp 734-996-8079               Captain: Gil Daws 734-451-3210
exotic soft drinks provided! Note: Meeting               
is on TUESDAY this month.                          C: 36 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park
Time: 7:30 pm                                      Captain: Ann Garvin 734-663-4075              May 14 (Fri)
Location: Jim Spencer’s, 76 Colony Ct,                               WBWC Ride Around Town (RAT!)
Ypsilanti Township. 0.3 mi NW of the                                                             See Apr 9.
Hewitt-Ellsworth intersection, turn W on           Apr 18 (Sun)
Colony Way, then S on Colony Ct.                   South Lyon Ride                               May 16 (Sun)
734-904-6431.                                      Ride the South Lyon path to Kensington        Zukey Lake Tavern Brunch Ride
                                                   Metropark & Island Lake State Rec. Area.      Work up an appetite for a fabulous and
Apr 9 (Fri)                                        B/C: 35-40 mi 9:00 am McHattie Park in        inexpensive breakfast/brunch at Zukey
WBWC Ride Around Town (RAT!)                       South Lyon, 1/4 mi south of 10 Mile & 1/4     Lake Tavern in Pinckney. Part of the route
Get a start on urban cycling or polish your        mi west of Pontiac Trail.                     will follow newly paved bike trail. Don’t
skills in a small town with lots of activity!      Captain: Gil Daws 734-451-3210                forget to buy the shirt.
Ride winds through Ann Arbor downtown                                                            A: 62 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park
streets for a 4 mile figure 8 route. Help          Apr 22 (Thu)                                  Captain: Jonathan Rodgers 734-426-4989
demonstrate to motorists and pedestrians           Moonshadow Ride                     
that bicyclists can interact safely and            Celebrate the almost full moon with a car     B: 62 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park
courteously with motorized traffic. Helmets        free ride along the Huron, on the paved       Captain: Dan Harrison 734-476-4944
and lights required; bright colors and safety      Gallup Park Pathway. Laps determine 
vests recommended. Bring a bell to ring as         distance. No ride in rainy weather.           C: 39 mi 10:00 am Wheeler Park
we entertain diners along Main Street!             A/B/C: 8/16/24 mi 9:00 pm East end of         Captain: Tom Maher 734-459-9233
After the ride we gather at a designated           Mitchell Field parking Lot on Fuller Rd.
RAT! Hole. Updates and pre-ride/post-ride          Captains: Jim & Jennifer Bryson               May 16 (Sun)
discussion on WBWC Google discussion               734-424-2802                                  South Lyon Ride
group site.                                                                                      Ride the South Lyon path to Kensington
C-: 4+ mi 6:00 pm Liberty Plaza Park,              Apr 25 (Sun)                                  Metropark & Island Lake State Rec. Area.
corner of Liberty and Division in Ann Arbor.       Mason Milieu                                  B: 35-40 mi 9:00 am McHattie Park in
Captain: Frank Schwende 734-975-1989               Get that early season century in, plus a      South Lyon, 1/4 mi south of 10 Mile & 1/4                             few more mile, as you ride with Tom up to     mi west of Pontiac Trail.
                                                   the Lansing area.                             Captain: Jane Barrett 248-486-6809
Apr 10 (Sat)                                       A: 101+ mi 9:00 am Chelsea, parking lot
Sixth Annual AABTS Appreciation Day                W of Pierce’s Bakery, W. Middle St.
AABTS members are invited to stop in at            Captain: Tom Sleeker 248-324-1879             May 19 (Wed)
Aberdeen Bike & Outdoors in Chelsea for                         Ride of Silence
coffee and breakfast (provided by Mary                                                           A silent slow-paced National ride to honor
Ann of Zou Zou's) and discounts. The               Apr 25 (Sun)                                  those who have been injured or killed while
discount normally afforded to AABTS                Pinckney Brunch Ride                          cycling on public roadways. AABTS
members will be double: 20% on in-stock            Ride to the Pinckney Diner for a tasty        participation will take place starting from
bikes & 30% on in-stock accessories and            brunch.                                       the following locations:
clothing.                                          B: 53 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park                 Ann Arbor: C: 7mi Wheeler Park. Gather
From 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Chelsea,                   Captain: Jim Irrer 734-995-2944               at 6:30 pm. Ride begins at 7:00 pm
Aberdeen Bike & Outdoors                                              Captain: Kathleen Donahoe 734-996-4985
1101 S Main, 734-475-8203                          C: 33 mi 10:00 am Dexter Gazebo     
                                                   Captain: Peter Kappus 734-424-9039            Westland/Livonia: C: 15 mi Hines Park,
Apr 11 (Sun)                                                               Nankin Mills Pavilion, just south of Ann
Sharon Hollow Black Sheep Ride                                                                   Arbor Trail. Ride begins at 7:00 pm;
A pleasant ride to the Manchester area for         May 2 (Sun)                                   Wednesday Far East Fringe riders will
a fine breakfast; B riders will travel to          Classic Bike-A-Thon Routes                    meet in Plymouth behind the Penn
Saline to join the C riders before cycling to      Celebrate the best routes of Bike-A-Thons     Theater, depart promptly at 6:10 pm and
Manchester.                                        past - the Waterloo Wanderer, the Chelsea     cycle Hines Drive to meet the Ride of
A: 67 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park                      Metric, and the County Loop.                  Silence at Nankin Mills.
