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					by: Dan Noyes

Conveyor system is a material handling equipment. It is extensively deployed to transfer load
from one place to another. Conveyor system expedites the movement of materials between
people or automated equipment or between people to automated equipment.

Conveyor system can efficiently move every kind of material. It can easily move wood, metal,
cardboard and plastic.

Conveyor system is crucial for warehouse operations, manufacturing, commercial and
distributive applications. Conveyor system is used in all industrial sectors such as airport,
cement, environment, manufacturing, sugar processing etc.

To implement different usages conveyor systems have different categories and components.
They are classified as belt conveyor, gravity conveyor, hytrol conveyor, unit load conveyor,
roller conveyor etc.

Drivers, pulleys and belts are the integral components of conveyor systems that facilitate smooth
functioning of the operation. Conveyor system either run or power or on gravity.

It is absolutely essential to choose the right conveyor system as it is directly related to
productivity. What kind of product is to be handled i.e. its weight, form, width, height etc, should
always be kept in mind.

Advantages of conveyor system:

Better space usage.

Flexible product routing.

Reduced manual material handling.

Increased production output.

Reliable and cost effective solutions.

This article was posted on January 14, 2005