Proposal for Student Initiated Program (SIP) by dustindiamond


									                                 Student Initiated Program (SIP) Proposal
Please print this form and submit it to the Freshman Dean’s Office or email it to at least two
weeks prior to the date of your program. When you submit your proposal, make an appointment to meet with Katie Steele,
Director for Freshman Programming, to discuss your idea.

Organizer’s Information:

Name (first and last):                                                       Harvard ID:

Email: ________________________________ Cell Phone:                                         Dorm:

Program Information:
Type of program (check all that apply):      Social          Faculty Participation         Excursion         Cultural

Title of program:

Date/Time of program:                                   Location:

Participants (ex. Entry or Dorm):                      Expected # of participants:

Transportation plans (if applicable):

Description of program (what you will do):

Item or Supplies                                               Estimated Cost
                                                                                            For Administrative Use Only:

                                                                                            Room Reserved:
                                                                                                            Yes      No
                                                                                            Publicize in Yard Bulletin:
                                                                                                            Yes      No
                                                                                            Requesting Kitchen Supplies:
                                                                                                            Yes      No
                                                                                            Completed New Vendor Form:
                                                                                                            Yes      No
                                                                                            Amount Approved by FDO
                                                                                            Staff Member:

Estimated total budget for your program:

Questions? Contact Katie Steele in the FDO at or 495-1576

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