Captain: Jenny Young 734-975-6648                  A: 100 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park                Captain: Don Broadway 734-560-1601                                  Captain: Jenny Young 734-975-6648   
B: 53 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park                                         Ypsilanti: C: 8-10 mi Recreation Park,
Captain: Joe Pavlovich,Jr 734-545-0541             B: 58 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park                 corner of Congress and Elm. Meet near                                 Captain: Jan Tripp 734-996-8079               the Senior Center. Ride begins at 7:00pm
C: 34 mi 10:00 am Saline Municipal Lot,                           Captain: Bob Krzewinski 734-487-9058
the block S of US-12 @ AA-Saline Rd.               C: 30 mi 9:00 am Wheeler Park       
Captain: Joe Pavlovich,Jr 734-545-0541             Captain: James Partridge 734-997-7117                       
May 22 (Sat)                                 May 27 (Thu)                                 May 29-30 (Sat-Sun)
Border to Border Trail Ride for the          Horsey Hundred AABTS Thursday Pre-           Horsey Hundred
Hungry                                       Ride                                         See Invitational Ride Calendar
Newcomers and casual riders welcome!         Georgetown Kentucky
Leisurely family-friendly ride along         A/B/C: 30 - 75 mi 8:45 am                    May 30 (Sun)
Washtenaw County's Border to Border          Meet at Georgetown College parking lot       Memorial Day Sunday Democratic Ride
Trail to Hope Food Bank. Stop in Depot       near 400 E. College Street, the second lot   Holiday weekend democratic ride. Those
Town for lunch or ice cream. Fill your       West of Military Street.                     who show pick where to go. A/B/C mileage
backpack, panniers, and Burleys with non-    Captain: Dan Harrison 734-476-4944           determined by participants.
perishable food items. Bring extra to load                          9:00 am Wheeler Park
on my flatbed bicycle trailer!
For current needs see                        May 27 (Thu)                                 May 31 (Mon)
www.thehopeclinicorg/givehope/wishlist.htm   Moonshadow Ride                              Horsey Hundred Monday Democratic
D: 24 mi 11:00 am Mitchell Field parking     Celebrate the FULL moon with a car free      Ride
lot near trail to Gallup Park. 1900 Fuller   ride along the Huron, on the paved Gallup    Georgetown Kentucky
Road.                                        Park Pathway. Laps determine distance.       This is a democratic ride, bring your maps
Captain: Elizabeth Tidd 734-662-0205         No ride in rainy weather.                    from Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday                        A/B/C: 8/16/24 mi 10:00 pm East end of       and choose one to ride on Monday.
                                             Mitchell Field parking Lot on Fuller Rd.     Group chooses an AABTS Ride Captain.
May 23 (Sun)                                 Captains: Jim & Jennifer Bryson              The captain records the AABTS miles
The Jackson County Tour                      734-424-2802                                 A/B/C: 10-50+ mi 8:00 am
Tour with Tom as you explore the many                                                     Meet at Georgetown College parking lot
roads and byways of Jackson County.          May 28 (Fri)                                 near 400 E. College Street, the second lot
A: 109+ mi 9:00 am Chelsea, parking lot      Horsey Hundred AABTS Friday Pre-             West of Military Street.
W of Pierce’s Bakery, W. Middle St.          Ride
Captain: Tom Sleeker 248-324-1879            Georgetown Kentucky                          May 31 (Mon)                      A/B/C: 30 - 75 mi 8:00 am                    Memorial Day Democratic Ride
                                             Meet at Georgetown College parking lot       In the AABTS holiday ride tradition, those
May 23 (Sun)                                 near 400 E. College Street, the second lot   who show pick where to go. A/B/C mileage
Hathaway House Ride                          West of Military Street.                     determined by participants.
Ride to the historic century old Hathaway    (Note: the rides might join the new          9:00 am Wheeler Park
House in Blissfield. Enjoy the brunch        Bluegrass Cycling Club-sponsored rides
staples of the casual Main Street Stable,    on those days)
available from 11-2 for $13.95, or order     Captain: Dan Harrison 734-476-4944
from the menu starting at noon. (If Brunch                                    Bookend Miles:
is not offered, menu orders begin at 11.)
B: 65 mi 9:00 am Saline Municipal Lot, in    May 28 (Fri)                                      Ride mileage to and from
the block S of US 12 @ AA-Saline Rd.         Horsey Hundred Weekend Friday Group                an AABTS sponsored
Captain: Jeff Keeler 734-255-8853            Dinner                                            ride should be included                             6:00 p.m. Join AABTS members for dinner           on the ride sheet for the
C: 45 mi 10:00 am Clinton City Lot, on US    at the nearby Mi Mexico Restaurant, 440                 specific ride.
12, the block east of Clinton Rd.            Connector Rd in Georgetown, KY. You
Captain: Maury Kroopnick 734-646-4978        must reserve by Monday, May 10.                 Contact Carol Hohnke 734-663-6401 or
                                    for                                June-July
                                             reservations and directions.                             Ride Calendar

                                                                                                  Sunday Ride Ideas:
                                                                                                 April 4 by e-mail, or at
                                                                                                 Ride Calendar Meeting
           Lead a Ride!                                  Visit                                   on April 6 (TUESDAY)
             To Volunteer:                 
                                                         for:                                     Weekly & Invitational:
            Sunday Rides:                                                                            April 21 Final!
           Joe Pavlovich, Jr                        Forums, Calendar                                    Sunday to:
             734-545-0541                             & Updates                                       Jim Spencer
           Saturday Rides:                                                                            734-904-6431
                                                     Ride Sheets                                           or
          Kevin McGuinness
                                                        Maps                                        Joe Pavlovich, Jr
           Weekly Rides:                        Club Mile Eligibility:
              Ann Hunt                                                                                Weekly to:                                                                            Ann Hunt
            734-761-1147                        Invitationals must be                   
                                               published on the Ride
               Vickie Smith                   Calendar while the ride is                             Invitationals to:                        still open                                      Vickie Smith
                                                   for registration.                                   734-996-9461
                                                              AABTS April-May '10 ANN ARBOR AREA Weekly Rides

        Mondays                           Tuesdays                       Wednesdays                          Thursdays                           Fridays                       Saturdays
9:00 am                           9:00 am                           9:00 am (Tem p>50 degrees)        9:00 am                           10:00 am (A pril)                Seven or Sunrise Saturday
Back Roads Ram ble                Parks, Lakes & Trails Bike        Superior Salem Dirt Road          Jackson Co. Brunch Ride           9:00 am (M ay)                   Ride                                 June-July
                                  Ride                              Ride                              Ride the less traveled roads      W hitm ore Lk Coffee Break       A slow-paced ride to Dexter        Ride Calendar
Ride gravel roads to                                                Ride gravel roads on a great
                                  Join us as w e cycle through                                        of scenic Jackson County.         R ide the sm oothest road in     for breakfast, leaving
Independence Lake, Llam a                                           country circuit. Basic 19-mile    Start: Cavanaugh Lake Park                                         W heeler Park at sunrise
Farm and other low traffic        Kensington, Island Lake and       route; multiple longer loops.                                       W ashtenaw C ounty to
destinations. In April, ride      the new trail to M ilford.                                          on Cavanaugh Lake Rd. 3.2         G loria’s or the Coney Island    (or 7:00 am if sunrise is
                                                                    Fewer miles for new riders.       mi W of Chelsea.                                                                                    Sunday Ride Ideas:
only if it is above 40 degrees    C hoose to ride 10 to 50+                                                                             in W hitm ore Lake.              earlier than 7:00).
                                                                    Start: Trinity Presbyterian
and roads are dry. Call           m iles, all on paved bike         Church parking lot at NE
                                                                                                      B: 25-50+ mi
                                                                                                                                        S tart: O lson Park on Dhu       (       April 4 by e-mail, or at
                                                                                                      Captain:                                                           Start: W heeler Park           Ride Calendar Meeting
captain to confirm that ride is   paths. O ptional Brunch stop      corner of Gotfredson Rd &                                           V arren@ P ontiac Trail.
                                                                                                      John Pierce 734-994-5908                                           D: 22+ m i
happening.                        before end of ride.               Plymouth-Ann Arbor Rd.                                              C : 20+ m i                                                      on April 6 (TUESDAY)
Start: 960 Forest Rd, off                                           B/C: 19+ mi                                                                                          Captains:
                                  S tart: M cH attie Park in                                          10:00 am                          C aptain:
Country Club Rd in Barton                                           Captains:                                                                                            Apr 3, 10, 17 & all of May:
                                  South Lyon, 1/4 m i south of      Beth Caldwell 734-663-5060        Spring Unfolding Rides            Joe D atsko 734-663-4498
                                                                                                                                                                         Elizabeth Tidd 734-662-0205     Weekly & Invitational:
Hills                             10 M ile & 1/4 m i west of                                          A series of leisurely daytime
C: 15-35 m i
                                                                    Marilyn Pobanz & Art Kitze                                                                           Apr 24: Joe Pavlovich              April 21 Final!
                                  P ontiac Trail.                   734-663-8980                      rides around local neighbor-      6:00 pm
Captains: Jeanette & Chuck                                                                            hoods to appreciate the                                            734-545-0541
                                  B : 10-50+ m i                    Vivian Phillips 734-482-5103                                        Dexter DQ Ride
Hescheles 734-761-2885            C aptains: Jon & C arol                                             seasonal delights of Ann                                                                                 Sunday to:
                                                                                                                                        Start the weekend by riding      9:00 am
Beth Caldwell 734-663-5060        Stinson 734-449-2026              10:00 am (April)                  Arbor’s gardens, parks and
                                                                                                                                        to the D exter DQ for a
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Jim Spencer
                                                                    9:00 am (May)                     cafes.                                                             Dexter Breakfast Ride           jspencer_aabtscal@earthlink.
                                                                    Northw estern Brunch Ride         Start: Gallup Park Canoe          Friday night snack.              AABTS’s most popular ride                    net
9:00 am                           6:00 pm (M ay only)
Chelsea Ride                                                        Enjoy some of our favorite        Livery                            S tart: Abbot School, 2670       follows scenic Huron River Dr         734-904-6431
                                  The Big Sky Ride                  roads when traffic is low.        C: 10-15 mi                       Sequoia Pkwy, Ann A rbor         to Dexter, and beyond! The
A ride for all levels.            P edal the relatively quiet,                                                                                                                                                        or
Destination alternates                                              Stop for breakfast/lunch.         Captains:                         C : 26+ m i                      ride captain will depart
                                  flat, picturesque roads south     Start: Stockbridge Park, at       Judy Schmidt 734-971-5763         Captain:                         shortly after the starting time       Joe Pavlovich
between Stockbridge, Grass
Lake, Napolean, and
                                  of Ann Arbor.                     north end of N W ood St, 1st      Beth Caldwell 734-663-5060        Apr 2, 9, 16, 23 & all of May:   with C riders & newcomers.
                                  S tart: York Baptist C hurch      rt turn west of Main Square.                                                                         The last riders should arrive         734-545-0541
Pleasant Lake. To arrange a                                         A: 100 mi option                                                    Elizabeth Tidd 734-662-0205
                                  parking lot, 1220 Stony                                             6:00 pm                                                            in Dexter no more than 1½
bike demo during ride, call                                         B: 25-50 mi                                                         A pr 30: Joe P avlovich
                                  C reek R d. (C orner of Platt).                                     Chelsea Family Ride                                                hours after leaving W heeler
bike shop at 734-475-8203.                                          Captain: Alice Rawson             A low key, introductory ride      734-545-0541                                                             Weekly to:
Start: Chelsea, 1101 S.           B : 15-30 m i                     734-475-9297                                                                                         Park. Sample the delights of
                                  C aptains: M anfred & Judy                                          for those new to cycling on                                        the Dexter Bakery!                      Ann Hunt
M ain, in front of Aberdeen                                                                           the roads. Call bike shop at                                                               
Bike & Outdoors.                  Schm idt 734-971-5763             5:30 pm sharp! (April)                                                                               Ride options, total miles:
                                                                                                      734-475-8203 to arrange a                                                                                734-761-1147
B/C: 35-45+ & 55-65+ m i                                            6:00 pm sharp! (May)                                                                                 Dexter, 22; farm stand, 30;
                                                                                                      bike demo during ride.
Captain: M ick Osman           6:00 pm                              West Side Ride (33rd Year!)                                                                          Chelsea, 38; Cavanaugh
                                                                    Newcomers and casual riders       Start: Chelsea, 1101 S.
517-285-6830                   Dog & Suds Ride                                                        Main, in front of Aberdeen                                         Lake, 48; W aterloo, 55;             Invitationals to:
                               R ide to the w est or north          welcome! Dexter DQ visit                                                                             Munith, 70; beyond, 80-100.
                                                                    possible on all routes.           Bike & Outdoors.
                                                                                                                                                                         Start: W heeler Park (corner
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Vickie Smith
5:00 pm (April)                from C helsea (April) or             May 19 - group will ride          C/D: 15-25+ mi                                                                                      vickie.smith@comcast.
5:30 pm (M ay)                 D exter (M ay). G uaranteed                                            Captain: Mike Casey                                                of Depot and N. Fourth Ave.
                                                                    into Ann Arbor to join the                                                                                                                       net
Paved Country Roads Ride no potholes (w ell, alm ost                Ride of Silence.                  734-475-8203                                                       just west of Amtrak station).
O ptional stop at Pleasant     no potholes). C urrent ride          Start: Sweepster Parking Lot,                                                                        Alternative start: Barton             734-996-9461
                                                                    2800 N. Zeeb Rd., just north      6:00 pm                                                            Park (on Huron River Dr.).
Lake Party Store. Hilly        info, changes and
                                                                    of Huron River Bridge.            Chelsea Ride
                                                                                                                                        Rides are graded                 Sign ride sheet in Dexter.
Schneider Rd included on       cancellations posted to
longer routes.        /group/     A/B: 25 mi                        Destination alternates            A+ (fast and hard)               A/B/C:
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Weekly Rides
                                                                    Captains: Don & Gwen Evich        between Dexter, Grass Lake,                                        22/30/38/48/55/70/80-100 m i
Start: Pine C ross Ln, east    aabts-w est-side-rides/w eb.                                                                             thru D (slow but
off Parker R d, 1 m ile south  S tart: April: C helsea, 1101        734-426-5116                      Munith, Stockbridge and                                                                            may not run on
                                                                    C: 13-18 mi                       W aterloo area. Call bike shop    determined)                      Captains:
of Jackson Rd.
Park: Pine Cross Ln, north
                               S. M ain, in front of Aberdeen
                               B ike & Fitness.
                                                                    Captains:                         at 734-475-8203 to arrange a                                       Apr 3: Vickie Smith             major holidays.
                                                                    Brad Bates 734-665-4552           bike demo during ride.
edge past m ailboxes.          M ay: D exter A& W grass             Ross Richardson                   Start: Chelsea, parking lot at    A Riders are expected                       734-996-9461         Check with ride
                                                                                                                                        to be self sufficient.           Apr 10: Carole Hann
A/B/C: 18/24/30 m i
Captains: Don & Gwen
                               parking lot, D ex-C helsea R d.
                               A/B : 25-30+m i
                                                                    734-761-2659                      1178 S. Main-w side of Main.                                                  734-483-0448            captain.
                                                                                                      B/C: 25-55+ mi
Evich 734-426-5116             C aptain:                            6:00 pm (Apr)                                                                                        Apr 17: Tom Powell
                                                                                                      Captain: Mick Osman               B Ride captains will
                               D oug Tidd 734-678-8297              6:30 pm (May)                     517-285-6830                                                                  734-994-6340
7:00 pm sharp! (M ay only)                                          Kensington Ride                                                     check with slower riders         Apr 24: Vickie Smith                  Visit
                                                                    See Plymouth Area W eekly         6:45 pm (May only)                near start, and at later                    734-996-9461
The Civilized Ride
Recover from the weekend
                               6:00 pm
                               Huron River Ride
                                                                    Ride page.                        Ann Arbor Thursday                stops.                           May 1: Carole Hann     
with a C/C-, no-drop ride. All E njoy the H uron R iver &           6:00 pm
                                                                                                      Evening Ride
                                                                                                      Back for yet another exciting                                      May 8: Maury Kroopnick
are welcome! Great for new                                          Saline Ride
riders. Captains’ house is
                               environs on spring evenings.
                               S tart: Forsythe M iddle             An A/B ride south to Milan        season, this ride travels         C&D Ride captains will                      734-646-4978             Forums
available for changing into                                         then west through the area        through UM North Campus,          ride sweep to assist all         May 15: Drew Burton
                               School, 1655 New port R d,                                             Barton Hills, and the scenic                                                  734-994-3001
bike clothes and for post-ride A nn Arbor.                          around Britton-Macon. No                                            riders.
pizza dinner. No ride on       B /C : 18-40+ m i
                                                                    Ride May 19 - we will join        roads NE of Ann Arbor. As a
                                                                                                      special bonus, riders will be
                                                                                                                                                                         May 22: Maury Kroopnick            & Updates
                                                                    Ann Arbor Ride of Silence.                                                                                      734-646-4978
federal holidays.
Start: 610 Brierwood Ct, off
                               C aptains:                           Start: Saline Municipal Lot, in   given the opportunity to          All Riders are urged to          May 29: Maury Kroopnick           Newsletter
of Arborview.
                               A pr 6, 13, 20 and all of M ay:      the block S of US-12 @ AA-        practice their climbing skills.   be prepared to repair a                     734-646-4978           Ride Sheets
                               Elizabeth Tidd 734-662-0205          Saline Rd.                        Start: Fuller Pool parking lot    flat.
C/C-: 12 or 18 m i
Captains: Joel & W endy
                               Apr 27: Am y M cKinley               A/B: 30+ mi                       A/B: 25+ mi                                                                                             Maps
                               734-971-9201                         Captain: Geoff Crosbie            Captain:
Hakken 734-945-4133                                                 734-645-5840                      Steve Dodge 734-996-9122
                                                          AABTS April-May '10 PLYMOUTH AREA Weekly Rides

       Mondays                        Tuesdays                     Wednesdays                         Thursdays                        Fridays                       Saturdays                           Sundays
10:00 am (A pril)              10:00 am (A pril)              9:00 am (Tem p>50 degrees)        10:00 am (A pril)              10:00 am (A pril)              9:00 am                           9:00 am
9:00 am (M ay)                 9:00 am (M ay)                 Su perior Salem D irt R oad       9:00 am (M ay)                 9:00 am (M ay)                 Hines Park Saturday Ride          Far East Fringe Sunday
Hines Park A.M . Ride          Hines Park A.M . Ride          Ride                              Hines Park A.M . Ride          Hines Drive Ride               A ride along scenic Hines         Ride
R ide H ines Park. Alternate   R ide H ines Park. Alternate   S ee Ann Arbor A rea W eekly      R ide H ines Park. Alternate   R ide along H ines D rive.     D rive. Stop in Plym outh after   R ide the roads w est of
route is on roads w est of     route is on roads w est of     R ide Page                        route is on roads w est of     S tart: N ewburgh Pointe       the ride for coffee and           Plym outh (30-50+ m i) and
Plym outh.                     Plym outh.                                                       Plym outh.                     R ec. Area parking lot         conversation.                     on scenic Hines D rive (20+
S tart: Plym outh (downtown)   S tart: Plym outh (downtown)   10:00 am (A pril)                 S tart: Plym outh (downtown)   (on Hines D rive between       S tart: Plym outh (downtown)      m i).
Parking lot behind Penn                                       9:00 am (M ay)                    Parking lot behind Penn                                                                         S tart: Plym outh (downtown)
                               Parking lot behind Penn                                                                         H aggerty & N ewburgh R ds.)   Parking lot behind Penn
Theater, 760 Pennim an                                        Hines Park A.M . Ride             Theater, 760 Pennim an                                                                          Parking lot behind Penn
                               Theater, 760 Pennim an         R ide H ines Park. Alternate                                     A/B /C : 20+ m i               Theater, 760 Pennim an
A/B /C : 30+ m i               A/B /C : 30+ m i                                                 A/B /C : 30+ m i               C aptain:                      B /C : 20-50+ m i                 Theater, 760 Pennim an
C aptain:                                                     route is on roads w est of
                               C aptain:                      Plym outh.                        C aptain:                      Phyllis Czapla 734-453-8794    C aptains:                        B : 20-50+ m i
John Finnegan                  John Finnegan                                                    John Finnegan                                                 Jeff W itzburg 734-459-4013       C aptains: W endy D ’H aene
                                                              S tart: Plym outh (downtown)
734-981-0787                   734-981-0787                                                     734-981-0787                                                  John Finnegan                     313-505-5313
                                                              Parking lot behind Penn
                                                              Theater, 760 Pennim an                                                                          734-981-0787                      wddhaene@ com
6:00 pm (A pril)               9:00 am                        A/B /C : 30+ m i                  6:00 pm (A pril)                                                                                Joe Skurka 248-449-6572
6:30 pm (M ay)                 Parks, Lakes & Trails Bike     C aptain:                         6:30 pm (M ay)                                                                                  joe@
Far East Fringe R ide          Ride                           John Finnegan                     Far East Fringe R ide
H ines Park to D earborn.      S ee Ann Arbor A rea W eekly   734-981-0787                      H ines Park to Dearborn.                                                                        1:00 pm
S tart: Plym outh (downtown)   R ide page.                                                      R ide, then socialize at the                                                                    Terry’s H erd of Turtles N o
Parking lot behind Penn                                       6:00 pm (A pril)                  Box Bar afterw ards.                                                                            Drop Sunday Afternoon
Theater, 760 Pennim an         6:00 pm (A pril)               6:30 pm (M ay)                    S tart: Plym outh (downtown)                                                                    Ride in the Park Ride
A/B /C : 15-30+ m i            6:30 pm (M ay)                 Far East Fringe Ride              Parking lot behind Penn                                                                         A relaxing, conversational
C aptains: W ill M cW hirter   Far East Fringe Ride           H ines Park to Dearborn.          Theater, 760 Pennim an                                                                          ride through H ines P ark.
734-455-5766                                                  R ide, then socialize at the      A/B /C : 15-30+ m i                                                                             R ide only if it is above 40, or
                               E xperienced riders.
D on Broadway                                                 B ox Bar afterw ards.
                               R ide the roads w est of       M ay 19 - w e w ill depart
                                                                                                C aptain: D on Broadway              June-July                                                  under 90, degrees and
734-560-1601                   P lym outh, then socialize                                       734-560-1601                                                                                    pavem ent is dry.                                                prom ptly at 6:10 pm & ride
                                                                                                                                   Ride Calendar                                                S tart: N ankin M ill
                               after the ride.                to Nankin Mills to join the
                               S tart: Plym outh (downtown)                                                                         Deadlines:                                                  Interpretive C enter, north
                                                              W estland R ide of Silence .
                               Parking lot behind Penn        S tart: Plym outh (downtown)                                                                                                      side of H ines D r., 1/4 m ile
                               Theater, 760 Pennim an         Parking lot behind Penn                                            Sunday Ride Ideas:                                             east of Ann Arbor Trail.
                               A/B : 20-33+ m i               Theater, 760 Pennim an                                           April 4 by e-mail, or at                                         A/B /C : 20+ m i
                               C aptains:                     A/B /C : 15-30+ m i                                                                                                               C aptain: Terry Treppa
                               W endy D ’H aene               C aptain:
                                                                                                                               Ride Calendar Meeting                                            734-729-0150
                               313-505-5313                   D on Broadway                                                     on April 6 (TUESDAY)                                            ttreppa@ com
                               wddhaene@ com         (c) 734-560-1601                                                                                Rides are graded
                               D on Broadway
                                                                                                       Visit                    Weekly & Invitational:        A+ (fast and hard)
                                                                                                                                   April 21 Final!            thru D (slow but
                                      6:00 pm (A pril)
                                                              6:30 pm (M ay)
                                                              Kensington Ride                          for:                           Sunday to:              determined )
                                                              A pleasant evening ride
                                                              ending with the sunset on              Forums                          Jim Spencer
                                                                                                                                                              A Riders are expected
                                                              the lake. C all ride captain if                                  jspencer_aabtscal@earthlink.
                                                              w eather is questionable.
                                                                                                    Calendar                               net                to be self sufficient.
                                                              S tart: U pper East Boat              & Updates                       734-904-6431
                                                              Launch parking lot,                                                        or                   B Ride captains will
                                                              K ensington Park                     Newsletter                      Joe Pavlovich              check with slower riders            Weekly Rides
                                                              B /C : 22-45 m i
                                                              C aptains:                           Ride Sheets                    near start, and at later           may not run on
                                                              D ave & K athleen Farm er               Maps                          734-545-0541              stops.
                                                              248-722-5954 (D ave)                                                                                                               major holidays.
                                                              248-318-4422 (Kathleen)
                                                                                                                                    Weekly to:                C&D Ride captains will             Check with ride
                                                                                                                                     Ann Hunt                 ride sweep to assist all
                                                                                                                                  riders.                               captain.
                                                                                                                                                     All Riders are urged to
                                                                                                                                   Invitationals to: be prepared to repair a
                                                                                                                                     Vickie Smith    flat.
                                   April-May 2010 Invitational Rides
 Includes both non-commercial and commercial rides. A Club member must volunteer as ride captain.
          In case of multiple volunteers, the first name received will be listed as ride captain.
          These rides often require advance registration. Contact ride captain for information.
Apr 2-4 (Fri-Sun)                                     May 2 (Sun)                                                May 29-30 (Sat-Sun)
Easter Hill Country Tour                              Metro Grand Spring Tour (MGST)                             Horsey Hundred
There's a reason this is the 37th Annual, it’s the    Willow Metro Park. Sponsored by the Downriver              Arguably the biggest AABTS favorite
same reason that Lance calls this best cycling        Cycling Club. 25-, 45-, and 62-mile routes along           invitational, through the horse country and rural
in the world. Kerrville, TX.                          the Huron River and on scenic country roads in             areas around Georgetown, KY. See Special                                          Wayne & Monroe Counties.                                   Rides & Events section of the calendar for pre-
Captain: Jim Datsko 231-264-0041             There will be an                     and post-Horsey activities & rides.                                       optional mass start and AABTS ride sign-in at    
                                                      9:00 AM at the registration pavilion next to the           Captain: Dan Harrison 734-476-4944
Apr 6-11 (Tue-Sun)                                    parking lot. Ride captain will be on a recumbent 
or ANY one day during tour                            wearing an AABTS shirt,
Ride2Recovery - Don’t Mess with Texas                 Captain: Joe Pavlovich 734-545-0541                        May 29-31 (Sat-Mon)
Challenge                                                                            Cottonwood 200
San Antonio to Arlington TX. Ride2Recovery                                                                       Topeka, KS. Three-day bicycle tour on paved
assists veterans in their mental & physical           May 2 (Sun)                                                roads through the Flint Hills of northeast
rehab programs (many will be on the ride);            TD Bank Five Boro Bike Ride                                Kansas. 75-50-75 miles. Loop from the
proceeds from this tour provide bicycles,             New York City. 42-mile route featuring all five            Washburn University campus.
equipment, clinics, & outings for wounded vets.       boros: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, &     
Everything is BIG in Texas and this event             Staten Island. The route is mostly flat, except            Captain: Lloyd Strong 519-252-8674
should not disappoint. From the start in San          for bridges, the most exciting being the         
Antonio to the state capitol of Austin to the         Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from Brooklyn to
finish at the baseball game at Texas Ranger's         Staten Island. Fills quickly!                              May 31-Jun 5 (Mon-Sat)
Ameriquest Field vs. the KC Royals, this event                  or ANY one day during tour
will also feature visits to Brooke Army Medical       Captain: Lloyd Strong 519-252-8674                         Ride2Recovery - Memorial Challenge
Center, Randolph AFB, and Ft. Hood.                                                   Washington DC to Virginia Beach VA.
Wounded Warriors from the Center for the                                                                         Ride2Recovery assists veterans in their mental
Intrepid, Ft. Bliss, and Ft. Hood are expected to     May 2 (Sun)                                                & physical rehab programs (many will be on the
participate.                    Shasta Jamboree Century                                    ride); proceeds from this tour provide bicycles,
One Day Rides: $75 (includes T-shirt)                 Cycle old cowboy towns with views of Mt.                   equipment, clinics, & outings for wounded vets.
Full Ride Limited to 200 participants, with a         Shasta. Redding, CA.                                       Follow historical roads and live American
minimum donation of $3000. (Includes: hotel,                                     history as you leave the National Memorial
support, meals, rest stops, jersey, T-shirt, socks    Captain: Jim Datsko 231-264-0041                           Parade on your way to your final destination of
and more!)                                                                              Virginia Beach. Along the way, you will pass by
Captains:                                                                                                        Mt. Vernon, the famous civil war battlefields of
Sandy and Dave Hahn 734-455-6581                      May 8 (Sat)                                                Manassas or Bull Run, Fredericksburg,                                 Michigan Recumbent Rally East                              Mechanicsville, and Richmond. The
                                                      Willow Metropark pool shelter, 9 am to 2 pm.               settlements of Williamsburg, Jamestown, and
Apr 17-22 (Sat-Thu)                                   Recumbent bicycle displays, test rides, dealers,           Yorktown stopping in the heart of the largest
2010 Florida Safari                                   used recumbents and a “Buying your first                   military bases in the U.S. The event ends with
Ride some of the best cycling rides in north          recumbent” talk at 11 am and 2 pm. Group ride              a USO sponsored VIP concert experience
Florida & south Georgia. Only move your tent          at noon. Try out the most comfortable bikes on             featuring American Idol winner David Cook.
once. Mileages per day: 30-100. Three and Six         the planet!                  
day options available (Six Day sells out              Captain: Bob Krzewinski 734-487-9058                       One Day Rides: $75 (includes T-shirt)
quickly!).                                              Full Ride Limited to 200 participants, with a
Captain: Deb Kelley 269-965-3598                                                                                 minimum donation of $3000. (Includes: hotel,                                  May 8-9 (Sat-Sun)                                          support, meals, rest stops, jersey, T-shirt, socks
                                                      49th Annual TOSRV – Tour of the Scioto                     and more!).
Apr 25 (Sun)                                          River Valley                                               Captains:
Wildflower Century                                    This Mother’s Day favorite is a 2-day, 200-mile            Sandy and Dave Hahn 734-455-6581
Rated best century in CA, and in America's top        bicycle tour from Columbus, OH to Portsmouth,    
10 overall. Chico, CA. Choose hilly or flat.          OH, and back again. Half-TOSRV starts in                                     Chillicothe. Fills quickly!
Captain: Jim Datsko 231-264-0041                      Captain: Chris Marble 734-426-8694                             

May 1 (Sat)
Calvin’s Challenge                                                                        Coming Up
This 12-hour bike race is held each year on the
weekend before Mother's Day, starting at              Jun 5 (Sat)                                                Jun 13-19 (Sun-Sat)
                                                      Southeast Michigan Tour de Cure                            The BAC Michigan Easy
Shawnee High School in Springfield, Ohio. Both        Island Lake Recreation Area, Brighton, MI, A scenic ride   Bicycle Adventure Club fixed-base ride out of Chelsea, MI.
the 50-mile loop and the 7-mile short loop are        through beautiful Island Lake Recreation Area and          Most daily rides are in the 35-45 mile range, with longer
flat to rolling on lightly traveled roads. Drafting   Kensington Metro Park, while those who enjoy longer        options available. This tour will feature some of AABTS’s
and aerobars are allowed.                             distances will cycle through the GM Proving Grounds and    favorite routes to nearby towns. Contact Ride Captains                             downtown Milford. Fund raiser for the American Diabetes    about participating in this ride.
Captain: Wendy D’Haene 248-437-9226                   Captain: Mark Shields 734-455-4453                         Captains: Graham & Lois Fleming 517-423-4702                                                         

                                                      Jun 6-12 (Sun-Sat)                                         Jun 19-20 (Sat-Sun)
                                                      Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska – BRAN                        National 24-Hour Challenge
                                                      2010 – The Year We Make Contact with the Outer Spaces      Middleville, MI. A personal best bike road race to test
                                                      of Nebraska on the Space Cowboy Tour. Details coming       endurance and determination. This event has been
                                                      soon to the web page.                     traditionally been held on Father’s Day since 1983.
                                                      Captain: Lloyd Strong 519-252-8674               
                                                                                     Captain: Laike Misikir 248-505-7067
Jun 19-25 (Sat-Fri)                                               Jul 30-Aug 4 (Fri-Wed) or ANY one day during tour                Sep 11-18 (Sat-Sat)
PALM XXIX – Pedal Across Lower Michigan                           Ride2Recovery - Rocky Mountain Challenge                         Cycle Oregon
This year we pay tribute to the long-time “voice of PALM,”        Cheyenne WY to Colorado Springs CO. Ride2Recovery                The Round-Up Ride - a two-state ramble through the
Doris West, who died on February 24, 2010. Emphasizing            assists veterans in their mental & physical rehab programs       canyons, wheat fields, vineyards and forests of NE Oregon
the social & recreational aspects of cycling, PALM is             (many will be on the ride); proceeds from this tour provide      and SE Washington that includes a two-day stop in
geared to the novice & intermediate rider, and is                 bicycles, equipment, clinics, & outings for wounded vets.        Pendleton during the 100th anniversary of the Pendleton
particularly well suited for families. Daily distances of 35-60   The ride begins at the Cheyenne Days Rodeo. The                  Round-Up. Starting and ending in the historic host town of
miles; longer routes available. South Haven-Otsego-               participants will head south along the foothills of the Rocky    Elgin, the route includes stops in Enterprise, OR;
Hastings-Eaton Rapids-Grass Lake-Milan-Lake Erie                  Mountains. With a route that incorporates some of the best       Clarkston, WA; Waitsburg, WA; and Pendleton, OR. Appx.
Metropark. This ride is filled.                 cycling roads in the US. Many areas in the route have            450 miles.
Captain: Vickie Smith 734-276-2096 (cell)                         been used in such famous races as Coors Classic, Red             Captain: Lloyd Strong 519-252-8674                                          Zinger Classic, and the World Championships. The ride  
                                                                  concludes with a visit to the Garden of the Gods before a
June 19-26 (Sat-Sat)                                              grand finish at Ft. Carson.                Sep 12-19 (Sun-Sun)
GRABAAWR (GReat Annual Bicycle Adventure Along                    One Day Rides: $75 (includes T-shirt)                            Biking the Pacific Marine Circle: History, Culture and
the Wisconsin River)                                              Full Ride Limited to 200 participants, with a minimum            Wildlife
Starting at the headwaters of the magnificent Wisconsin           donation of $3000. (Includes: hotel, support, meals, rest        Start & end at Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
River near the border of Upper Michigan, this ride follows        stops, jersey, T-shirt, socks and more!)                         Explore the Gulf and Vancouver Islands by cycling through
the 427-mile length of the river as it winds through the          Captains: Sandy and Dave Hahn 734-455-6581                       lush forests and along beaches teeming with life. 24-40
northwoods, the central sands area and Wisconsin's                                                  miles per day. Exploritas (formerly Elderhostel) Program
Dairyland. Averages 70 miles per day with an optional                                                                              18887RJ. Space limited!
century. You will experience a combination of rolling hills,      Jul 31-Aug 7 (Sat-Sat)                                 
flats and a few challenging hills along the way. Register         CANDISC – Cycling Around North Dakota in                         4Z9TB5
early for discount.                         Sakakawea County                                                 Captain: Marlene & John Barr 734-483-0839
Captain: Chris Marble 734-426-8694                                2010 Northern Tier Flyway tour. 447-mile loop tour from                                            Garrison, ND, featuring days of 43 to 89 miles. Cycle some
                                                                  of the greatest unspoiled frontier in North America,             Sep 26-Oct 1 (Sun-Fri)
Jun 19-26 (Sat-Sat)                                               traveling to NW North Dakota and three of the state’s            Chesapeake Bay Bicycle Tour
Border Raiders – 500 Miles of History                             magnificent National Wildlife Refuges.                           A bicycling vacation of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and
An 8-day, 4-state ride through scenic Missouri River Valley                Delaware, a region defined by the numerous exquisite tidal
and by historic places where the border wars ignited Civil        Captain: Lloyd Strong 519-252-8674                               rivers that drain into the Chesapeake Bay. Miles of flat
War long before the first shots were fired on Fort Sumter.                                               coastal cycling, views of rural farmland, Chesapeake Bay
Loop ride from Lawrence, KS, and includes Missouri, Iowa,                                                                          skipjacks and sailing craft, fishing boats, and quaint
& Nebraska.                                 Aug 7-14 (Sat-Sat)                                               communities. Gail and I have toured with Carolina
Captain: Lloyd Strong 519-252-8674                                Shoreline West                                                   Tailwinds before and find them to be exceptional. Space                                                Ride the League of Michigan Bicyclists’ popular tour along       limited, book early.
                                                                  the coast of Lake Michigan, from Montague to Mackinaw  
Jul 5-9 (Mon-Fri)                                                 City. Terrain varies from flats to rolling hills to some         Bud and Gail Preston 248-380-0691
Tri-State Ride                                                    challenging climbs. 3-day option also available.       
Offered by Shuttleguy Tours, this ride highlights some of
the most scenic areas of Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa.            Captain: Chris Marble 734-426-8694                               Oct 3-9 (Sun-Sat) or ANY one day during tour
Challenging route, 52- to 63-mile days. Begins and ends in                                           Ride2Recovery – Golden State Challenge
McGregor, Iowa, which is nestled along the Mississippi                                                                             San Francisco to Los Angeles CA. Ride2Recovery assists
River between towering bluffs.           Aug 21 (Sat)                                                     veterans in their mental & physical rehab programs (many
Captain: Lloyd Strong 519-252-8674                                ODRAM – One Day Ride Across Michigan                             will be on the ride); proceeds from this tour provide                                                ODRAM is back! We’ll follow the traditional route from           bicycles, equipment, clinics, & outings for wounded vets.
                                                                  Meinert County Park north of Montague, MI, all the way to        Travel down the beautiful and scenic Highway 1, while
Jul 10 (Sat)                                                      Bay City State Park on Saginaw Bay. Proceeds from                enjoying stunning views of the Pacific Coast at every turn!
OHR XXXIV – One Helluva Ride!                                     ODRAM will benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research                From San Francisco the pacific ocean will be off your right
Our fabulous annual Club Invitational, always held on the         Foundation.                                        shoulder as you head south through great cities like Santa
2nd Saturday in July. Rides of 39, 64, 76 & 100 miles start       Captain: Laike Misikir 248-505-7067                              Cruz, Big Sur, San Simeon, Pismo Beach, Solvang and
at the Chelsea Fairgrounds; 15- and 30-mile Fun Rides                                               Ventura.
start at Portage Lake State Park. (AABTS members:                                                                                  One Day Rides: $75 (includes T-shirt)
Please consider volunteering to work on ride day, and ride        Aug 28 (Sat)                                                     Full Ride Limited to 200 participants, with a minimum
the route the Sunday before on the Members’ OHR. To               Shorefire Century                                                donation of $3000. (Includes: hotel, support, meals, rest
volunteer contact the OHR Volunteer Chair, Joe Pavlovich          Bike flat to gently rolling farmland in central Delaware and     stops, jersey, T-shirt, socks and more!)
734-545-0541 or                              Maryland's Eastern Shore, on your choice of a 35-, 65- or        Captains: Sandy and Dave Hahn 734-455-6581
Captain: Dave Adams 734-786-3380                                  100-mile route. Loop rides based in Middletown, DE.    
                                                                  "Bicycle friendly food" provided at rest stops.
Jul 22-25 (Thu-Sun)                                                                          Dec XX – XX (Sat-Thu) or ANY one day during tour.
Wish-A-Mile (WAM) 300 Bicycle Tour                                Captain: Jan Shubitowski 734-476-2203                            Ride2Recovery – Florida Challenge
Three-day, 300-mile tour designed to raise funds for the                                             Tampa to Jacksonville, FL. Ride2Recovery assists
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan. Ride starts in                                                                                 veterans in their mental & physical rehab programs (many
Traverse City and ends in Chelsea. Bus provided from              Sep 1 or 2-5 (Wed- or Thu-Sun)                                   will be on the ride); proceeds from this tour provide
Chelsea to start of ride.                        DALMAC – Dick Allen Lansing to Mackinaw Bicycle                  bicycles, equipment, clinics, & outings for wounded vets.
Captain: John Finnegan 734-981-0787                               Tour                                                                                                The 2009 version of this club favorite featured 5 routes,        One Day Rides: $75 (includes T-shirt)
                                                                  including one into the U.P. The 2010 event is in the             Full Ride Limited to 200 participants, with a minimum
Jul 24-25 (Sat-Sun)                                               planning stage; applications will be available early in the      donation of $3000. (Includes: hotel, support, meals, rest
MS Ride: Grand Bend-London-Grand Bend                             year. Fills quickly!                              stops, jersey, T-shirt, socks and more!)
Grand Bend, Ontario. Appx. 75k/day. $250 Canadian                 Captain: Gwen Evich 734-426-5116                                 Captains: Sandy and Dave Hahn 734-455-6581
minimum pledge required. Overnight accommodation on                                  
Saturday at University of Western Ontario in London. Over
1500 riders in 2009 raised almost $1 million! Join the            Sep 3-6 (Fri-Mon)
GCBT (from Kentucky Horsey Hundred) Team                          Midwest Tandem Rally                       Shipshewana, Indiana. Optional ice cream ride on Friday,
Captain: Sharlene McGugan 519-685-8034                            rides of various lengths on Saturday and Sunday, and an                     Doing an invitational                                               on-your-own breakfast ride on Monday. Registration $50                         (June or later)
                                                                  before July 1; $60 after, includes two lunches. Banquet
Jul 25-31 (Sun-Sat)                                               extra.                                                      you don’t see in
RAGBRAI XXXVIII– Register's Annual Great Bicycle                  Captain: Joel & Wendy Hakken 734-945-4133                                      Coming Up?
Ride Across Iowa                                        
Classic cross-state bicycle tour - the granddaddy of them
all. RAGBRAI XXXVIII will treat riders to one of the              Sep 10-19 (Fri-Sun)                                                                Email
shortest and flattest routes ever as it winds through             BAC Cape Cod and the Islands
northern Iowa from Sioux City to Dubuque -- a total of 442        Bicycle Adventure Club ride starting in Hyannis, MA and      
miles. But remember: Iowa ain't flat! April 1, 2010 -             ending in Provincetown, MA. Easy paced, short distances                   or Call 734-996-9461
Deadline for week-long online entry submission. Fills             (longer options offered), and easy terrain; includes two
quickly!                                          nights on Martha’s Vineyard, which gives us a chance to
Captain: Vickie Smith 734-996-9461                                explore other nearby islands. This ride is now filled; waiting              NOW to get it listed.                                          list only.
                                                                  Captain: Vickie Smith 734-996-9461

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